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Many of us like to end our day with a glass of wine. Due to its less alcohol content, wine is common among the household. Not only does it taste and look good but red wine also helps with better blood circulation. While you have the best wine bottle for a soothing evening drink, where do you keep your expensive fragile wine glasses? In the cabinet or on the countertop. Either way, it is too risky to store wine glasses, so we’ve picked some of the best under cabinet wine glass rack for your kitchen bar.

So why hang wine glasses under the kitchen cabinet? The main benefit of using an under cabinet wine holder is it saves you countertop space. It also reduces the risk of accidents when you clean the kitchen countertop. Besides, hanging wine glass rack under the cabinet gives a modern look to your kitchen bar. You can easily grab the glasses and hang them back after washing. There are a lot of options available online claiming their product is the best. But this leads to nothing other than confusion.

Here are some of the best wine glass racks that you can install under your cabinet in your bar or kitchen.

Stemware Rack Wine Glass Holder18 GlassesUnder Cabinet Check Price
Wine Enthusiast Large Rack18 GlassesUnder Cabinet Check Price
Sorbus Wine Glass Rack9 GlassesUnder Cabinet Check Price
Fomansh Wine Glass Rack9 GlassesUnder Cabinet Check Price
Rustic State Eze Stemware Rack12 GlassesUnder Cabinet Check Price
DEFWAY Wine Glass Rack6 GlassesUnder Cabinet Check Price
SMITCO Wine Glass Rack12 GlassesUnder Cabinet Check Price

1) Useful Under Cabinet Stemware Rack

Useful Under Cabinet Stemware Rack

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Durable and easy on the pocket, this stainless steel below-cabinet stemware rack is perfect for contemporary and modern kitchen bars. The sleek metal lines with 6 rows fit 3 stems each. The rack comes in two pieces for optimal placement. You can decide which way to install the stemware rack according to the length and width under the kitchen cabinet. And speaking of installation, Useful includes the mounting hardware.

The hardware includes six 1/2-inch screws, six 1-inch screws, and six expansion anchors for easy installation. The wide side goes in the front while narrow is on the back. You can either use a power drill or screwdriver to fix the under cabinet wine glass rack. We recommend using a screwdriver as it gives better control while installing such a lightweight yet durable stemware rack. Once installed, you can beautifully hang multiple stemwares.

Our Verdict

What makes Useful Under Cabinet Stemware Rack worth buying?

  • Dimensions: 11.2 L x 10.4 W x 2 H inches
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Chrome plating ensures long-lasting shine and rust-free performance
  • Includes screws and anchors to install the unit easily below the cabinet
  • There are 3 slots and depending on the size of your glass each slot can hold up to 4 wine glasses
  • The same design comes in black color to match with your current kitchen bar decor

2) Wine Enthusiast Large Under Cabinet Stemware Rack

Wine Enthusiast Large Under Cabinet Stemware Rack

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It is hard to find a good quality product with an inexpensive price tag nowadays. But this is not the case with Wine Enthusiast’s large under cabinet wine rack. Thanks to its heavy-duty metal construction that lasts for a lifetime without much maintenance. And the best part of all is its budget-friendly price tag. You can get this sleek and durable under cabinet metal stemware rack in under $30. So no need to shed dollars for quality.

Wine Enthusiast heavy-duty wine glass holder measures 25.5-inch wide and 10-inch deep. This much space is enough to fit glassware bases up to 3-1/2-inch thick. So not only your beautiful wine glasses but you can hang cocktail and martini glasses as well. If well organized, this large under cabinet stemware rack can hang up to 18 wine stems. Which makes the product perfect for people who love to throw wine parties frequently. Not only does the unit store multiple glassware but it is also easy to install. However, it does not include a drilling template but you will not need one as the wide side goes on the front and narrows to the wall side.

Our Verdict

Why buy Wine Enthusiast Steel Under Cabinet Wine Rack?

  • Sleek, space-saving design that fits and hangs under the cabinets and other shelving systems
  • Holds up to 18 stemware
  • Chrome finish resists rust and corrosion
  • Low profile design that hides perfectly under cabinets of your kitchen bar
  • The large wine holder has 6 holes and includes 6 flat-head Philips screws
  • None of your expensive wine stems will fall off the back of the rack

3) Sorbus Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack and Stemware Holder

Sorbus Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack and Stemware Holder


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If there are not many wine drinking adults in your home then it is better to go with small under cabinet wine glass rack like Sorbus. This small and sturdy holder is perfect for couples sharing an apartment. In addition to a proper organization, Sorbus metal rack is uniquely designed to hold each wine glass horizontally for quick access. The mesh wires are thick that helps to hold stemware base in place. You can add multiple racks on the side if in future you expand your stemware collection.

Instead of sticking the metal parts together, Sorbus stemware holder is made of durable welded construction. And not to mention, but welded parts are more durable. Besides, the heavy-duty metal has a refined chrome finish. Thanks to the shiny chrome finish that accents rack to multiple decors. The 3 slots are 3.5-inch wide that accommodates a variety of glass sizes and shapes. However, they are not spacious enough to hold wide bottom glasses like a margarita.

