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Best Under Cabinet Jar Lid Opener To Buy in 2023

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Jars are common inside the refrigerator of every household. While some are easy to open, some might require extra effort to open. And if you find jars of your favorite food difficult to open then it’s time to install an under-cabinet jar lid opener.

No doubt, you’ll come across a variety of jar openers while searching for the best unit. These include an electric jar opener, automatic jar opener, and grip jar opener. And today we’ll be focusing on grip jar openers and what makes them special from others. But let us understand how exactly a jar opener work. And why install a jar opener underneath the cabinet?

Best Under Cabinet Jar Lid Opener To Buy

The working mechanism of a grip jar opener is very simple. Thanks to the strong adhesive material on the top that sticks the product tightly in place. All you need to do is find the right size product, peel the adhesive cover, stick it on a clean surface under the kitchen cabinet and you’re ready to test your newly installed unit. Some of the jar lid openers also provide the provision to screw down the unit onto the surface beneath the cabinet for extra security while opening jars or bottles.

A grip jar opener is not only useful to open jars but a lot of other things. Credit goes to its V-grip design with mini steel teeth on one side that firmly holds the cap or lid of the jar. And once you feel the lid get its grip, simply twist the jar to open it in under a second. Such an effortless opening and extremely easy installation make a grip jar opener a must-have product in your kitchen. And our below reviews of best under-cabinet jar openers will surely help you find the right unit

ProductOur VerdictPrice
EZ Off Jar OpenerBest For All Jar Size Check Price
The Grip Jar OpenerSafest Lid Opener Check Price
OxGord Lid OpenerBest For Weak Hands Check Price

1) EZ Off Jar Opener For All Jar Sizes, White

EZ Off Jar Opener For All Jar Sizes, White

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Favorite of thousands and me, EZ off jar opener stands first on our review list. Sturdy built up and easy use are the main reasons for the product being so popular among users. And the low price of the product is the cherry on the cake. Thus, you get all the qualities of a high-end model by paying just a few dollars.

Be it a factory-sealed jar or a regular one, EZ Off will open it for you in seconds. V-shape design with metal teeth on one side provides a solid grip that can open countless jars. From your favorite pickle bottle to small nail polish, just place the lid inside the V and press it firmly into place. Then with a simple twist, you can loosen up any stubborn lid.

In spite of a single metal grip on the side, EZ Off under cabinet jar opener comprises a dual V-grip. This, in turn, eases the opening of the toughest vacuum seals. Moreover, installing the unit is as easy as it works. The top of the unit comes with a pre-attached, peel-and-stick adhesive. Therefore, you just need to find a clean and comfortable location beneath the kitchen cabinet to stick the unit on.

The 5-ounce weight of the product makes it extremely easy to install by a single person. Apart from the kitchen, this versatile under-counter jar opener is ideal to use in a household or commercial kitchen, dental labs, ICUs, etc. The dual grip makes it possible to open tough medicine bottles with minimal effort.

What makes EZ Off jar opener worth your money:

  • Inexpensive
  • Dual V-grip system provides a better grip
  • Made in the USA
  • One of the top-rated jar openers on Amazon with over 2500 positive reviews
  • Comes with 3 screws to secure the jar opener under the cabinet firmly
  • Premium materials used in the construction of the product lasts for years
  • Suitable for use in a commercial kitchen, dental labs, food truck, etc
  • Compact size hides easily under the cabinet and does not take up much space
  • It Will last for years without the metal teeth losing their sharpness

2) The Grip Jar Opener – Best Hidden-Under-Cabinet Lid Opener (as seen on Tv)

The Grip Jar Opener- The Original, Hidden-Under-Cabinet Lid Opener, Since 1977, Opens Any Size:Type of Lid, Helpful for Weak Hands, Arthritis, and Seniors

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The problem with cheap lid openers is they do not provide a strong adhesive base. And a not-so-strong bond of the opener on the cabinet surface might make it fall while you’re opening the lid of the jar. This is both frustrating and dangerous as sharp metal teeth might hurt your hand. But thanks to the industrial-grade adhesive of the Grip Jar Opener that forms a permanent bond with the counter.

The Grip is the original hidden-under-cabinet jar opener. Many of us have seen it on TV for a long while. The expert in making lid openers since 1977 and still maintains the same quality. You’ll experience how quickly you can open the toughest seal of jars and bottles with Grip. And the best part is, you can do it with one hand without applying muscle power. Therefore, which makes the unit great for the elderly and people suffering from arthritis.

While many food jars are easy to open with bare hands, child-proof medicine bottles and soda bottles are tough to open. Plus, they already have a strong seal so no one can access them easily. But you will never struggle with the opening of such items as dual V-grip of the Grip Jar Opener help to loosen the lid with a simple twist. From honey jars to mason storage jars, there’s literally nothing it can’t open.

Why buy The Grip Jar Opener?

