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Working in a tidy kitchen enhances mood while food prep or cooking. And to be honest, who doesn’t like to work in a well-organized kitchen? Any kitchen already comes with cabinets or wall shelves that are helpful to store cookware, drinkware, and small appliances. But let us agree on the fact that, somehow we get attracted to new kitchen items, buy them, but lack proper storage space. So we’ve picked the 5 best stackable shelf organizers for kitchen cabinets that will help you organize your kitchen space well.

Why is it important to organize your kitchen cabinets?

It is not possible to cook different recipes in the same pot or pans. So there are definitely going to be a few different sized pots and pans in your kitchen. And just like pans, there will be a number of tools, spatulas, turners, etc that helps in cooking. While there are special heavy-duty kitchen cabinets for storing pots and pans, there are a few daily use kitchen items that need proper storage.

And a good kitchen shelf organizer rack not only helps you keep the things in place but in reach so you can easily grab them while cooking or preparing food.

Secondly, you can save money by buying the same items twice or thrice. It is very easy to search for small tools and items when space is well arranged.

You can peek at what items are already stored in the kitchen cabinet which helps you make a better grocery shopping list. You exactly know what and how much to buy by a simple cabinet storage organization.

Best Stackable Kitchen Cabinet Organizers Review

Most importantly, tidy kitchen storage leaves a great impression on your guests. Everyone loves to lend a helping hand when things are easy to find even when it is not their own kitchen. Okay, enough of the reasons, it is now time to help you get the best kitchen cabinet shelf organizer through the reviews below.

Best Stackable Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

DecoBros Stackable Cabinet Shelf OrganizerS. SteelSet of 2 Check Price
SimpleHouseware Cabinet OrganizerS. SteelSet of 2 Check Price
DecoBros Stackable Cabinet OrganizerS. SteelSet of 2 Check Price
WOSOVO Stackable Cabinet Rack OrganizerS. Steel2 Packs Check Price
NEX Wood Kitchen Cabinet OrganizerBambooSet of 2 Check Price

1) DecoBros Expandable Stackable Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

DecoBros Expandable Stackable Kitchen Cabinet Shelf Organizer

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The problem with cheap kitchen cabinet organizers is, they are poorly built and bend down easily when you keep a plate or two on them. And you do not want to risk your beautiful dinner plates with such a cheap rack. But that does not mean you’ll have to spend a thick amount from your paycheck. If you’re on a budget search then DecoBros expandable stackable kitchen cabinets are the best.

Made from heavy-duty steel, the DecoBros stackable cabinet organizer is perfect for keeping your breakfast bowls, dishes, cans, etc. While there is no specific mention of how much weight a metal shelf can hold, you can worry-free stock each shelf up to 5 lbs.

Speaking of metal shelve, it comes in a pair of two where you can stack one shelf under another if not in use. Besides, the perforated top ensures all your expensive glassware sits securely in place without wobbling or shifting. You can use the unit either on the kitchen countertop or inside a large cabinet to keep heavy plates, bowls, or special coffee mugs.

Our Verdict

Plus Points:

  • Comes in a pair of 2 with a large shelf measuring 13.75″ L x 9.25″ D x 6.25″ H and a medium shelf measuring 12.5″ L x 8.5″ D x 5.75″ H
  • Best inexpensive stackable kitchen organizer
  • Elegant perforates design that holds all items in place
  • You get 2 color choices; silver and bronze
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Rubber protectors on legs
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty


  • Though there are rubber feet to prevent scratch, it lacks leveling feet to stabilize the unit on an uneven surface

2) SimpleHouseware Expandable & Stackable Kitchen Cabinet Shelf Organizer

SimpleHouseware Expandable Stackable Kitchen Cabinet and Counter Shelf Organizer

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Declutter your countertop/cabinet easily with SimpleHouseware expandable organizer. This heavy-duty metal shelf with relatively large perforated holes design is great for both counter or kitchen cabinet storage organization. Besides, you can either stock on the medium shelve on the top of the large one to keep all your daily use kitchen items in view.

Or you can align the shelves next to each other to store one-size cookie jars, coffee mugs, etc. The best part about SimpleHouseware metal storage shelves is, you get the same amount of space underneath for keeping miscellaneous things. You can keep small but daily use things like spices, towels, small bowls, plates, etc.

Do not like the exposed rubber feet? Then you might like the smart feet design of SimpleHouseware metal shelves that are less exposed but effective in protecting your wooden storage cabinet or expensive marble countertop from scratches. You can worry-free pick and put the bowls on the perforated top without worrying about ugly scratch marks on any surface.

