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The Right Way to Store an Outdoor Gas Grill for Winter

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So winters are approaching and it’s time to give some rest to your favorite bbq grill. And it is obvious that you’re here to learn the best way to store the gas grill. There are certain things to keep in mind before covering up your gas grill. And these things will help to prevent rust on your outdoor gas grill.

Let me get to this straight, proper storage of the outdoor grill will take you some time. Yes, you can simply cover the whole grill with a weather-proof cover, but it will not help to keep your grill in its best condition.

To protect your outdoor gas grill from snow or rain, you need to be prepared in advance. And by the end of this article, you’ll learn to store your gas grill perfectly. Therefore, making it easy for you to enjoy delicious grilled food next summer.

The Right Way to Store an Outdoor Gas Grill

Now let us jump to the winter storage guide for gas grills.

Prep Gas Grill for Storage:

1. Remove the Propane Tank

Propane tank removal

The crucial step while storing your gas grill is to remove the propane tank. Make sure all the knobs of your grill are off, also, you turn off the knob of the propane tank. Once you shut down all the valves, carefully disconnect the gas lines completely. If the propane tank is empty, then well and good, as you can then store it in your garage or shed. But if there is still some propane left then it is better to give it to your friends or family to empty.

2. Deep clean outdoor grill

Grab all your outdoor grill cleaning supplies. It is important to thoroughly clean the inside and exterior of the gas grill before storing it away. Deep cleaning the outdoor gas grill will take you about half an hour. Make sure you do the following thing.

  • First, empty and clean the drip pan(s). If there is any liquid left, dispose of it safely.
  • Take apart the grill grates and clean them separately. You can also soak the grates in a mild soap solution for 10-15 minutes for better cleaning.
  • Soak the grip pan in a mild soap solution to get rid of grease and smell.
  • After washing the grates and drip pan, dry them using a clean towel. You can also let the parts sun dry for 15-20 minutes(best practice to dry).
  • Now clean the inside of the grill with the right tools and cleaning supplies.
  • Dry the area well before you place the grilling grates and drip tray back.

A thorough cleaning keeps pesky bugs and insects away when the outdoor propane grill is not in use.

3. Coat metal parts

An outdoor gas grill is mostly metal. And metal is vulnerable to humidity and moisture outdoors. So it is important to coat all the metal parts of the outdoor grill to prevent rust, corrosion, or damage due to rain or snow.

Any cooking oil will do the trick. You can also use cooking spray to coat a thin layer of oil on all the metal parts of the grill including burners and lid.

4. Use a waterproof grill cover

waterproof grill cover

Finally, you use a good quality grill cover that covers your favorite flat-top grill properly. You can use ropes or packing tape to secure the grill cover. This will prevent the cover from flying away during strong winds.

5. Safely store the grill

A climate-controlled storage unit is the best area to store gas grills outdoors. Also, cover it up with a good, thick grill cover and it will protect the grill against external elements.

However, if it is infeasible to store grills outdoors, find a well-ventilated spot in your garage. But make sure not to bring in the propane tank. The propane tank inside the garage or basement is a strict NO due to temperature fluctuations in these areas. Also, remember to store the grill in an upright position always.


1. Can you leave the propane tank attached to the grill?

Yes, you can leave the propane tank attached to the grill only if you’re storing the unit outdoors. Also, the propane tank valve needs to be shut properly before covering up the grill.

On the contrary, if you’re planning to store a gas grill in the garage or shed, then so not forget to detach the propane tank completely. Also, never keep a full or partially-filled propane tank inside your garage, shed, or basement. This could be dangerous.

2. Is it OK to store a gas grill in the garage?

Again, there is no harm in keeping your gas grill in the garage for the winter season as long as there is no propane tank. Make sure you tape the grill properly using packing tapes or ropes to prevent any bugs or spiders from entering. Lock the grill lid properly before storing it to prevent moisture damage.

3. Is it better to store propane tank full or empty?

Emptying the propane tank is a must before storing it. You can do the last grilling session and invite a bunch of people over to get the gas to the bottom of the tank. Never, I repeat, never store a full or half-filled propane tank inside your basement, garage, or shed. However, you can store a full propane tank outdoors, or in a well-ventilated area.

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The Bottom Line

A good gas grill is expensive but worth every single buck when you get to eat delicious grilled food. And storing the propane grill the right way will only keep it in tip-top condition for years to come. Thus, you can enjoy great grilling sessions during summer and spring. Let me know if you have any questions about grill storage in the comment section below.

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