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Organizing a small kitchen without a pantry can be a hassle and a time taking process. But if you choose not to organize a kitchen without a pantry, the time it will take to cook will be increased dramatically.

The organization helps effective cooking as organizing a small kitchen helps you look for things quickly. On top of that, visually, your small kitchen will look way better if it is neatly organized. The kitchen is where your food is made, and keeping it hygienic will help you better care for your health as well.

Cleaning will be a breeze with an organized kitchen because after organizing, you will know where to things are and where cleaning is required more frequently than other parts of the kitchen.

How To Organize a Small Kitchen Without a Pantry

Lack of space is what makes organizing a small kitchen space difficult. All you must do is to be smart about how you utilize the limited space you have in your small kitchen without a pantry.

10 Ways to Organize Small Kitchen Without the Pantry

We will show you how to organize a small kitchen without a pantry. This is how: –

1) Impromptu Kitchen Pantry

Rolling Kitchen Cart

A rolling cart with wheels is what your new kitchen pantry can be. It provides additional space to place things and later be tucked away neatly into any corner you want it to. Even though they may look small, rolling carts can store tons of items on them and at the same time places them out of sight.

On top of that, they are cheap to purchase, and for the available prices, they provide a lot of value. Some even have hooks to hang your kitchen utensils, like a pan or a ladle. There are options for a rolling cart that has modular compartments, which take organizing to cart to another level as well.

Something Like These:

2) Container Sets

Container Set

Clear see-through container sets, made of either glass or plastic, come with various sizes of containers to accommodate items of all sizes. If done correctly, these containers can take your organization to a whole different league. They can be used to effectively use every inch of available space in cabinets.

Color-coded lids are also a variant that is available in the containers. Why color coded though? Color coding can help you divide and categorize ingredients of different types into different colors to help you easily identify and make it easier for you to reach, in the heat of the moment.


3) Bookshelves


Though bookshelves are made to hold books and décor related items, they can be repurposed into a kitchen storage shelf. Bookshelves already have multiple divisions built and some come with cabinets as well. Containers that need to be within reach, or even utensils that you often use, can be placed on this bookshelf to free up room from your kitchen itself.

Visually, they look great as well, so you do not have to worry about making them look neat and good, as they already do. They are also a very cheaper alternative to refurbishing your entire kitchen, which can cost a lot of money in carpentry work.

4) Mini Pantry

Mini Pantry

Cabinets that are already available in your kitchen can be used as miniature pantries. You can designate each cabinet for a certain category of things you want to place in them. Perishable food items can be placed into one cabinet while another cabinet can hold oils and other cooking essentials that pair well with oils.

Cabinets can vary in size and placement location in the kitchen, so heavier items like floor pack, sugar pack, and a salt pack of 5kgs can be placed in the lower cabinets away from the stove area, while oils and spices can be placed in the cabinets near the stove to make them more accessible while cooking.

5) Peg em’ up

Wall Control Kitchen Pegboard

Pegboards may be something new and undiscovered for some of you but they are one of the best modular kitchen accessories that you can purchase to add more usable storage space without taking out any floor space in the kitchen. Pegboards are like the thumbboards that you have seen in your school where banners and posters were placed.

A board that stays on the way like a whiteboard, has equidistant holes in it, where you can peg hooks, baskets, and even whole shelves if need be. A fully customizable storage option that you can remove whenever you want if there is no need for additional space anymore. They are also cheaper than buying additional cabinet spaces and allow for a fun customizing experience.

6) Use Wall Space

Wall Racks for Kitchen

If the idea of a pegboard does not sit well with you and you need something more permanent, mount shelves and use that free wall space. Shelves are easy to install and are sturdy to store a lot on top of them. They require additional labor to install them, but they sure are worth the extra effort.

