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As soon as the cool breeze of the winter season hits, all we seek is a soothing hot beverage. And we all know that one cup is never enough. Also, no one loves entering the kitchen on those chilly days just to prepare hot beverages. So there are the best Zojirushi water boiler and warmers.

A water dispenser unit is common in offices, cafeterias, and many shops. But these are heavy-duty commercial water warmer units that are capable to keep the water warm at a specific temperature for long hours. Plus, they occupy a good space as well as are high on maintenance. So you definitely do not need those bulky water boiler for home use.

Easy to use and maintain, Zojirushi warm water dispensers are perfect for home and small office use. Zojirushi, a brand of Japan specializes in making hot water units that are far more effective and reliable than electric kettles.

Best Zojirushi Water Boiler and Warmer Review

Best Zojirushi Water Boilers

Zojirushi Hybrid Water Boiler4 Liter840 Watts Check Price
Zojirushi CD-WCC30 Micom Water Boiler3 Liter700 Watts Check Price
Zojirushi CD-LFC30 Panorama Boiler3 Liter700 Watts Check Price
Zojirushi CW-PZC22FC Micom Super Boiler2.2 Liter840 Watts Check Price
Zojirushi Panorama Window Water Boiler5 Liter700 Watts Check Price
Zojirushi CD-WHC Micom Water Boiler4 Liter700 Watts Check Price
Zojirushi CD-JWC30FZ Micom Water Boiler3 Liter700 Watts Check Price

There are a lot of options to choose from and below we’ve picked the 7 best water boiler and warmers. Go through the reviews below and find out which model suits you the best.

1) Zojirushi America Corporation Hybrid Stainless Steel Water Boiler And Warmer

Zojirushi America Corporation Hybrid Water Boiler And Warmer

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Get hot water at the touch of a button with the Zojirushi hybrid water boiler and warmer. This energy-efficient vacuum-electric boiler is ideal for use in homes and small offices. It uses vacuum insulation technology, the one which is common in thermal mugs and cups, to keep the water hot. And this process uses very little electricity, even less than an electric kettle.

You can select the right temperature from the 4 in-built temperatures. Simply press the ‘temp set’ button on the panel and set the temperature to either 208, 195, 175, or 160 degrees F. Each temperature is ideal to make different types of tea. For example, 208ºF is perfect for black drip coffee while 160ºF is perfect for boiling green tea.

In addition to 4 temperature settings, the Zojirushi water warmer offers a quick temp mode. The quick temp mode heats the water quickly to 175ºF initially then brings it down to 160ºF to make instant coffee/tea. This mode is ideal to use for all temperatures except 208ºF and keep warm mode. Also, you should not use quick temp mode to prepare baby formula as it might dispense hot water initially that taking away nutrition from the formula.

Our Verdict

What makes Zojirushi CV-DCC40XT worth the money?

  • 4-liter capacity is perfect for home and office use
  • Best energy-efficient hot water dispenser with 4 keep-warm temp settings
  • Easy to clean nonstick interior
  • Clear-coated stainless steel body that resists water and fingerprint marks
  • Energy-saving timer function that lets you set the operation anywhere in between 6-10 hours
  • Removable magnetic power cord for safe storage
  • Made in Japan and cETLus listed
  • Detach the lid to fill, empty or clean inside easily
  • A safety automatic shut off feature prevents damage from overheating or when water goes down below the refill level

2) Zojirushi CD-WCC30 Micom Water Boiler & Warmer, Silver

Zojirushi CD-WCC30 Micom Water Boiler & Warmer

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Camping with friends or family is all about laughter and good food. But along with good food, a cup of hot beverage double the joy of leisure time. And this small Micom water boiler and warmer by Zojirushi is best for outdoor use. The lightweight and fold-down handle of the small water broiler is ideal for camping, picnics, tailgating, and long road journey. Simply add filtered water to the Zojirushi warmer and dispense hot water on demand by pressing a button.

With precise temperature settings, you do more than just boiling water. Take advantage of Zojirushi’s convenient electric dispensing system and choose the right temperature from 160ºF, 175º, 195º, and 208ºF. Each temp is perfect for making hot beverages such as oolong tea, white tea, matcha, drip coffee, etc. So you can have your favorite beverage on the go or while viewing the beautiful mountains on the camping site just the way to like.

It’s Safe

The best thing about Zojirushi Micom electric water boiler is its automatic dispense lock. This is a safety feature that prevents accidental dispense of boiling water. It turns on automatically after 10 seconds of inactivity. You can easily deactivate it by pressing the unlock button first. A great feature to have especially when kids are around.

Our Verdict

Why buy Zojirushi CD-WCC30?

