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Immersion blenders are popular for many years now. And why not? After all, it is a versatile home appliance. But sadly, people only think a stick blender is capable of making puree.

However, that is not true. You can use a hand immersion blender in multiple ways. And you’ve landed on the right page to find out various uses of an immersion blender. Before directly jumping to its uses, let us find out what is an immersion blender.

What is an Immersion Blender

Immersion blender goes by many names. You can call it a stick blender, wand blender, or hand blender. And all these names relate to its functionality. Here, you only need to insert the wand/stick into the soft ingredients to liquefy them. Instead of taking ingredients out of the cooking pot, you can directly take the appliance in the pot to make puree, soups, or butter.

The motor starts as soon as you press a button/switch on the top of the stick. Then the motor rotates the blade on the base of the blender at high speed. This helps to liquefy or blend various ingredients together. The motor stops instantly when you stop pressing the power button or turn off the switch. Thus, with good control, you can do more than just purees with an immersion blender.

Uses of an Immersion Blender

How to use an Immersion Blender

1. Beat Eggs

Love the fluffiest texture of eggs? Then you should definitely try beating eggs using an immersion blender. The blade helps to break yolk evenly which in turn makes perfect scrambled eggs and fluffy omelets. Beat eggs in a small bowl or container in pulsating action for better results.

2. Make Salsa

Make delicious homemade salsa easily by using a stick blender. All you need is a good quality container, long enough to insert the stick. Then add all your favorite ingredients like tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, onion, etc, along with a few seasoning ingredients like salt, pepper, and oregano. Blend them at a low speed for a few seconds and enjoy tasty salsa with chips or nachos.

3. Blend Batter

Cut down cooking time in the morning by using a wand blender for blending pancake batter. Instead of adding ingredients into a large bowl and using a hand whisker, you can simply use an electric appliance. Combine all the ingredients of the liquid batter and blend it properly with the hand blender. And make delicious pancakes/waffles for the entire family in no time.

4. Pesto Preparation

If you’re a fan of Italian food then you probably know pesto. It is common to top your pasta with bright green pesto. Instead of going the old way of using mortar and pestle, use an immersion blender to make pesto at home. The ingredients for making pesto are soft, and thus, the sharp blade of the blender makes it easy and convenient to make pesto in minutes.

5. Apple Sauce and Apple Butter

Here’s the easiest way to make apple sauce at home. You will need a pressure cooker or instant pot to soften apples. And then use an immersion blender in the pot itself to churn the soft apples. This way, you can make apple butter or sauce easily without even having to peel apple skin.

Wipped Cream and Whisking

6. Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is widely used in making desserts. And if you love baking then it is a good idea to invest in a quality immersion hand blender. To make whipped cream you’ll need a beaker. Fill the glass beaker with heavy cream, followed by a tablespoon of sugar. Turn on the blender and move it inside the beaker in an up-and-down motion for about 15-30 seconds. Tada! your homemade whipped cream is ready.

7. Used for Making Soups

Instead of taking the contents of the pot into a mixing jar, you can directly puree them inside the pot. Yes, you can easily blend the soup with a stick blender. However, it is a good idea to turn off the flame or electric stove for 10-15 minutes before blending. This prevents accidental burning of the skin in case of sudden splatter.

8. Homemade Hummus

Hummus is a dip almost similar to pesto with chickpea as its main ingredient. This thick dip can be easily made at home by blending soft chickpeas with a wand blender. However, it might take up a few more minutes to blend chickpeas than blending pesto as gram takes time to break down.

9. Make Sauce

Do not settle for average-tasting store-bought tomato sauce when you can make the delicious sauce at home with the right tomatoes and a good quality immersion blender. For a soft and smooth texture, boil the tomatoes first and peel off their skin or blend them with the skin on. This will give you a thick, canned-like texture that is good while making pasta, pizzas, and chili.

10. Make Baby Food

Thanks to the hand stick style, now with any hand blender making baby food have become easier than ever before. With it you can open the baby food sachet put it in a bowl pour some water and blend, It’s that easy!

What are the Ways To Use Immersion Blender

How to Clean an Immersion Blender

Cleaning an immersion blender is easy. Unlike jar mixers, there are no big parts to disassemble before cleaning. This saves up a lot of time and water.

To clean the immersion hand blender, simply take the plug off the electric outlet. Take the appliance to the sink and run water over the bottom half. Carefully wash the blade with soapy water and a sponge and rinse it well with water again.

For deep cleaning a hand blender, fill a glass beaker or measuring cup with lukewarm water. Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Now plug in the blender and run it on the lowest settings inside the beaker/cup. Let it run for 10-15 seconds. The soapy water will clean the blades and the inside from all sides. Take off the plug and give a good rinse with clean water.

Bottom Line

If you look closely, there are so many uses of an immersion blender than just blending or making puree. And many models offer a pulsating mode that helps while making canned purees, nutter butter, etc.

From blending sauce for pasta night to making soft food for a baby, the use of an immersion hand blender is endless. Experience its versatility today by buying the best immersion blender for your home.


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