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The kitchen is one such place in the home where both dry and wet waste generates on a daily basis. And with the increasing trend of modern kitchens, no one likes to display waste bins openly. So comes the concept of pull-out trash cans. These waste bins under the kitchen cabinet maintain the look of the kitchen and at the same time increase floor space.

Recycling waste is one common practice nowadays. And there are some really good benefits to recycling waste. Out of all other waste, kitchen waste is very to recycle, especially wet waste. While dry waste includes glass, tetra packs, aluminum foil,  pistachio shells, etc, wet waste comprises of vegetable peels, leftover food, flower waste, etc. And the majority of them are biodegradable kitchen waste.

Best Pull-Out Trash Can:Waste Bin Under Cabinet To Buy

Proper recycling needs a good waste disposal system. So we have listed down some of the best pull-out trash under cabinets. A double pull-out trash can will help you dispose of garbage in the appropriate bin.

Plus, both bins are very close to each other which further eases disposal. So if recycling waste is your thing then a pull-out waste bin is great for your kitchen.

Not only does it help with better disposal of items but also saves floor space. You will not have to encounter freestanding bins in the way on the kitchen floor. Besides, it helps with better cleaning of the floor as you do not have to shift garbage cans manually while you sweep or vacuum the floor.

They come in various shapes and sizes to fit perfectly under the kitchen cabinet. Or, you can also install a pull-out trash can under the kitchen sink. No matter where you install the unit, it will definitely ease your job of waste disposal.

ProductsSize of OneNo. of BinsPrice
Rev-A-Shelf RV-18KD-18C34 LiterTwo Check Price
Simple Human CW112430 LiterOne Check Price
Knape & Vogt USC15-2-35PT30 LiterTwo Check Price
Simple Human CW101635 LiterDouble Check Price
Rev-A-Shelf 4WCSC-1835DM35 QuartDouble Check Price
Household Essentials C29537-15 GallonSingle Check Price
ClosetMaid 32102 Premium24 QuartSingle Check Price
Home Zone Living VK40265U29 LiterTwo Check Price

1) Rev-A-Shelf RV-18KD-18C S – 35 Quart Double Sliding Pull Out Kitchen Cabinet Waste Bin Container, Black

Rev-A-Shelf RV-18KD-18C S Double 35 Quart Sliding Pull Out Kitchen Cabinet Waste Bin Container, Black

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Hide the unsightly trash from your kitchen by installing Rev-A-shelf pull out trash can. These double 35 quart cans are great for dumping both wet and dry waste. The RV series of wireframe waste containers come in several sizes as one size doesn’t fit all. Apart from size, you get to select the best model from a wide range of finishes and slide options. As a result, the cabinet and frame do not look odd or modified.

The garbage containers measure 14.38 x 22 x 19.25 inches that perfectly fit base cabinets with 14.5 inches or the one with a larger opening. The best thing about Rev-A-shelf 35 quart plastic pull-out trash can is it can hold up to 100 lbs of weight while fully extended. Therefore, which means you do not have to take frequent trips to take the empty the garbage.

Installing the Rev-A-Shelf double pull out waste bins is a breeze. It includes 4-screw that mounts to the cabinet floor. All you need is a compatible screwdriver to finish installation in under half an hour. Or make use of an electric screwdriver to speed up installation. Whereas, heavy-gauge wire construction frame slides in and out effortlessly. It hardly makes any sound even after you slide the cabinet in and out a number of times.

Why buy Rev-A-Shelf RV-18KD-18C S?

  • The double pull out waste bins comes with smooth ball-bearing slides
  • Plated chrome wireframe can withstand daily slide in and outs
  • Limited lifetime guarantee
  • Superior quality containers can hold up to 100 lbs of garbage
  • Trash storage cans comprise of a removable handle
  • Easy to mount onto cabinet floor using the included 4 screws
  • Designed for base cabinets with 14.5-inch or larger opening
  • Comes in 2 colors, black, and silver
  • Excellent craftsmanship and use of quality materials make the product worth buying

2) simplehuman 30 Liter / 8 Gallon Under Counter Kitchen Pull-Out Trash Can

simplehuman 30 Liter : 8 Gallon Under Counter Kitchen Pull-Out Trash Can, Heavy-Duty Steel Frame, 9.8 W x 17.7 D x 19.1 H

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Builders often ignore including built-in trash pull outs even though they are not very costly. And if your new home does not have such provision then it’s time to upgrade your kitchen by installing a Simplehuman pull-out trash can. This beautiful and sturdy unit can hold up to 8 gallons of garbage. If you love recycling then this product will be your perfect recycle partner. You can easily dump all-recyclable things into the container without it getting in your way.

