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The kitchen is the heart of any house. From making morning coffee to delicious meals, kitchens are a functional part of many homes. But the functional part can soon become tiresome part if you have a wrong layout. And if you’re planning for kitchen remodeling then do you’d love to check the best types of kitchen layouts. By the end of the article, you will be able to guess which kitchen layout is the best for you.

But let us first understand what is a kitchen layout and why it is important? In simple words, kitchen layout is an arrangement of a kitchen sink, stovetop, and major kitchen appliances. In architecture’s term, you call this arrangement a kitchen work triangle. And the work triangle suggests arranging all three elements in such a way that no obstruction comes in your way while accessing them. Not only it makes your kitchen look clean but it also saves time.

Types of Kitchen Layouts:

According to the kitchen space, there are 5 popular types of kitchen layouts. A floor plan helps to decide which layout will suit your space the best. Do you need a basic kitchen? Or extra storage space? Or wish for a kitchen dining island? Below are the common kitchen plans that help utilize the workspace better. Check them and find out which model suits you the best.

1. U-Shape Design

U Shape Kitchen Design Idea

U-shape kitchens are the best for quite a while now. Even new builders prefer modeling a kitchen in U-shape as you can set up a lot of cabinets as well as get ample countertop space. Plus, you can turn the look of the kitchen into traditional or modern whichever you like. All you will need is the right kind of furniture followed by kitchen sink and faucet to make the U-shape kitchen your way.

The beauty of a U-shape kitchen plan is the unobstructed work triangle. You get plenty of room to keep basic kitchen appliances. Plus, the counter is spread on 3 walls so you can set the sink on the front or large side near the cooking area. While dishwasher goes on the empty side. This way you can easily reach out for things and utilize the rest of the countertop space to arrange other kitchen tools.

Key Highlights:

  • Best for big kitchens where more than one person cooks the meal.
  • You can also apply the U-shape layout in a small kitchen that is not small than 8×8 feet.
  • An uninterrupted work triangle reduces the chances of kitchen accidents.
  • Counters and cabinets on 3 walls provide plenty of storage space.
  • This kitchen layout is more traditional but you can also convert it into a modern kitchen by selecting the right type of furniture and appliances.

2. L-Shape

L Shaped Kitchen Idea

Here is another common yet popular kitchen layout for small apartments. The L-shape cuts down one side of the counter and cabinet space as compared with U-shape. So yes, the workspace area is comparatively less than the U-shape kitchen. However, on the bright side, these type of layouts are perfect for people on the rush. The things are relatively close to each other which reduces the kitchen work triangle.

Easy accessibility to regularly used appliances makes the L-shape kitchen plan perfect for people who do not love to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. A small work triangle lets you grab things easily without having to walk extra steps. And a proper arrangement of things lets you turn borning space into a beautiful L-shape modern kitchen.

Key Highlights:

  • Perfect design for small kitchens who lack floor space.
  • Simple and functional layout.
  • Only a single person could work in a small kitchen but the same plan in a large space can let 2 or more people work.
  • The only drawback of L-shape design is you cannot utilize tight space where 2 corners meet.
  • You can use the space above the counter to fix overhead cabinets.
  • The L-shape plan is generally cheaper than U-shape ones

3. One Wall Kitchen Design

One Wall Kitchen Design

Again, this is the best layout for small kitchens. One walled kitchen is common in small apartments and condos where space is challenging. Here, you get a single platform to set the 3 basic things, i.e, dishwasher, stovetop, and sink. Plus, there is no work triangle here as all elements are in the same row. Which makes it perfect for singles who cook daily in the kitchen.

A small single counter kitchen is also common in RV. Although you get only one working platform, you can increase the storage space by adding overhead cabinets above. Arranging appliances on one wall kitchen is very easy. Make sure to keep the sink in the middle with a gas stove and dishwasher on the sides. This kitchen arrangement increases the user’s safety as well as helps in better organization.

Key Highlights:

  • Straight-line kitchens are best for studio apartments and lofts where the space is limited.
  • But one can use a straight-line layout in a large kitchen to use the rest of the floor space for dining. Such a design in large space gives a kind of galley look.
  • Looks brilliant on square shaped kitchens.
  • Cabinets go below and over the countertop to provide additional storage space.
  • No kitchen work triangle.

4. Peninsula/G-shape Kitchen

G Shaped Kitchen

Peninsula kitchen layout is very much similar to the U-shape plan but with an additional meal space. A G-shape plan works best for large and busy kitchens. They are the first choice of parents as your kids can have breakfast in the same space while you’re busy completing the kitchen chores. There is a separate area for preparing a meal, cooking, and keeping heavy appliances.

The work triangle in a peninsula plan remains unobstructed unless there’s a kitchen island in the middle. If you already have a large kitchen and are planning to go for a G-type kitchen then drop the idea of a kitchen island in middle. Island in the center will not only make your kitchen look small but create an obstruction in the work triangle. This will make you walk more in the kitchen to grab even the simplest of things.

Key Highlights:

  • Great for big kitchens where multiple people cook.
  • Smooth work triangle.
  • A lot of countertop space to arrange other kitchen tools.
  • Separate space for meal preparation, cooking, and washing.
  • A small section of the countertop turns into a good dining area.

5. Galley Layout

Gallery Kitchen Layout Idea

The galley kitchen layout is like one wall plan but with countertops on two sides. They are common in traditional styles and terrace kitchens where one end of the kitchen meets the outdoor space. A galley or walk-through kitchens also have a work triangle. You can reduce the size of the triangle with proper arrangements. While one countertop can have a stovetop, you can put the dishwasher and sink on the opposite platform. Make sure to keep the kitchen sink right opposite to stove to utilize workspace effectively.

A galley or also known as parallel kitchen layout does not have any corner to take care of. You can use the counter space until the end. Galleys are best to keep small kitchen appliances like a toaster oven, french press, etc on the counter. You can easily organize stuff to give a neat look.

Key Highlights:

  • Great for houses where one end of kitchen meets backyard or outer space.
  • They are kind of out of fashion but many people still love the concept.
  • Two-wall cabinet storage.
  • A good arrangement reduces the work triangle.
  • You need to have a good light source to work on counter space as cabinets over might make the area below too dark.
  • Good for small to medium size kitchens.

Understanding the Kitchen Work Triangle

There are three key appliances in any kitchen. These are oven/microwave, stovetop, and sink/dishwasher. And the primary focus of architects is to set these three appliances in such a way that it reduces the number of steps to reach them. And at the same time, they are not too close to each other. So they introduced a kitchen work triangle.

The triangle is the imaginary line formed by joining three work surfaces. These appliances are kept in different 3 different directions, not too far and nor too close to each other. There remains good unobstructed between then so that you can easily prepare food, store items, and wash the plates. A good kitchen work triangle plays a major role in determining the best kitchen layout according to the floor space.


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