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How to Make Sparkling Water at Home

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People who have a taste for sparkling water find it difficult to switch to still water. And thanks to the distinguished popularity of seltzer water that is now easy to make at home. There are some famous homemade soda makers like SodaStream that lets you make fresh sparkling water at home with a simple push of a button. These inventions made it extremely easy to make soda water at home.

The main ingredient of any seltzer drink is CO2. Carbon dioxide gets infused in plain or flavored water under certain pressure. This gives a bubbly texture to the water which is commonly known as sparking or carbonated water. The convenient way to having a refreshing drink is to stock up your pantry with sparkling water. Then you can easily grab a drink anytime. But if you do not like the bitter taste of store-bought carbonated water or are afraid of added sugar in the drink then you should try making soda water at home.

How to Make Sparkling Water at Home

How to Make Carbonated Water at Home?

The easiest way to make seltzer water at home is either by using a SodaStream or a soda maker. These easy to use machines makes you fresh and refreshing fizzy liquid in a matter of minutes. Plus, the bubbles in the liquid are enough to make mild booze. Take a look below at the things you’ll need to make a refreshing bubbly drink in the comfort of your home.

1. Soda Siphon or Seltzer Bottle

Using a Soda Siphon maker is the cheapest way to make sparkling water at home. These units are usually small in size and hold nearly 1 liter of liquid. You can make up to 4 full glass chilled carbonated drinks at home easily.

You’ll Need:

  • Soda Siphon
  • CO2 chargers/NO2 chargers
  • Chilled water


  • Open the seltzer maker’s lid and add only chilled water to it. Do not add anything other than water as it increases the risk of bottle blast. So no experimenting with milk or other beverages.
  • On the opposite side of the liquid dispenser is the bottle spray head. And here goes the compatible CO2 or NO2 charger. Take a fresh CO2 canister and insert it in the cartridge holder. Perform this step carefully as the accidental press will release the carbon dioxide in the water before you’re ready to serve.
  • Once you’re ready to dd carbonated water in your drink simply screw the canister a bit more. You’ll hear the gas released from the charger. Wait for a few seconds for the gas to release properly.
  • Now it’s time to shake the seltzer bottle gently for a few seconds for the carbon dioxide to incorporate into the water perfectly. Do not throw the CO2 canisters away in the garbage as you can recycle them. Follow a good recycling method that cuts down landfills and helps the environment.
  • Press the lever on the side to dispense fresh homemade sparkling water in your glass. Or else you can refrigerate the bottle for 3-4 hours before serving. For that, you’ll need to remove the CO2 holder and replace it with the plain cap provided.

2. Soda Maker

Home soda maker machiners are perfect for soda lovers. They are a bit bulky as compared to Soda Siphon which is portable. If you love throwing parties at home then a sparkling water maker machine would be really helpful to make fresh and healthy carbonated water at home. SodaStream is the popular soda machine for homemade carbonated water.

You’ll Need:

  • Home sparkling water making machine
  • Compatible carbonating bottle
  • CO2 cartridge
  • Coldwater


  • Attach the new CO2 cartridge in the carbonated water machine by removing the seal from the cap and unscrew the cap. Then screw the carbonator tightly in the area provided. Do not use any of the tools to tighten the carbonator.
  • Then fill the bottle up to the full mark with cold water and insert it in the soda maker. There’s usually a snap-lock mechanism that ensures the bottle is perfectly fit. Again, you should not use any tools to tighten the bottle in place.
  • Now its time to carbonate still water by pressing the lever or block. Gently press the lever in small intervals. SodaStream black provides led light indicators on the front to let you decide the intensity of fizz. There are a total of 3 fizz levels to make carbonate water lightly or strong depending on the drink you wish to add the water in.
  • Take out the bottle from the machine and shake it gently before pouring it into the glasses. You can also add flavored syrup to improve the taste of this homemade sparkling water.

Is it Cheap to Make your Own Sparkling Water at Home?

Considering the cost of the machine and CO2 chargers we can say that is not cheap to make soda water at home. However, there is no big cost difference. Homemade soda made using SodaStream costs nearly around 0.80 cents more than store-bought ones. But on the bright side, a homemade carbonated drink is healthy and fresher than canned soda water. Also, it reduces plastic pollution if you love to drink soda a lot. The carbonating bottle that comes with the machine is reusable. Besides, you can easily make sparkling water at home in minutes and store it for at least 2-3 days in the fridge.

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Soda Siphon or SodaStream is the best and easy way to make carbonated water at home. These machines use CO2 or NO2 capsules that perfectly incorporated with regular water to provide a bubbly effect. Plus, they are easy to use. One simple press of a button and the carbon dioxide blend in still water. Besides, a large soda machine like SodaStream lets you choose the intensity of fizz. The machine is so easy to use that even your teenage kids can use it to make carbonated water when friends come over. So say hello to fresh sparkling water with the best-carbonated water making machine.

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