Any free space in your kitchen wall can be used to mount small or large-sized shelves. Some also buy proper racks instead of getting individual shelves. Racks cover the whole wall and are not that hard to install. Additionally, you can combine both, racks, and small wall shelves to organize a small kitchen even better.

7) Drawers Also Need Organization

Cabinet Organizer

Organize drawers as well, because they are already installed into your kitchen space and there is no need to purchase or mount anything additional. They may look small but drawers have a lot of space you can work with and if your kitchen has drawers of multiple heights, you can find everything that can be accommodated in a specific drawer, and place them inside.

Bonus Tip: Use drawer organizers, which are essentially walls for your drawers to help separate things like knives from forks and spoons. It helps in finding things quickly while keeping everything within arm’s reach. And yes, do not forget to use every inch of those drawers to place something.

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8) Empty Your Kitchen

Empty Kitchen

Take a day off from work and set your mind to cleaning. Empty everything that your kitchen has to offer on the floor. Before you move into organizing, take a damp cloth or some mild soap water and clean your kitchen thoroughly to improve the neatness and the hygiene overall.

Now throw out anything that has not been used for years or is expired or has gone bad. Take inventory of what ingredients you are out of and add them to the shopping list for the next time you go grocery shopping. After that, place everything back to where it was and magically, there is some additional space that you have that you can work within your kitchen.

Great for those who do not want to change or add anything to their small kitchen space.

9) Use Kitchen Doors Organizer

Door Organizer for Kitchen

Door racks do wonders and add a ton of additional storage space to your kitchen. Door racks of all sizes can be placed in your kitchen. Cabinets can hook door racks on top of them and provide an additional level of storage without doing anything inside the cabinets themselves.

Door racks are like the magic wand that fix most of the problems that you face when you organize small kitchens. A thing to be careful of when using door racks on cabinet doors is the weight that you put on the cabinet doors. Do not load them so much that your cabinet doors fall off with the weight. Some cabinet doors can even tilt with the weight and not fit anymore.

10) Roof Baskets

Hanging Basket

Roof baskets are exactly what they sound like, they are baskets that hand from the room, allowing additional space without taking up any actual space on the floor. All you need to mount a roof basket is a sturdy ceiling that you can mount a hook to hang the roof basket.

Roof baskets are lightweight baskets that are made to handle small items with low weight, like pasta or rice. They can also be folded up and stored when there is no need to store something in them. Hanging baskets however are a permanent fixture to the ceiling and a hole in the ceiling should only be made when you have no option in terms of space in the kitchen.

Tips for keeping your Small Kitchen Always Tidy

  • Frequently cleaning your kitchen, drawer by drawer per day or everything in a single day, can help improve the overall cleanliness of your kitchen.
  • Place quality things outsize, like good-looking containers, on the open shelves or on the countertop, to make the small kitchen look tidy.
  • Shelf liners are your best friend, as using a shelf liner will make the clean-up job so much easier as you just need to replace the shelf liners.
  • Do not put wet dishes right away into the drawers. Let the freshly washed dishes dry up before placing them in the drawers.
  • Take out the trash regularly from your kitchen. Do not wait for the trash can to be full before you throw garbage out. It helps avoid bad odor to build you in your kitchen.
  • Clean what you use immediately and as you do. This will minimize the chances of missing a spot and causing ants or houseflies a chance to feed.
  • Your kitchen sink may not look dirty but it should be cleaned every week or even in three days if need be.

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Wrapping the Small Kitchen Organization Tips

No matter your kitchen is small or large, ultimately, it is a place where you make food, and a place where you make food should be kept organized and clean no matter what.

Hygiene should be the top priority and space management should come after a while you organize the kitchen without a pantry or even with the pantry.

FIFO is a must, First in First out. A huge help in preventing the expiration of food before you get a chance to use it.

Making sure to use the space effectively and using every inch, is crucial for organizing small kitchens. That is why we set out to provide you with this valuable information to help find unorthodox methods to better organize the kitchen without a pantry.


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