  • 3-liter capacity with carrying handle
  • Cafe drip dispensing mode for slower dispensing; helpful while making drip coffee
  • Micro computerized temperature control system for best results every time
  • In-spout spill protection when tilted to prevent hot water from spilling
  • Reduced steam and energy use
  • Easy to attach and detach magnetic power cord
  • LCD screen shows the current temp at all times
  • The best small Zojirushi water broiler and warmer for camping
  • It first dechlorinates water by boiling and then brings it down to the set temperature to help you make the best-tasting brewed drinks

3) Zojirushi CD-LFC30 Panorama Window Micom Water Boiler and Warmer, White

Zojirushi CD-LFC30 Panorama Window Micom Water Boiler

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Not only to make tea and coffee but a good quality hot water dispenser is suitable to use for several activities. For example, you can benefit from the precise water temperature setting to make baby food or oatmeal. And Zojirushi CD-LFC30 Micom water boiler is one such appliance. Its micro computerized technology keeps and maintains the set temperature for as long as the unit is plugged in.

The LCD control touch panel displays the degrees at all times. Plus, you can set the timer function for 6-10 hours to dispense the hot liquid as soon as you wake up. In addition to regular dispensing, the electric boiler offers cafe drip dispensing mode for slower dispensing.

Check the water level easily through the panorama window. The strips on the water level gauge appear thicker underwater to monitor the level easily. Besides, the unit will shut off automatically on the lower water level to prevent overheating damage. The alert beeps will let you know when you need to refill the container.

Our Verdict

Highlights of Zojirushi CD-LFC30:

  • 3.0 L one-touch electric dispensing system
  • The smooth white exterior blends beautifully with light-colored kitchen interiors
  • Safety auto shut-off with alert beeps or a melody sound
  • Panorama window with water level gauge
  • Optional quick temp mode reaches 160ºF 175ºF or 195ºF
  • Nonstick interior reduces scale build-up as well as is easy to maintain
  • Smart Micom technology combined with spill protection
  • Carry handle to transport the lightweight boiler easily

4) Zojirushi CW-PZC22FC Micom Super Boiler 2.2L, Floral

Zojirushi CW-PZC22FC Micom Super Boiler 2.2L

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Boil water without the wait with Zojirushi CW-PZC22FC. This mini yet super functional unit is perfect to use in dorms and small apartments. The cylindrical shape of the unit occupies less space while the smart Micom technology boils the water perfectly every single time. Do not let the small size of the unit fool you with its performance as it requires very little maintenance.

The Micom super boiler features push-button dispensing just like any high-end model. However, it does not provide you with multi-temperature settings. Rather, it brings water to 208ºF and maintains the temp as long as the device is plugged in. While such a high temp is not ideal to prepare baby formula, the 208 degrees F is perfect for making drip coffee, Chinese tea, and similar hot beverages.

The stainless steel inner pot is nonstick coated for easy cleaning and descaling. You must perform the descaling of the container after using it a couple of times for healthy dispensing. Simply add the citric solution to the container and fill it to the max level to keep the pot sparkling clean. Repeat the cleaning process again but this time without adding a citric solution to rinse and remove the odd smell from the container.

Our Verdict

Why go for Zojirushi CW-PZC22F?

  • Mini 2.2-L unit is ideal for people living in dorms and apartments
  • Convenient re-boil mode for cleaning and descaling the container
  • High temperature(208ºF) keep warm system
  • Micro computerized temperature control system reduces chlorine and musty odors from tap water
  • Best budget Zojirushi water warmer under $150
  • Beautiful floral pattern on white exterior
  • 1-temperature setting with lock/unlock feature to prevent accidental dispensing
  • Automatic shut off prevents boil-dry

5) Zojirushi Water Boiler, 5 Liter, Black

Zojirushi Water Boiler, Black

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A slight rise in temperature outside shifts our mood from chilled fruit juices to warming hot teas. And if you live in a region that receives a good amount of snowfall, the best quality water boiler and heater is a must to have. Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA offers multiple temperature settings that are ideal to brew a hot beverage, make instant noodles, prepare baby formula, or simply drink hot water.

The generous 5 liter capacity of the unit is ideal for a large family. It serves up to 21 cups before you have to refill. The price of the unit is low despite of its huge size and multi-menu settings. This is because of its aluminum and plastic built up. The inner aluminum container with a nonstick coating is cheaper than stainless steel material. While the plastic exterior cuts down the cost as well as is easy to maintain.

Convenient 7-hour delay timer lets you set the machine at the previous night so you can dispense hot water instantly in the morning without having to wait. And do not worry about power consumption as the 800-watt appliance does not consume energy to raise your electric bill drastically. Plus, it conforms to ANSI/UL standards for safe and reliable operation.

Our Verdict

What makes Zojirushi CD-LTC50 worth buying?

  • Multi keep-warm temperature setting accommodate different purposes
  • Quick temp option saves time as well as heats liquid quickly
  • 3 prong, non-magnetic power cord designed for commercial use
  • Commercial-grade hot water dispenser with a generous 5-liter capacity
  • Automatic dispense-lock
  • Meets ANSI/UL standard 197, plus, ETL listed
  • Serves up to 21 cups in one go
  • Best hot water boiler for office and small commercial use
  • 1-touch electric dispense with smart Micom technology

6) Zojirushi CD-WHC40XH Micom Water Boiler & Warmer, 135 oz

Zojirushi CD-WHC40XH Micom Water Boiler & Warmer

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If you do not trust the nonstick coating of any kitchen appliance then this Zojirushi boiler is for you. Instead of the nonstick coating on a steel or aluminum container, the water stored directly into a stainless steel drum. This high-quality material is free from toxic chemicals and is all-safe to use.

