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What Can You Store in Mason Jars?(Some Unexpected Things!)

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Mason jars are around for a century now and people still use them for different reasons. And if you already have mason jars or planning to buy them then you might be interested to know some interesting storage ideas.

Thick glass mason jars are perfect for storing a variety of things including eatables and non-eatables. This is because the tempered glass of jars does not react with a majority of things. Thus, making them a must for kitchen and home storage.

So let us take a look below and explore some interesting things to store in glass mason jars.

What Can You Store in Mason Jars?(Some Unexpected Things!)

Things you can store in Mason Jars

1. Maple Syrup

People who love maple syrup always find ways to store them for a long time. And you can undoubtedly transfer maple syrup into glass mason jars and store them in the refrigerator for long-lasting freshness and taste.

Or else, you can put the mason jar in the freezer and your favorite maple syrup will last for an indefinite time.

2. Different Types of Flour

It is common for us to try out different cuisines at home now, all thanks to youtube video recipes. And many of these recipes require using a little number of different types of flour like rice flour, gram flour, etc. And mason jars are perfect for storing small quantities of these flours without spoiling them.

Besides, you can also store gluten-free flour, and dry baking ingredients like yeast, baking soda, crystal citric acid, etc.

3. Coffee Beans

Worried about your favorite coffee beans might lose their flavor or aroma once out of the packet? Then use an airtight glass mason jar to store coffee beans. This way, the beans will retain their freshness and aroma for a long time.

You’d not feel like there is a change of flavor in your coffee when grinding the beans even after a couple of times. Store the coffee beans away from sunlight and they will taste best till you scoop out the last of the beans.

4. Spices

Small glass mason jars are perfect to store spices in your kitchen. And there are a lot of kitchen spices that you need for daily and exotic cooking. These include star anise, cumin powder, chili powder, cardamom, cloves, bay leaves, asafoetida, etc. The texture and flavor of all these spices remain intact by storing them in a glass mason jar.

5. Dry Fruits

Dry fruits find their use in a variety of baking foods like cakes, muffins, cupcakes, etc. And if dry fruits are your go-to snack then you need some good mason jars. A good quality airtight glass jar keeps dates, cashews, almonds, and other nuts fresh for a long period.

6. Dehydrated Beef Jerky

If you love camping and hitting the road during long holidays then it is good to dehydrate some beef jerky for the camp stay or holidays. And using a zip bag or mason jar is a perfect solution for keeping beef jerky tasty throughout the trip.

7. Seasoning

Baking or reheating pizzas and pasta at home is now easier, thanks to countertop ovens and microwaves. And small glass mason jars are perfect for storing all your Italian seasonings like dried oregano, paprika, thyme, rosemary, basil, etc.

8. Dry Goodies

Long glass mason jars are ideal for storing penne pasta, straws, gift ropes, etc. You can even color them and store cooking tools and spatulas. Other than that, you can keep candies, chocolates, and other dry stuff that won’t melt at room temperature.

9. Bone/Chicken Broth

Having a bowl of warm soup on a cold day is no less than a blessing. And mason jars are perfect for storing the bone or chicken broth you can use to make delicious chicken soup noodles at home. Apart from that, you can also pour vegetable stock to use later.

10. Live Herbs

Certain herbs like cilantro, mint, and parsley find their way into everyday cooking. And you might already know how wonderful it makes the dish taste when you add fresh herbs. So you can fill mason jars halfway with fresh water and dip a few stems of your favorite herbs. Keep the jars in a well-lit area of your kitchen and you can add fresh herbs right to your recipe.


1. Where else can you use mason jars other than the kitchen?

Mason jars are ideal to use in your bedroom for storing small wax candles. Or you can use them in your bathroom for keeping bath salts, bath bombs, cream body scrub, etc. You can even use large mason jars in your laundry room to store detergent, soap, softener, etc.

2. Are all mason jars oven safe?

It seems like you can put your mason jar in the oven due to the thick glass structure, but in reality, mason jars are not oven safe. You must avoid putting them in your oven, microwave, or even toaster oven as sudden temperature changes might shatter the glass.

While mason jars are perfectly fine for pantry and kitchen cabinets, one must avoid using them inside the microwave or oven.

3. Can I put hot drinks in a mason jar?

You can pour hot coffee into a mason jar without worrying about the glass shattering. All hot beverages are safe to pour into a glass jar unless they’re not piping hot. Also, never transfer boiling water or liquid into a mason jar as it will simply crack, creating a mess. I would suggest pouring warm or lukewarm beverages into a mason jar.

Bottom Line

There’s a reason why mason jars are still popular and in demand even after being in the market for years. They are non-reactive, pleasant to look at, and excellent for storing a variety of things.

Apart from the above-mentioned things, you can use mason jars for a lot of different things. And this includes holiday decorations, table decor, etc. Let us know some interesting storage ideas we should add to the list above.

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