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So both your hands are dirty and you wish to wash them without getting the faucet messy? Then opt for a good quality touch kitchen faucet. Touch faucets are a popular choice among users for quite a while now, thanks to their reliable operation and user-friendliness. A gentle touch on the faucet is enough to turn the water supply on/off.

Undoubtedly, the kitchen is a busy part of any home. From preparing morning coffee to dinner, there are a lot of activities that you have to do in the kitchen in a day. And most of these activities require water. So it is important to install a high-quality kitchen sink faucet that not only eases your day-to-day activities but dispenses water without creating any mess further.

And touch kitchen faucets are ideal for bustling kitchens. They are easy to operate, reliable, and bring a modern touch to your space. However, they can be quite costly due to advanced technology but at the end of the day, you’ll feel satisfies by installing the right model. And not to say, but not all products in the market are worth a hefty investment.

Best Touch Kitchen Faucets Review

Best Touch Kitchen Faucets

Delta Tocuh Faucet Trinsic Single-HandlePull DownArctic Stainless Check Price
Delta Faucet Essa Single-Handle TouchPull DownMatte Black Check Price
GAPPO Touch Kitchen FaucetPull DownMatte Black Check Price
Delta Touch Faucet Leland Single-HandlePull DownSpotshield Stainless Check Price
OWOFAN Touch On Kitchen FaucetPull DownBrushed Nickel Check Price
AIMADI Gold Kitchen Faucet TouchPull DownGolden Check Price
KAIYING Touch Kitchen FaucetsPull DownBrushed Brass Check Price

Here are the best touch technology faucets for the kitchen.

1) Delta Faucet Trinsic Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet

Delta Faucet Trinsic Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet

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Bring style and comfort to your kitchen by installing a Delta Trinsic single-handle touch faucet. The bold clean design of the unit blends well with a variety of kitchen decors. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, Delta Trinsic is highly functional. It features intuitive sensors that turn the water on or off by gently touching anywhere on the faucet body with hands, wrist, or forearm. This way you can prevent the unit body from getting messy even when both your hands are greasy or full of soap.

Delta Trinsic spray wand offers 2 spray wand functions, spray, and stream. An ergonomic switch on the rear lets you change the flow mode easily in a second. Besides, you can easily pull down the sprayer head for precise cleaning. The hose offers a 20-inch reach that is ideal to fill large pots and containers easily. Also, no need to bend down and set the sprayer head back on the unit after work as Delta offers MagnaTite docking. A powerful magnet snaps the head back into the place effortlessly.

Our Verdict

What makes Delta Trinsic 9159T-AR-DST worth buying?

  • Minimalist design that blends well with contemporary and modern decors
  • Durable kitchen faucet with a ceramic Diamond valve that eliminates wear and lasts 2x longer than the industry standard
  • Innoflex® pex supply lines are integrated into the unit for one less leak point
  • Touch2O technology activates the water supply by touching anywhere on the body
  • Tempsense LED light indicator changes color to indicate the flow temperature, plus, indicates low battery life
  • Touch-Clean spray holes allow you to wipe clean the limescale and calcium built up with a touch of a finger
  • The 6 AA batteries last up to 2 years but you can also operate the unit on an A/C adapter
  • Backed by Delta’s 5-year limited warranty

2) Delta Faucet Essa Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet

Delta Faucet Essa Single-Handle Touch Kitchen

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It is not necessary to spend dollars on a unit to get the benefit of all modern functionalities. If you’re on a budget search then Delta Essa single-handle touch kitchen sink faucet with pull-down sprayer is a perfect choice. You get all the functions of a modern high-end unit in under $300 that eases your everyday kitchen tasks. The features include an LED light indicator, Touch2O technology, Magnetite Docking, and easy cleaning if limescale buildup. You can give a modern touch to your existing kitchen by installing this high arc beauty.

The self contemporary design of Delta Essa features an impressive Diamond seal technology. This technology ensures reliable and leak-free performance for years. The Diamond Seal valve embedded with ceramic disc requires no lubrication like typical cheap kitchen faucets. In short, there is no expensive after cost in maintaining the unit. Also, the powerful sensors allow you to touch anywhere on the Essa model including the bottom and lever to turn the water supply on/off.

Our Verdict

Why buy Delta Essa 9113T-AR-DST?

  • Best rated touch kitchen faucet by Delta integrated with modern technologies
  • Check the water temperature easily with an LED light bar on the bottom
  • Patented Diamond seal technology is highly durable as well as ensures leak-free operation for the life of the kitchen faucet
  • 8-inch configuration is designed to fit 1-hole or 3-hole sinks
  • Comes in 4 beautiful colors; Stainless, Chrome, Matte Black, and Bronze to blend with your existing decor
  • 20-inch hose reach
  • Optional A/C adapter available or you can operate the touch technology with 6 AA batteries
  • Backed by 5-year limited warranty

3) GAPPO Touch Kitchen Faucet, Matte Black

GAPPO Touch Kitchen Faucet

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The increasing popularity of touch models has raised many faucet brands overnight. And not every brand is trustworthy, especially the ones that use cheap materials. As a user, you want to make sure the unit you install is all safe and made from quality materials. So we’ve picked Gappo touch sensor kitchen faucet that is made of solid lead-free stainless steel material. Besides, the high-quality ceramic cartridge reduces leak points. And leak-free performance cuts down the expensive plumber charges that cost a wand for a simple fixture.