Our Verdict

Key buying points of Sorbus Under Cabinet Wine Glass Holder:

  • Small size; perfect for couples
  • Durable welded construction
  • The chrome finish gives a touch of elegance
  • Includes mounting hardware for easy installation
  • Inexpensive product; a perfect gift for wine lovers
  • You can add multiple racks side by side to expand under cabinet storage space

4) Fomnash Stemware Wine Glass Holde for Bar Kitchen

Under Cabinet Stemware Wine Glass Holder

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Save up some countertop space with this black wine glass rack that installs under the kitchen cabinet. Apart from quality, we love the beautiful black color of the unit. The black stemware rack goes well with both light and dark-colored kitchen bar decors. Besides the bold color, the arrangement of racks is such that it stores a variety of cup shapes. Depending on the size of glass, the hanging wine glass rack can hold up to 6 to 9 stemware with ease be it Bordeaux, Champagne, or Cocktail.

The material of this unit is neither aluminum, not steel, rather it is a high-quality under cabinet iron wine glass rack. While cheap aluminum construction has high chances to bend while installation, the iron will not easily bend or deform. You can hassle-free use a power drill to install the wine glass holder under the kitchen cabinet. Surprisingly, in this case, no advance drilling is required. It includes crews that help with the easy mounting of the product.

Our Verdict

What makes Fomansh Under Cabinet Wine Glass Holder worth the money?

  • Suitable for goblets with cup bottom in 4 cm and 9 cm
  • Easy to install under 30 minutes’ no advance drilling required
  • Each rack can hold up to 9 stemware depending on their size
  • High-quality iron construction
  • High-grade coating design prevents the rack from oxidizing and rust
  • One of the best wineglass rack on Amazon with an affordable price tag

5) Rustic State Eze Stemware Glass Rack

Rustic State Eze Stemware Glass Rack

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Organize your expensive stemware in style with Rustic State wooden wine glass rack for kitchen bar. Versatility is a great thing about this product. From traditional to modern kitchens, this chestnut stained wooden rack blends well with a variety of bar decors. In addition to beautiful storage, Rustic State’s hanging wooden stemware holder protects your expensive glasses from chips and cracks. Plus, unlike metal, wood absorbs sound. So you’ll not hear glasses bumping into metal every time you hang or pull out a glass for a drink.

The low-profile design fits perfectly in a bar or under the kitchen cabinet. It measures 17 inches wide and 10 inches deep that fits perfectly under standard size cabinets. And similar to the majority of the product on the list, Rustic State also comes with screws for easy installation. However, it is important to note that the nails are slightly long. So choose a cabinet with a thick base. It will hold the unit sturdily in place even if the rack is full.

Our Verdict

Why buy Rustic State Hanging Stemware Glass Rack?

  • Made from sturdy wood with a beautiful chestnut stain finish
  • The simple design of the product compliments various kitchen bars
  • Low profile design
  • Easy to mount underneath the cabinet; screws provided
  • Fits up to 12 glasses
  • Wood protects glassware from chipping and cracks while you hang them

6) DEFWAY Under Cabinet Stemware Wine Glass Rack

DEFWAY Wine Glass Rack

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Complete your minibar DIY project with the Defway hanging metal holder. The high-quality iron construction, when combined with a high-grade coating, results in a durable metal frame that does not bend easily. While the sturdy metal hairlines hold the glasses straight in place, the thick coating ensures the long life of the metal rack without rust or corrosion. You can directly hang the glassware on the holder after washing them. The straight position of glassware lets you dry them comfortably.

Buyers love the easy installation of the Defway glass storage hanger. You do not need a power drill or any other heavy tools. A compatible screwdriver is all you need to install the metal stemware holder under the cabinet. It already includes screws so that you can hassle-free fasten the unit into the wood of the cabinet. You can order the unit in 3 or 4 rows in 1 or 2 packs according to the space available.

Our Verdict

Key Buying points of Defway Wine Hanging Storage:

  • You get 2 color choices, black and brown
  • Minimalist design, easy to install
  • Comes with 4 screws for installation
  • Space-saving contemporary design
  • Suitable for goblets with cup bottom in 1.6-inch and 3.5-inch
  • Bold and durable metal frame

7) SMITCO Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack

SMITCO Wine Glass Holder

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Nowadays kitchen furniture is all about how well they match with each other. And if you’re curious about the interior then you’ll love Smitco’s wooden hanging rack. Unlike a finished product, Smitco provides raw, pre-drilled, and sanded wood panels. These wood panels are ready to stain or paint to match your kitchen cabinets perfectly. Spray-painting the panels will bring out the best results. Not only the wooden boards but there are wooden button caps to hide the metal screws.

You can spray-paint the caps too. We loved the concept of wooden caps hiding the metal screws beautifully. This makes the whole unit look expensive as well as prevents dirt from accumulating in the tiny holes. The product is homemade in the USA by an experienced and skilled carpenter. Poplar wood is used to make boards and caps which is not very costly and great for making small hide-away furniture. And with proper maintenance and care this wooden hanging wine glass rack can last for years.

Our Verdict

What makes Smitco Under Cabinet Wooden Bar Organizer Shelf worth buying?

  • One of the best-rated wine glass storage rack
  • Comes in two sizes; single rack measures 10 inches wide while the double rack is 20 inches wide
  • Raw, pre-drilled, and sanded wooden boards ready to stain or paint
  • Detailed printed instruction for easy setup
  • Includes screws to hold the unit firmly under the cabinet while wooden caps beautifully hide them
  • The slats are 11 inches long and it is easy to adjust the space between the boards according to your need

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Stemware storage can be functional and attractive if you have the best under cabinet wine glass rack. This inexpensive yet useful racks can save you a lot of countertop space. In addition to better organization, under cabinet glass racks are a great way to show off your expensive stemware collection. The two popular rack materials are wood and metal. Plus, there is no much difference in the price. So decide which material is the best for your kitchen bar and elongate the life of your delicate wine glasses with the best quality hanging stemware.


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