Our Verdict

Plus Points:

  • Medium shelf: 11.25″ L x 7.9″ W x 5.4″ H; large shelf: 12.7″ L x 9″ W x 5.9″ W
  • Two silver perforated steel shelves that can either be stacked or aligned next to each other
  • Best rated kitchen cabinet storage shelves on amazon
  • Comes in 4 colors to blend with your kitchen decor perfectly
  • Smart rubber feet design
  • Lightweight and affordable


  • Sharp edges

3) DecoBros Stackable Kitchen Cabinet Organizer, Chrome

DecoBros Stackable Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

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While some like perforates top, some love wire storage shelves. And if you’re more towards the wire design then this product from DecoBros is perfect. The simple and thoughtful design of DecoBros wire kitchen shelf organizers is perfect for any kitchen. Heavy-duty steel construction along with a thick wire design is ideal for keeping large jars of peanut butter, Nutella, canned foods, etc.

The smart stacking design of the DecoBros chrome storage rack makes them worth buying. Both the units have similar dimensions with special curved loops on all 4 sides. This allows you to stack the metal wire rack securely over the other without worrying about wobbling or misalignment while putting or taking anything from the top.

In case you no longer need any of the racks, take advantage of its folding legs. The legs fold inside to turn the unit flat for safe and compact storage. Besides, all its edges are smooth and curvy which ensures your safety while folding or stacking the unit up.

Our Verdict

Plus Points:

  • Great cabinet shelf for storing plates, pan, dinnerware, mugs, etc
  • Comes in a pack of 2; both the unit measure 15″L x 8.75″ W x 5.5″ H
  • Foldable legs for compact storage when not needed
  • Flexible use; you can use the stackable metal wire shelves in the bathroom, pantry, or laundry room
  • Lightweight product; weighs only 14.4 ounces
  • No assembly needed, just unfold the legs and start organizing


  • It would be better if it came with a locking hinge design
  • Bended curves on the sides of the shelve reduce storage space

4) WOSOVO Stackable Cabinet Rack Organizer, 2 Pack

WOSOVO Expandable Stackable Cabinet Shelf Kitchen Counter Rack Organizer

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Say goodbye to your messy countertop with WosoVo Expandable and stackable cabinet shelf. These high-quality units are great for multipurpose use. You can use them on your countertop, kitchen island, bathroom, pantry, cabinets, laundry room, or any in any area where you need proper storage space.

Instead of a perforated or flat top, Wosovo features wire rack shelves with bonus plastic liners. You can lay the liners over the wire rack to store mini spice bottles. Besides, the plastic liners keep the fragile glass bottles, salt shakers, coffee mugs, etc in place. However, you can use the rack without liners if not needed.

Cheap spray lacquer is prone to chipping and rusting after a few months of use. But you need not have to worry about flaking or chipping with Wosovo metal stackable shelves as they feature electroplated coating. Such a coating remains chip-free, rust-resistant even after years of use.

Our Verdict

Plus Points:

  • Impressive weight capacity of up to 20 pounds per shelve
  • Comes with 10 rubber feet(2 for backup) to keep the unit steady in place
  • 2 plastic liners to avoid sliding
  • Comes in 2 basic colors, Bronze and Silver
  • You can use it as a kitchen plant rack to enhance the decor
  • No complex assembly; the unit is welded as a whole for durability and strength
  • Remove the 4 rubber feet before stacking the upper shelve for maximum support and minimal wobbling


  • Hard to find one

5) NEX Bamboo Kitchen Cabinet and Counter Shelf Organizer, Stackable

NEX Bamboo Kitchen Cabinet and Counter Shelf Organizer

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Upgrade the organization game with the Nex bamboo kitchen cabinet. These beautiful wooden storage shelves with metal legs are perfect for a wide variety of kitchen decors. The natural bamboo wood finish blends in easily with the existing wooden kitchen cabinets. Plus, it looks fabulous even if you use them on your countertop.

Just like metal units, you can also stack these bamboo kitchen cabinet shelves on top of each other. Thanks to the metal legs that remain steady and give you the confidence to keep fragile glass jars and glasses. Plus, the wooden edges are smooth and polished which adds to its aesthetics.

Apart from kitchen organization, the wooden shelves are perfect for decorations. You can use them while Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas decor. Besides, bamboo wood has a good weight holding capacity which makes it ideal to keep heavy ceramic plates and bowls.

Our Verdict

Plus Points:

  • Comes in a set of 2 with a low shelf measuring 11.7″ L x 7..2″ W x 5.3″ H and a high shelf measuring 11.7″ L x 7.2″ W x 6.1″ H
  • The surface is made of solid bamboo wood with smooth edges
  • Black powder-coated metal legs that blend in beautifully with natural bamboo wood
  • Stackable plus expandable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Multipurpose use; for storage, organization, decoration, etc


  • Small size for the price

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Working or cooking in a clutter-free space speeds up the cooking time as you can grab the things easily when neatly arranged(1). And no to mention, but there are thousands of kitchen storage racks and shelves available in the market that help with better organization.

And stackable kitchen shelf cabinet organizer is one of them. These stackable shelves are best for countertop or cabinet use as they allow you to keep heavy dinner plates, bowls, etc over them while still leaving space underneath for extra storage. So why wait long, get the best cabinet shelf organizer and organize your kitchen your way.


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