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It is a fact that no matter how expensive your knife is, it will lose its sharpness with time on regular use. So it is a good idea to have a right whetstone or electric sharpener if you own a high-end knife set. However, sharpening a knife, again and again, scrapes the metal off. So you might like to store your kitchen knives safely to maintain its sharpness for a long time.

Sharp kitchen knives do need special storage. They are not something you would toss into your cutlery drawer as it can prove to be very dangerous. Many brands provide a wooden block to store all the blades safely. While you might not get proper storage if you buy only buy a single kitchen knife.

Thankfully, there are several ways to store kitchen knives. A safe and proper storage method will surely help to maintain the sharpness of your blade for a long time. It also reduces the requirement to sharpen the knife often. This holds the original shape of the blade that is both comfortable and convenient.

Ways To Store Knife To Keep Them Sharp

How to Store Knives to Keep Them Sharp

As we already said, there are many ways to store your expensive knives. Below are a few popular methods for knife storage. These methods are best to keep your blade sharp for a long while especially if you’re gonna use them daily. Go through them to decide which storage method suits you the best in terms of safety and prolong sharpness.

In-Drawer Knife Block – Safest

In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block

In-drawer knife storage is popular among parents. And why not, after all, it is the safest way to store your set of sharp knives. If you’ve curious kids or pets in your home that love to invade kitchen then go for in-drawer storage. Not only kids but these storage methods are also safe for you. There are fewer chances of accidentally cutting your finger while grabbing one of them.

The in-drawer is not like any regular kitchen drawer. It features special slot allotments for various types of kitchen knives. The craved slots on top make it easier to retrieve sharp serrated steak knives. While the angeled base keeps points sticking up out of the block. Every blade stays firmly in place and does not shoot out towards you even if the drawer is slammed.

Best For: Parents and Home chefs

Price: In-drawer knife blocks are not generally expensive. You can easily get a good quality standard unit that holds up to 12 knives under $30.

Child Safety: Good

Accessibility: Good

Easy to Clean? Not really

Our Best Choice – Noble Home & Chef – 12 Knives In-Drawer Block

Wall-mounted magnetic strips – Easy To Access

Modern Innovations 16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar

Do you own an expensive knife set? Then show off the blades safely by sticking them on a wall-mounted magnetic strip. Easy to install, magnetic strips are a favorite knife storage method of many. It hardly takes 10 minutes to install a wall-mount magnetic strip. Plus, they are easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe the shiny surface with a soft damp cloth and your strip will shine like you just bought it yesterday.

Easy access of blades makes them popular in busy kitchens. Chefs can easily grab the knives and stick them off when the work is done. Unlike in-drawer storage, where blades sit on the cutting edge, magnetic storage is more effective to maintain the sharpness of the kitchen knife for a long time(1). All you need to take care of is to stick the blade properly to prevent damage to the edge.

The blunt part or back of the blade goes first while you stick your kitchen knife. Go for the spine part rather than tip or base for flawless sticking. Also, hold the knife and pull it directly towards you instead of sliding it down. Apart from sticking knives, wall-mounted magnetic strips are great for holding scissors, beautiful magnets, etc.

Best For: Commercial kitchens and busy households

Price: Wall-mounted magnetic strip is a cheap knife storage solution. You can get a good quality magnetic knife holder under $20 that can hold up to 8 blades.

Child Safety: Poor; dangerous if your kid can climb up to the countertop and reach the magnetic block

Accessibility: Excellent

Easy to Clean? Yes

Our Top Pick – Modern Innovations – 16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar

Under the Cabinet

Under Cabinet Knife Block

Lack of countertop space? Not to worry as now you can store your expensive knives safely under the cabinet. This is a child-proof knife storage solution that hides away the sharp blades smartly. You can hassle-free work in your kitchen with kids or pets around as they will not be able to spot where the sharp tools are. They clear away counter-clutter both smartly and safely.

Under-cabinet storage comes in various styles. These include block under-cabinet knife block, rack stores, and magnetic strips. In our opinion, the under-cabinet magnetic knife rack is the best to store the sharp blades. They hold blades in such a way that cutting edge does not come in contact. As a result, it prolongs blade sharpness.

Desing of such products is ideal for small kitchens that lack countertop space. They beautifully keep blades out of sight and are easy to access. Plus, you can choose the best knife storage from various colors that match your kitchen style perfectly.

Best For: Parents, Small kitchens and RVs

Price: They are expensive as compared to the above two storage methods. A good quality under-cabinet knife storage featuring heavy-duty hinges will cost you around $100. But safety, easy-accessibility, and durability provide justice to the price.

Child Safety: Good

Accessibility: Satisfactory

Easy to Clean? Pretty difficult

Our Top Pick – The Drop Block – Under Cabinet Knife Block

Countertop knife blocks

Universal Knife Block

Countertop blocks are common knife storage methods. Each slot is meant to hold only a specific type of blade. This helps to organize blades. Plus, you can easily pullout a knife whenever you need one while cooking. Mostly, you’ll get a wooden block free with a knife set. And you can easily set the knives inside without looking at the user manual. The wooden blocks are sturdy and have a beautiful appearance that looks great on your kitchen countertop.

The knife blocks are available in several wooden materials. And acacia wood knife blocks are popular among the rest. This is because acacia wood is heavy which will not make the block slip or tip over while you pull out a blade. Also, it has a natural shine that blends well with many kitchen decors(2). Also, acacia wood is safe for blades as it helps to retain sharpness for a long time.

Best For: Home cooks and residential use

Price: They are a good cheap option for knife storage. Blocks keep blades well-organized which is perfect for countertop display.

Child Safety: Poor

Accessibility: Excellent

Easy to Clean? No

Our Best Choice – Shenzhen Knives – 20 Slot Universal Knife Block

If you love to cook or loves your chef job then here some of the best knives that you must have in your kitchen:


Storing knives properly does help to maintain their sharpness for a long while. And the best part is, you have different choices for storage. If you’ve pets or kids around, go for in-cabinet or under-cabinet knife storage. They help to keep the sharp tools out of sight. Plus, they’re a great way to save your countertop space.

Or there’s the countertop wood block to help you with proper blade placement. They’re great for display and are easy to grab while you’re busy cooking. The same goes for the magnetic block. Magnets are great to show off the entire knife plus they cause less damage to the sharp edge.

Bad storage practices will make the edge dull often. No doubt, you can sharpen the blade easily using an electric knife sharpener but in reality, it is not a good practice to sharpen the blade frequently. Both electric and manual sharpening scrapers off the bottom metal part change the shape of the blade over time. And once the knife loses its shape, it becomes really uncomfortable to work with it.

Instead of sharpening you can hone the blade. Honing does not remove the metal parts but realigns the blade making it razor-sharp. And most of the knife set includes a long honing tool for easy retouching at home. But you can avoid frequent honing and sharpening if you follow good maintenance practices. So, in short, it is important to store kitchen knives safely for their excellent long-lasting performance.


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