The waste bin measures 9.8-inch wide x 17.7-inch deep and 19.1-inch tall. This much capacity is enough to hold a good amount of garbage of a family that cooks daily at home. Plus, you will not have to empty it frequently if you will use the unit solely for dumping recyclable items. The under-counter in-cabinet waste bin is extremely easy to install. And for the convenience of users, the track comes pre-assembled. Thus, one can finish installing Simplehuman under counter waste bin in under 10 minutes.

Highlights of Simplehuman CW1124:

  • The tough all-steel frame remains durable for years
  • 8 screws go into the base that hardly takes 5 minutes to install using a power screwdriver
  • Lare chromed steel handle on front slides the can in and out easily
  • Size and shape the Simplehuman under kitchen cabinet waste bin is ideal for home use
  • The code K custom fit liners fit the container perfectly and are strong and durable
  • Commercial-grade full-extension ball-bearing tracks glide fully out of the cabinet for effortless dumping
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Just remove the liner and throw it into the barrel outside when the can gets full
  • Ideal to install under the sink or in cabinet

3) Knape & Vogt USC15-2-35PT – Best in-Cabinet Soft Close Pull Out Trash Can

Knape & Vogt USC15-2-35PT in-Cabinet Soft Close Pull Out Trash Can, 19.19 by 14.81 by 22.44-Inch

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Recycling does not have to messy at all with Knape & Vogt cabinet pull out trash can. Spilling of food especially liquids is common while you empty them in a garbage can. And cleaning of the cabinet gets hard when you can’t reach certain areas. This makes the place unhygienic and untidy. But not to worry about spilling with Knape and Vogt in-cabinet waste bins.

Thanks to its unique design of backsplash that prevents debris from falling through to cabinet. Even if you accidentally spill anything on the floor or backsplash simply wipe clean it with a clean cloth. Falling of the garbage bin is common when there’s no good support. In such a case, the product might end being havoc for you. But aluminum side rails of Knape and Vogt under cabinet pull out waste bins hold both the bins in place while you slide the unit in or out.

Undermount slides ensure the cabinet closes gently without making a ‘thud’ noise. Credit for such smooth operation goes to its soft-close technology that prevents cabinet door to shut off with force. As a result, the life of both the door and rails increases due to low shocks while sliding out and back.

What makes Knape & Vogt USC15-2-35PT worth buying?

  • Installs in minutes using self-aligning brackets secured with 6 screws
  • Door-mount bracket adapts from standard width opening up to door size 3 inches wider
  • Trash Bin Size: 19.19 by 14.81 by 22.44-Inch
  • Simple to fit on either on overlay or inset door
  • Color-coordinated aluminum side rails ensure stability and at the same time match with your kitchen interior
  • The unique design of the backsplash keeps debris from falling behind the unit
  • 70 quart is the total capacity of dual pull-out waste bins
  • Slotted screw holes remove guesswork while you drill holes in the door
  • The washable floor keeps items from falling through the floor below
  • Soft-close technology ensures a smooth, quiet, and safe operation every time you slide back the unit

4) simplehuman 35 Liter / 9.3 gallon Under Counter Kitchen Pull-Out Recycler

simplehuman 35 Liter : 9.3 gallon Under Counter Kitchen Pull-Out Recycler

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While you need a big size product for a large family, Simplehuman 35 liter double under counter kitchen pull out trash cans are perfect for one or two-person households. It measures 9.8-inch wide x 17.7-inch deep and 19.1inch tall that perfectly fits regular size cabinets. Minimum cabinet depth should be 20 inches for easy glide in and out. Whereas, minimum of 20-inch height and 10-inch width is required to accommodate dual waste containers perfectly.