The tall profile of the unit fits in travel mugs easily underneath the dispensing hole. Simply select the right temp from 4 settings and you can have hot water with the push of a button. The intuitive LCD panel will show you select temp and display degrees at all times. And just like a majority of Zojirushi water warmers, this model also offers a quick temp mode that is ideal to boil/warm filtered or bottled water.

Overheating is a common problem with cheap water boilers. Not only does it permanently damage the appliance but overheating leads to fire hazards in worst cases. Thanks to the auto shut-off safety function of Zojirushi that shuts off power to the heater to provide protection against overheating. The power turns off if the container is empty, the water level is low than the refill mark, or hot water is poured in immediately after the unit is plugged in.

Our Verdict

Why buy Zojirushi CD-WHC40XH?

  • High-quality rust-resistant stainless steel interior
  • Easy-to-hear sound indicator to alert completion of the boiling process or low fluid level
  • All surfaces that come in contact with beverage is BPA-free
  • 6-10 hour energy-saving timer function
  • Detachable lid and removable power cord
  • Swivel base for easy serving/filling
  • Dechlorination and descaling modes
  • In-built features to ensure maximum safety of users
  • Best Zojirushi electric water warmer for home use

7) Zojirushi CD-JWC30FZ Micom Water Boiler & Warmer, 3.0 L

Zojirushi CD-JWC30FZ Micom Water Boiler & Warmer

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Ditch the traditional method of boiling water in the pan and get hot fluid conveniently with a modern boiler and warmer appliance. The Zojirushi 3-liter boiler with a smooth white exterior and floral print design is ideal for home use. This small yet functional device offers three keep-warm temperature settings, i.e, 175ºF, 195ºF, and 208ºF. Plus, optional quick temp mode reaches 175ºF or 195ºF keep-warm directly without reaching a boil.

With such precise temperature controls, you can prepare hot chocolate, baby food, formula, instant noodles, soups, and sauces in seconds. Set the timer function and you can get instant hot fluid dispersion all day long. And do not worry about water scaling or calcium deposits as the nonstick interior is extremely easy to clean.

Check the water level at-a-glance by peeking through the transparent window on the side. If you forget to add fluid then not worry as the unit will automatically shut off for overheat protection. Besides, you can detach the entire lid for easy refilling and emptying of the container.

Our Verdict

Highlights of Zojirushi CD-JWC30FZ:

  • A smart computerized temperature control system
  • Multiple safety features like magnetic cord, auto-off, and dispense-lock
  • White water boiler with floral print
  • See-through window with large markings
  • Made in Japan
  • Cafe drip dispensing mode for slower dispensing
  • Perfect electric hot water dispenser for baby formula

Features to look at while buying a Zojirushi water boiler


Hot water boilers come in various sizes to accommodate the needs of different people. And Zojirushi offers the smallest size of 2.2-liter that is ideal for 2-person use while a large 5.0-liter is perfect for both household and small office use.

Temperature Settings

Multiple temperature setting is the best thing about the Zojirushi water warmer. The majority of the models offer a minimum of 3 precise temp settings while small units have one prefixed temperature.

If you are buying the appliance for the whole family then go for a model with a multi-temp setting. This will help you make a variety of hot beverages as well as baby food. While a single temperature device is perfect for adults to add in instant noodles, soup, sauce, etc.

Energy-saving timer function

A good appliance is one that dispenses hot water on demand without consuming heavy watts of power. And Zojirushi units are great for energy saving. Below is an average power consumption during keeping warm for an hour with a full container(approx.):

  • 208ºF: 20 watts
  • 195ºF: 16 watts
  • 175ºF: 12 watts
  • 160ºF: 11 watts

Automatic Shut-Off Function

Not only to save energy but the auto shut-off function helps to protect the device from overheating. It is considered as one safety feature that turns the machine off automatically when the water level reaches below the minimum/refill point, the lid is not present or hot fluid is poured immediately.


The user-friendly design of Zojirushi water warmers and boilers makes them one of the best products on the market. They offer products in both dark colors as well as plain white, whichever suits your kitchen appliance collection better. The color and design of the model vary according to its size and controls.

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No longer need to boil water in the pan with the best Zojirushi water boilers. These reliable and durable machines provide instant hot fluid at the touch of a button. Using its multiple keep warm temp settings you can either boil water hot enough for making coffee or set it at low to make baby formula. In addition to precise temperature control, you can easily descale the inner container for better taste and a healthy supply. So say hello to a new and easy way of hot water dispensing by buying a Zojirushi water warmer.


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