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Kitchen lighting was not a focal time a long time ago. But things are different now. People love having good lighting fixtures in their kitchen. Not only good lighting enhance your kitchen decor but it also helps you work conveniently. And not to mention, but there are enormous kitchen lighting options. Such a sea of different designs and models helps you install the perfect light fixture for your kitchen. And one good option from them is, track lights for kitchen.

Track lighting is not so common like hanging or pendant lights. They are kind of underrated. But nowadays, many modern kitchens go for high-end track lighting that allows the hanging of different types of fixtures. Mostly, track lights are adjustable, so you can direct the lighting angle perfectly on your countertop or island.

Besides, the number of fixtures is more than a round pendant light. This helps to brighten a large kitchen space without drilling down too many holes in the ceiling. And the main reason why many architects choose to install a track lighting system in the kitchen is because of its flexibility. You can hang your favorite light fixtures from spotlights, pendant, floodlights, etc on the tracks. In simple words, you can design the kitchen lighting the way you like. But for that, you’ll need the best track lighting for kitchen and we’ve already listed them down.

Best Track Lighting for Kitchen Reviewed

Best Track Light For Your Kitchen

If you are looking to add some more brightness or just going through a kitchen remodeling then adding a track light would be an excellent choice to enhance the overall kitchen environment.

1) Grayson 6-Light S-Shape Track Lighting, Brushed Steel, Bulbs Included

Grayson 6-Light S-Shape Track Lighting

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Brighten up your kitchen space without drilling the ceiling with Grayson 6-light adjustable track lighting. The sleek design of brushed metal looks well on contemporary and modern kitchens. Also, you’ll not have to drill down anything as the round base sits perfectly below the already present ceiling line. Plus, it is extremely easy to install light fixtures by yourself. On a head’s up, put the halogen bulbs in the place before hanging the track up as then it might get difficult to climb up the ladder and install one individually.

Once installed, you can easily adjust the track head up to 180 degrees. Focus the light where it is needed the most and you’ll never have to work in dark or gloomy space again. The best thing about this model is, it is a dimmable kitchen lighting fixture. Although you need to buy a dimmer switch separately, the bulbs are fully dimmable to create a perfect working environment. However, no need to look for bulbs as Grayson comes with six 50W halogen bulbs that illuminate large space perfectly.

Our Verdict

Why buy Grayson S-Shape track lighting?

  • Sleek S-shape design complements a variety of kitchen decors
  • Brushed steel track looks classy and is easy to clean
  • 6x GU10/Bi-Pin base MR16 shape bulbs included that illuminates 2700 kelvin(warm white)
  • Fully dimmable with compatible dimmer switch
  • Mountable on a slopped kitchen ceiling
  • Includes mounting hardware with a canopy mounting plate for quick and easy installation
  • All six track heads are independently adjustable to direct and focus light where needed
  • Best modern track lighting under $50 that comes in 3 classy colors

2) Lithonia Lighting LTKSTBF BR20 MW M4 Adjustable Decorative LED Lamp, White

Lithonia Lighting LTKSTBF BR20 MW M4 Adjustable Decorative LED Lamp for kitchen

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Illuminating a small kitchen looks easy but is quite challenging. You need to select fixtures that do not interfere with the view, plus, provide good illumination. And small track lights work best for such small spaces. The Lithonia LTKSTBF BR20 MW M4 adjustable led track lighting with 3 track heads is perfect to adequately brighten up the counter and prep area. Instead of halogen bulbs, Lithonia supports 500 lumens led lights. Such high power illuminate enough light to brighter up small space perfectly. Besides, the track heads are flexible which means you can direct and point them on the area where you need the light the most.

The 4-foot long slide track of Lithonia LTKSTBF allows you to position the 3 track heads easily. Installing the led track lighting is as easy as sliding the heads for perfect illumination. It comes with a track kit that includes a 44-inch track, floating feed, and 3 adjustable fixture heads. However, you need to buy light bulbs separately. The spotlight heads are compatible with both LED and non-LED BR20 bulbs. So you can choose the right fixture according to the decor. On the downside, the track kit is not compatible with dimmers.

Our Verdict

What makes Lithonia LTKSTBF worth buying?

  • Best rated track lighting for small kitchen
  • Comes in two basic colors, white and black, to blend with kitchen decors
  • Flexible lamp heads and slider track helps to position fixtures conveniently
  • Multi-directional 3-head metal step baffle shade kit
  • Simple and elegant design that looks well in the living room, study room, etc
  • Includes mounting kit; 1x 44″ track, 1x floating feed, and 3x adjustable heads
  • Backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

3) Globe Electric 59086 Kearney 6-Light Foldable Track Lighting For Kitchen, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Globe Electric 59086 Kearney 6-Light Foldable Track Lighting

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A common confusion among buyers is whether to settle for a chandelier or fix hanging lights in the kitchen island. And if you haven’t have decided yet then try Globe Electric 59086 6-light foldable black track lighting. This elegant piece will make a statement in your contemporary or modern kitchen. The oil-rubbed bronze finish track rod with 6 champagne glass shades looks classy. Set it up on the bar section or over the kitchen island, pair with good illuminating bulbs, and your kitchen space will look good like never before. In this case, you will not have to search for light bulbs separately as the kit already comes with GU10 halogen bulbs.