No need to bend down and drag containers out for the dumping of waste. A sturdy steel handle on the front effortlessly glides the cans out from the cabinet. Speaking of cans, Simplehuman CW1016 provides dual buckets of different colors. You can throw regular trash in the black container while the blue one is suitable for recycling products. And the best part is, both the waste bins are compatible with code D and code G liner for a neat rubbish experience.

Features of Simplehuman CW1016:

  • Price of the product is not too high to burn a hole in your pocket
  • Dual compartments with 9.3-gallon capacity are ideal for single or 2-person use
  • An easy-access handle on the front conveniently pulls and pushes the containers
  • Commercial-grade full-extension ball-bearing tracks smoothly
  • You get an individual unit for duping trash and throwing recyclable items
  • All-steel frame is built to last for years of use
  • Compatible with code D and code G custom fit liners
  • Replacement buckets are easy to find in case one of them breaks
  • Extends out up to 3 feet for easy access to both the bins
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty

5) Rev-A-Shelf 4WCSC-1835DM-2 – Double  Pull Out Waste Trash Bin Container, Natural & Gray

Rev-A-Shelf 4WCSC-1835DM-2 Double 35 Quart Pull Out Waste Trash Bin Container for 18-Inch Base Kitchen Cabinet with 15-Inch Opening, Natural & Gray

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If you want noise-free sliding then Rev-A-Shelf double pull-out waste bins are perfect for your household. Unlike metal construction, it features beautiful wooden dovetail construction. Such construction complements various contemporary and modern kitchen layouts. It beautifully hides ugly freestanding trash cans. Inside the wooden dovetail, there are 2 separate compartments for placing the trash containers. They are deep enough to not let waste bins wobble or fell while you access the cabinet.

Rev-A-Shelf wooden pull-out trash can includes 2 grey-colored containers with mounting hardware. However, you need to buy lids and compatible liners separately. Other than that, installing this unit is as easy as a metal one. But you might need help to fix the furniture as wood has its own weight. The product comes pre-assembled and ready to install under the kitchen platform.

The double 35-quart pull-out system is 135-pound rated, thus, ideal for a family of 4. However, you can upgrade to a 50-quart capacity to accumulate more waste. This particular unit measures 21.75 x 15 x 20.38 inches that is designed for an 18-inch cabinet with a 15-inch opening. The installation will not be a problem even if the opening is larger than 18 inches.

Why buy Rev-A-Shelf 4WCSC-1835DM-2?

  • High-quality wooden construction
  • Includes two 35-quart containers with mounting hardware
  • Dovetail built-up comes pre-assembled and ready to install in the cabinet
  • Available in two sizes 35-quart and 50-quart
  • Patented adjustable door mount brackets let you mount your cabinet door directly to your waste container
  • Concealed soft-close sides do not make annoying noise while gliding the unit in or out
  • Installation is simple and straightforward
  • The soft-close feature is nearly soundless
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty

6) Household Essentials C29537-1 – Best Under Cabinet Single Sliding Trash Can, 5-Gallon

Household Essentials C29537-1 Under Cabinet Single Sliding Trash Can Caddy, 5-Gallon

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A household with 2 persons does not generate much trash as compared to a family of 4 or 6. So a small under-counter pull-out trash can like Household Essentials C29537-1 is best for personal use. This 5-gallon waste bin fits easily in a small size cabinet. And the capacity is enough to hold a good amount of trash for 2 persons. Also, the small size means less cost for the product. Thus, you can increase kitchen floor space in style and under budget.

High-quality tracks do not make a rattling noise when you pull or push the unit in or out. Plus, glides come pre-attached for convenient installation. In just 3 simple steps, you can install Household Essentials under the sink trash can. First, lay the container inside your cabinet and mark the position of the feet. Then remove the basket and drill holes into the floor of the cabinet. Finally, set the basket according to the holes in the bottom and secure the unit to the cabinet floor with screws.

The all-steel full-extension glides slide all the out for a smooth rubbish experience. It can easily fit in a 20-inch deep cabinet. Just double-check the marking of the holes for screwing down the base frame. And look if the door closes accurately. If these two conditions are fulfilled then you’ll have no problem with the gliding of the unit.