Thanks to Gappo’s flexible 23-inch smooth-retract nylon sprayer hose that provides a wide cleaning range. However, there are no magnets on the dock that pull the sprayer head back in place. But instead, the pull-down sprayer head comprises weight that goes under the cabinet that helps to pull the head back in. On the other hand, you can also use the side lever to turn on the water and to set the temperature. Once the supply is on, easily switch from stream to spray mode or vice versa with an ergonomic switch.

Our Verdict

Highlights of Gappo Y40112-1:

  • Beautiful matte black kitchen faucet with a sleek appearance
  • Integral touch control ensures flawless on and off
  • The solid lead-free stainless steel construction makes it safe for residential use
  • Uses weight to pull the head back in the place
  • Gravity casting and high-quality ceramic cartridge to prevent water leakage
  • Comes with a standard 3/8″ water hose that fits most US kitchens
  • Dual-function pull out sprayer with 360-degree swivel spout
  • Superior corrosion and rust-resistant finish

4) Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet

Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle Touch

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Complete the traditional look of your kitchen by installing Delta Leland. This single-handle touch kitchen sink faucet with a long lever design blends well with traditional decors. And with powerful in-built mini sensors, you can touch anywhere on the spout or handle with your wrist or forearm to activate water flow. Besides, Delta’s patented Diamond seal technology offers a lifetime of reliable performance. It features a diamond-embedded ceramic disc that requires no lubrication and eliminates wear on seals.

For doing dishes comfortably, Delta features a Tempsense LED light on the bottom of the faucet. This intuitively led indicator changes color with the change in water temperature. It stays blue for water temperature up to 80ºF, turns pink when the temperature reaches 95ºF, and glows red on reaching 110ºF. Plus, the led lights also indicate when the batteries need to be replaced. So in short, Delta Leland possesses all modern qualities behind the sturdy traditional design.

Our Verdict

Why go for Delta Leland 9178T-SP-DST?

  • Delta’s SpotSheild technology helps to keep the body cleaner
  • Choose a convenient mode from its 2 function spray wand
  • Includes 6 AA batteries that last up to 2 years under standard use
  • Best touch-activated faucet for traditional kitchen
  • Backed by a 5-year limited warranty
  • SheildSpray technology causes fewer splatters while cleaning dirty dishes
  • Includes installation kit and an optional deck for 3-hole installation
  • A powerful magnet on the dock snaps the sprayer head back to the position without loose hanging issues

5) OWOFAN Touch On Kitchen Faucets, Touch Activated

Touch On Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down

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Not ready to break the bank on a single kitchen unit? Then try Owofan pull-out kitchen faucet under $100. This simple yet functional unit is ideal for people who are looking for a good working unit within budget. Despite the low price tag, Owofan offers assistive touch control technology that starts and stops the water flow on a gentle touch anywhere on the unit body. Plus, you can pull out the sprayer head like high-end units for precise cleaning and rinsing.

Instead of steel, Owofan is crafted with heavy-duty solid brass. This lead-free brass construction is all safe for use. Over the brass, is a layer of brushed nickel that provides shine and style to the unit. The brushed surface resists fingerprint marks and water spots that make cleaning the faucet much easier after use. However, on the downside, the extremely sleek design of the unit makes it uncomfortable for users. The sleek sprayer head slides from hands while maneuvering it around. Plus, the sprayer head is made from ABC plastic which might not be comforting for some buyers.

Our Verdict

What makes Owofan SUS304 worth the money?

  • Good kitchen faucet under $100 for residential use
  • The box includes all necessary parts for flawless installation
  • Lead-free brass construction
  • 2 function sprayer head; splash-free aerated stream and powerful pre-rinse spray
  • The company offers a 3-year parts replacement warranty
  • 360-degree swivel sprayer for a wide cleaning range
  • Comes in 5 colors and different style to match with your decor perfectly

6) AIMADI Touch Kitchen Faucets with Deck Plate

AIMADI Touch Gold Kitchen Faucet

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Water scarcity is raising issues all over the world now and it is important to save every drop. So Aimadi touch kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer offers 3 function spray head. In addition to two common modes, spray and stream, there’s a small button above the switch, i.e, pause mode. Pressing the button in between cleaning dishes or rinsing fruits or vegetables saves water as well as prevents necessary splatters. While pause mode is helpful to save water, the touch activation allows you to turn the flow on/off easily with a gentle touch on the top of the faucet.