To create a perfect ambiance when the sun is down, pair the flexible kitchen track lighting with a compatible dimmer switch. While the halogen bulbs are included, you need to buy the dimmer switch separately. But no need to look for any mounting hardware as it already comes with one. There’s even a canopy mounting plate easy installation over kitchen ceiling. The oil-rubbed canopy plate hides the wiring inside the ceiling while helps with a quick light fix. It is better to attach the light heads on the rod before you climb up to install the track light in the kitchen ceiling.

Our Verdict

Highlights of Globe Electric 59086:

  • Sleek oil rubbed bronze kitchen light fixture with the caged amber glass shades
  • Includes 6x GU10/Bi-Pin base MR16 shape bulbs with 2700 kelvin illumination
  • All six track heads are independently adjustable
  • It is the best high-end track lighting that looks costly but is tagged under $100
  • Fully dimmable with compatible dimmer switch
  • You can change the fixture to led bulbs and use it with a compatible dimmer switch
  • Includes mounting hardware and a canopy mounting plate
  • Easy to install on either of sloped or evaluated ceiling

4) Canarm IT217A04ORB10 Addison 4-Light Dropped Track Lighting, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Canarm IT217A04ORB10 Addison 4-Light Dropped Kitchen Track Lighting

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If your kitchen ceiling is low then you consider buying a low profile kitchen lighting. But if you’re not a fan of straight track rods and looking for something different then check out Canarm Addison 4-light dropped track lighting. This chandelier-style light looks brilliant in contemporary and modern kitchen decors. The flat opal glass shade along with smooth curves makes any space beautiful. Besides, the white glass heads when combined with the oil-rubbed bronze track look elegant. While it might look expensive, you can easily get this modern drop kitchen light under $50.

Just like the above models, the mounting kit includes a wide canopy mounting plate. It will hardly take you 30 minutes to install the kitchen light with the right tools by side. However, this particular is to be installed and used in dry locations only. So instead of fixing the unit above or near the stovetop, consider hanging the lights over kitchen island. Or you can fix the elegant piece in other parts of your home like the dining area, entryway, living room, etc. Lights bulbs are not included and are fairly expensive for this spotlight heads.

Our Verdict

Why go for Canarm Addison 4-light dropped track light?

  • 4 white opal glass globes in combination with oil-rubbed bronze track finish
  • A great lighting fixture for multiple rooms and decors
  • Modern design that blends perfectly with modern kitchens
  • Good quality for the price
  • The light heads are flexible and can be adjusted accordingly
  • It is a pretty small fixture with no assembly instructions
  • Good quality lighting solution under 50 dollars
  • CSA approved for installation and use in dry locations

5) Payton 4-Light Kitchen Track Lighting, Matte Silver

Payton 6-Light Foldable Track Lighting

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Say it S-shape or foldable, Payton 6-light tracking system is perfect to install in the space between the countertop and island. The 6 light heads illuminate light bright enough to let you see both the workstation and island area. Thanks to the six pivoting track heads that let you position the spotlight perfectly. Instead of a single pivot on the track rod, there are two pivoting joins on the rod. And this lets you arrange the rod in the S-shape or straight whatever way you like.

The movable line of track bar pin with the exposed socket construction is easy to install. Just like a majority of products on the market, this dimmable kitchen lighting also comes with all mounting hardware and canopy mounting plate for quick and easy installation. Use the plate to easily install the fixture on a sloped or vaulted ceiling. And before installing track, fix all six heads. This will ease installation and then you can climb up only to position the track light heads. You can combine the fixture with a dimmable switch to create a perfect ambiance.

Our Verdict

Why buy Payton 6-light foldable tracking system?

  • Best track lighting for kitchen under $50
  • A modern contemporary design to accent all home decor
  • Completely dimmable with compatible light fixture
  • Can be installed on either of vaulted or sloped ceiling
  • Comes in two colors, matte black, and matte silver
  • Individually adjustable light heads

What is Track Lighting?

From the name itself, you can have a little idea of what track lighting is. Basically, it is a long rod called a track on which you hang a trail of lights. The number of light heads depends upon the length of the track. Such lighting styles were common back in the ’80s and early 90’s where you need to illuminate a long hall or passage. Still, they’re not so common but you see them in the bar station, art galleries, etc, were spotlight is necessary.

Also, it is not necessary that only spotlights go on the track. You can use mini floodlights, pendant lights, or drop lights, etc according to the length of your kitchen ceiling. Anything that fits on track turns into a track lighting.

How Track Lights Help Kitchen?

Track lights aren’t the first thing that comes to mind whenever you think of redoing or decorating your kitchen. But they are a thing to consider as light heads on the track can be easily adjusted to a particular area. You can fill your dark and gloomy kitchen space with adequate light using the right light bulbs on a track. Adjust it correctly and your space will look beautiful like never before.

Besides, there go at least 3 light heads on a small track. And the best thing of all is, you do not have to drill down that many holes in the ceiling. The given ceiling connection is enough.

Track lighting comes in various shapes and sizes. For example, a large kitchen with an island and dining counter looks best with long straight track lightings that cover the entire area. You can install soft spotlights and turn a boring space into a brilliantly lit area. On the other hand, there are short track lighting for a small kitchen.

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Track kitchen lighting is a minimalist way to illuminate a large space. The main benefit of such a design is you’ll not have to dig up the wall or ceiling. Plus, you can always experiment with track light fixtures by replacing them with spotlights, pendants, floodlights, etc. You can turn the look of your kitchen every 2-3 years without spending a fortune. Not only for the kitchen, but track lighting works best for both small and large spaces equally. They look extremely well in the dining area, living room, and study room. The game is to select the best track lighting fixture and adjust the heads properly.


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