Highlights of Household Essentials C29537-1:

  • Overall unit measures 9.75-inch W x 15-inch H x 17.75-inch D that can fit well in a 20-inch deep cabinet
  • The 5-gallon capacity of the trash container is ideal for households with 2 to 3 persons
  • Commercial grade wireframe ranges between 3-10 mm for strength through the years
  • Perfect unit for your small size kitchen cabinet
  • Includes hardware to cut down installation time
  • You can buy garbage bags separately for better waste management
  • Suitable product to install under the kitchen sink, bathroom, or laundry room
  • Handle on the front eases access to the bucket

7) ClosetMaid 32102 Premium – 24 Quart Cabinet Pull Out Trash Bin

ClosetMaid 32102 Premium 24 Quart Cabinet Pull Out Trash Bin

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The 24-quart capacity of the ClosetMaid pull out trash bin is perfect for families having 6-7 members. It holds a good amount of waste and using a liner will further ease the maintenance of the unit. This simple yet reliable design of the product makes it stand on our best pull-out waste bins list. It has a long steel wireframe inside which goes the 24-quart garbage container. These surrounding wireframes ensure they do not fall on the back of the cabinet while you grab the unit out.

Includes 4 screws to mount the unit easily onto the cabinet floor. The product measures 17.04-inch H x 10.13-inch W x 18.31-inch D approximately that fits well in base cabinets with a minimum 12-inch opening. While the large wireframe structure holds the trash can steady, there’s a small box-shape mesh wire construction on the front. This place is perfect for keeping garbage bags or kitchen cleaning tools.

What makes ClosetMaid 32102 worth money?

  • Only 4 screws are enough to mount the unit on the cabinet base
  • Comes will full-extension soft-close glides
  • Premium platinum finish is highly durable and scratch-resistant
  • Perfect unit to install under kitchen sink with cabinets having a minimum of 12-inch opening
  • The epoxy-coated steel frame is highly durable and rust-resistant
  • Soft-close glides ensure a smooth, noise-free closing
  • Small mesh basket on the front is ideal for keeping cleaning tools or trash bags

8) Home Zone Living VK40265U 29 Liter / 7.6 Gallon – Pull-Out Dual Bin Trash Can – Under The Counter

Home Zone Living VK40265U 29 Liter : 7.6 Gallon Pull-Out Trash Can, Under The Counter, Dual Bins, Double, Black

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If you’re stepping back to buy a pull out kitchen trash can due to hefty price tags of products then here’s good news for you. Home Zone Living offers 29 liters double pull out trash can for the price of one. While one can is ideal for dumping regular household waste, the other container is best to throw recycling items. Plus, the large capacity of both units does not require frequent emptying. It can hold the household waste of a family of 5 without getting full in a short time.

You do not need a lid with these dual waste bins as they comprise a bag tuck band. This tuck band secures the garbage bag in place within seconds. Thus, you do not have to go through the hassle of tying it down to prevent the bag from falling inside the liner. On the other hand, the chrome-plated steel frame matches various modern and contemporary kitchen styles. Though they are inexpensive, high-quality steel offers great durability. It is resistant to rust and corrosion, thus, safe to install under the kitchen sink.

Why buy Home Zone Living VK40265U?

  • You get double trash containers for the price of one
  • Offers a good-quality construction that is reliable and durable
  • Both the bins are made of hard shell plastic that is not easy to break
  • Includes a recycling compartment for throwing in products that can be recycled for future use
  • Ball-bearing gliders are the reason behind the smooth and secure gliding motion of the unit
  • The unit is easy to install with a minimum cabinet depth of 16.03-inch W x 22.00-inch D x 20.30-inch H
  • Bag tuck band on both the trash cans holds the garbage bag in place
  • The curved handlebar is easy to grab for a smooth operation of the product

How to Clean an Under Cabinet Trash Can

Cleaning a kitchen trash can is no biggie. One must always keep the trash can clean to avoid the growth of mold and mildew on the surface. Not only a clean waste bin will prevent the growth of mold but also keep bad smells away. Even if the containers do not smell, you must clean them at least once a month. And you do not need many materials for thorough cleaning of an under the cabinet garbage can. Follow the below steps for a shiny, smell-free trash bin.