  • The original hidden-under-cabinet lid opener, both invented and operated since 1977
  • Can easily open vacuum-sealed jars such as spaghetti sauce and baby food
  • Industrial-grade adhesive sticks the unit firmly on the counter base
  • Will not take up space of your kitchen drawer
  • Made in America with high-quality materials
  • Low profile design of the product hides easily below the kitchen cabinet
  • From nail polish bottles to 6-inch pickle jars, the Grip can open all with ease
  • You can screw the jar opener under the kitchen cabinet for more strength
  • Great products to gift your loved ones having tons of bottles and jars in their pantry

3) Jar Opener for Weak Hands (Pack of 2) Under Cabinet Lid Openers for Seniors with Arthritis or Weak Hands

Jar Opener for Weak Hands (Pack of 2) Under Cabinet Lid Openers for Seniors with Arthritis - Cap Remover Easy Twist Off Bottle Opener Jars Kitchen Accessories Tool Counter Top Grip Can Opening Wrench

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A majority of jar openers are easily available for under $50. But if you still find them costly then this Oxgord under cabinet lid opener is for you. It offers 2 units for the price of one. Yes, you get a pack of 2 counter jar lid openers for under $10. You can install one and keep the other unit for future use or gift it to your friend who has a variety of pickle jars in our home.

While the look and material of the opener are up to the mark, we did not like the quality of the adhesive. It is not as strong as the above two models. Opening small bottles like nail polish, jam container, etc will not be problematic but the unit might fall off while you attempt to open bottles with strong vacuum seals. These include medicine bottles, heavy pickle jars, jarred fruits, etc. So we recommend using screws and securing the jar opener on the bottom of the kitchen cabinet.

It is important to note that dual metal teeth on one side of the V-grip are sharp. So be careful while opening the lid of the bottle or jar as you might get hurt. Always hold the container from the middle for better grip and effortless opening. Besides, the sharp teeth will leave marks on your plastic or metal lid. While it is not a big issue for many, some people might not like the distorted look of the product.

Highlights of OxGord Lid opener:

  • You get a pack of 2 for the price of one
  • Stainless steel metal teeth are sharp enough to let you open a crown cap
  • Ideal for elderly people suffering from arthritis or joint pain
  • Provides with 3 optional screws for better stability
  • Ideal for placement under counters or along kitchen shelves
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Opens small nail polish bottle to large peanut butter jar in a second

Feature To Look For While Buying Best Under Cabinet Lid Opener:

Lid Size: Here lid size refers to the ‘V-grip’ design of the product. A better shape of the V-grip will let you open any size jar lid easily. So select a unit having a wide V-mouth design that can fit all lids of jar you have in your pantry.

Easy Installation or Removal: Installing a lid opener under the cabinet is a matter of minutes. Strong adhesive is the reason behind such an effortless installation. But one thing to take care of is, not many cheap jar openers provide a strong adhesive. So, it is better to go for a quality product that offers both industrial-grade adhesive and screws for a secure installation.

Hides Under Cabinet: The size of a jar lid opener does matter. A low-profile design of the unit hides easily underneath the cabinet and does not take up valuable space in your kitchen drawer.

Can Open Tight Lid: The main reason behind buying a jar opener is to open tight lids of bottles and jar effortlessly. So a unit must be strong enough to open a variety of lids with minimal effort. And these include medicine bottles, baby food, jarred vegetables, fruits, etc.

Who invented the jar opener?

The concept of jar opener first struck to Danish engineer Helge Brix-Hansen when he saw his mother finding it difficult to open preserving jars due to arthritis. His mother tried all kinds of best jar openers in the market but still could not open jars successfully. After that, Helge took the matter on his own and invented JarKey, the world’s first under-cabinet jar opener. Then slowly and gradually there were improvements in the design that accommodates various size jar lids to open easily.

How do you use an Under Cabinet Jar Opener?

If you have never used a one-handed jar opener, then this video tutorial will be really helpful for you.

Top Recommended: EZ Off Jar Opener

EZ under cabinet jar opener is among the top-rated products due to its excellent design and quality construction. Instead of single metal teeth, there are two sharp teeth that can grab hold of any lid. Be it a factory-sealed, childproof, or regular home-use jar, EZ opener will open the lids in seconds.

In addition to durable construction, the low-profile design of EZ off-jar opener hides nicely under your cupboard or cabinet. It will not bump the beautiful layout of your kitchen. Proudly made in the USA, the simple design of EZ is built to last. The performance of the unit will remain the same for years just like you installed the unit yesterday. Below listed are some key features of EZ off-jar opener.

  • Dual sharp teeth
  • Low profile
  • Made in USA
  • High-quality construction
  • Peel-and-stick adhesive
  • 3 screws for easy installation
  • Affordable

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Do not stress your arm anymore while opening the tight lid of the jar. Install a hidden under cabinet jar opener and open the tightest of bottle seals with a simple twist. The best thing about these products is, they are very inexpensive and long-lasting. And their use of them is not just limited to households but they are a great help in commercial kitchens, NICUs, dental labs, food trucks, etc.

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