Unlike cheap kitchen faucets, Aimadi offers a 45 cm long hose. And with such a large hose reach you can easily fill large pots by keeping them on the countertop instead of holding them in hand. Besides, the high-quality ceramic valve features no deformation as well as remains steady on both high and low-temperature resistance. Also, complete tools accessories are included in the box so you can install the unit by yourself without shedding dollars on expensive plumbing companies. It will take you nearly 30-45 minutes to put the shit together.

Our Verdict

Why buy Aimadi Touch Kitchen Faucet?

  • Affordable unit with modern features
  • Spot-resistant finish means less maintenance
  • Optional deck plate for 3-hole installation
  • Works on 4 AA batteries that you need to buy separately
  • Retractable 17.7-inch hose for enhanced flexibility
  • 3-way spray settings; stream, spray, and pause mode
  • High-quality ceramic cartridge
  • The faucet body rotates 360 degrees so you can set the angle and direction of the head as per the need

7) KAIYING Touch Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer

KAIYING Touch Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer

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A stylish and functional kitchen faucet is a dream of every homeowner with a limited budget. And Kaiying pull-down faucet is a perfect solution for people looking for an affordable product. Costing under $100, this unit offers all the functions to work conveniently in the kitchen. And the best part is its smart touch control technology. Just a gentle touch on the spout or the body is enough to start/stop the flow. The high arc spout dispenses water continuously without any breaks which makes cleaning dishes and filling pots a lot easier.

Just like a majority of products on the market, the Kaiying pull-down kitchen faucet also offers 2 function sprayer head. But unlike the super sleek sprayer head, it features a curved head design that helps with proper cleaning while you pull down the down. And the pivoting joint on the sprayer head provides a free swivel for better sink cleaning after work. Also, the high arc spout swivels 360 degrees for convenient work.

Our Verdict

Highlights of Kaiying LK2669:

  • Curved sprayer head design with 2-function settings
  • 360-degree rotation spout and flexible 17.7-inch sprayer hose
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries that can last for 1 year
  • Easy to install by yourself in under 30 minutes
  • Study lead-free brass construction ensures safe and healthy waterway
  • Standard 3/8″ water line that fits standard US pipelines
  • Good quality touch-activated faucet under $100

How do Touch Sensor Faucets work?

The working mechanism of a touch faucet is relatively easy to understand. The sensors are already built-in the faucet body which works flawlessly on a battery or AC adapter. These tiny sensors or single sensors, detect the touch of your hand and turn the water supply on/off.

A majority of brands work on capacitive sensing technology. Although the words sound heavy the mechanism is quite simple. The technology uses electricity to determine the difference between conductive, air, and dielectric. And the sensors measure the difference and follow a course of action, i.e, start/stop the water. The same technology is used in smartphones where mini electric signals are sent to sensors that carry out different actions.

Do touch faucets have batteries?

Yes, touch faucets operate on batteries. While some model runs on 4 AA batteries, others need 6 AA batteries to function. Plus, many high-end models feature an integrated LED bar that indicates when you need to change the batteries. Inserting a battery pack is extremely easy. Besides, a standard battery pack lasts up to 2 years on regular use which is good enough for household use. And in case the battery runs out, you can always use the lever to turn the water on/off.

What is the difference between a Touch and a Touchless Faucets?

The tough decision while installing a new faucet is whether to go for a touch or a touchless one. Both of them hold their pros and cons which makes them a top choice among users. Below brief points will help you understand the differences better so you can finally pick the best model for your kitchen.

Touchless Faucets:

  • The motion-sensing technology activates water flow without having to touch anywhere on the faucet body
  • Touchless models usually have one sensor on the top but many models also offer dual sensors; one on the top and one on the front
  • The sensors can be either battery or AC adapter operated
  • Low to zero maintenance units as no direct hand contact is involved
  • Easy to turn the supply by waving a hand in front of sensors
  • A good quality touchless faucet cost anywhere between $300-$600

Touch Faucet

  • A touch sensing faucet requires a gentle touch anywhere on the unit body for activating water flow
  • The sensors are in-built so all you need is a good battery pack for flawless operation
  • Touch technology usually works on batteries but a few models offer an optional AC adapter
  • The water turns on/off by touching the faucet with fingers, wrist, or back of your hand
  • Low maintain required as touching the faucet body might leave some fingerprint marks
  • Good for households with kids and pets as water only flows on touch sensing
  • A good quality touch technology kitchen faucet ranges in between $300-$500

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Touch faucets are among the top choices of homeowners due to their high convenience. You can start or stop the flow without getting the faucet’s body messy even when both your hands are dirty. Also, people find touch activation more reliable than touchless as the flow only starts when you touch the unit’s surface. Easy to use, install, and reliable, upgrade your kitchen with the best touch faucet and ease your day-to-day kitchen activities.


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