  • Grab your rubber gloves and detach the can.
  • Empty the container and then fill 1/4 of the bin with water.
  • Now with a soft bristle brush, rub the base and walls inside the container.
  • Wet the exterior surface and clean them using the same bristle brush.
  • Throw the water away and dry the bucket with a towel or keep it out in the sun to dry naturally.
  • Once the waste bin is completely dry, spray the inside and outside with a natural disinfectant spray as you’ll be using it inside your kitchen.
  • The trash can is ready to be placed inside the cabinet again.

Tip: Use bin liner for a mess-free cleaning and easy maintenance of the unit.

How do you remove/replace a pull-out trash can?

Here is a video tutorial that will help you understand how pull-out trash cans are emptied.

How do I install the pull-out bin?

Installing a pull-out waste bin in your kitchen is easier than you think. Here is a video tutorial that will guide you through the complete DIY installation process.

What size trash can fits in a cabinet?

It is important to measure the size of your kitchen cabinet before ordering a trash can. Most kitchen cabinets have enough room to fit large pull-out trash with 12-16 gallon capacity. While some under cabinets can hold a 20-gallon trash bin. Apart from garbage bin size, it is important to consider how much waste you produce. If you live alone or share an apartment then a small 7-10 gallon trash bin is enough.

But if there are 4 members in your family whole then you might want to go for a larger can with 12-16 gallon capacity. This much capacity is enough for a family of 4 that regularly cooks at home. A 12-16 gallon provides ample space to hold vegetable scrapping and leftovers. Still, there is room for miscellaneous items like eggshells, coffee grounds, etc.

20-30 gallon garbage cans are ideal for a large family with more than 4 members. Or you can also use them for a family of four if you’re too lazy to take garbage outside frequently. And not to worry about size as most kitchen and island cabinets can easily fit a large up to 30-gallon trash bin.

Does Pull Out Waste Bin Bags Leak?

The stinky trash leaking behind you while you take out the garbage is the worst nightmare. And pull out waste bin bags can leak if you ignore basic details. Keep in mind some easy tricks to prevent waste bags from leaking in your under a cabinet trash can.

Quality Bags: It is important to buy quality garbage bags that are thick enough to hold a good amount of garbage without tearing. There are many affordable trash bags out there that holds all your waste properly without leaking.

Sharp Objects: Avoid dumping sharp objects like blades, glass, etc directly into the garbage bag. They not only tear out the trash bag but also damage the can material. Wrap them in a newspaper before throwing them.

Binder Clips: Many under cabinet trash can comes with a rim that holds the bag in place. But if your bin doesn’t include one then not to worry you can always use binder clips to secure a trash bag. This will prevent the bag from slipping into dirty garbage.

Prevent Garbage in Your Pull Out Cabinet Trash Can From smelling Bad?

One obvious thought that comes in mind before thinking of installing an under-cabinet trash can is, will the smell of garbage spread in the entire kitchen? Your kitchen waste isn’t going to smell like a garden full of roses but there are some ways to control the stinking smell.

Baking Soda: A common kitchen item can do wonders if used properly. Baking soda not only effectively cleans utensils but also absorbs odor. And to prevent garbage odor in trash cans generously sprinkle baking soda in the bottom. This will effectively stop odor from spreading into your kitchen. Clear out the baking soda every morning while you take the waste out and sprinkle fresh baking soda after.

Cat Litter: Who thought cat litter would help to prevent kitchen garbage odor? But yes it does work effectively. Cat litter absorbs odor and stinky moisture which proves to be best for kitchen waste comprising mostly of vegetable peels and scrapes. This is an inexpensive way to prevent waste odor.

Dryer Sheet: Spread dryer sheets into your trash can and they will work as great anti-odor material. Just like cat litter, dryer sheets also absorb excess moisture and smell. You can also use scented sheets that leave your garbage fresh-smelling.

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Wrap Up:

using an under-the-kitchen or sink pull-out trash cans are a smart way to hide garbage. Apart from hiding unsightly garbage from your home, a pull-out waste bin also increases floor space. Plus, they are not very costly and easy to maintain. A double pull-out trash can helps with better recycling and dumping of regular waste. So give your ordinary kitchen a smart look by installing an under-cabinet pull out trash can. And our reviews will surely help you with your search for the best product.


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