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The first juice of our life was mostly apple juice. It is refreshing, naturally sweet, and most importantly, full of nutrients. No wonder why parents always fed us apples when introduced to solid foods. And soon apple juice took a permanent place in many homes as the drink was an instant hit.

Not only among children but apple juice is the favorite of many adults. Yes, I know now you don’t have to go through all that frills to make apple juice as you can easily buy one at your nearest grocery store.

But hey! remember what your mama said, no packed food can beat the freshness of homemade one.

And here we are today to tell you about different ways of making apple juice at home. It doesn’t matter whether you have a juicer for home or not, you will be able to make tasty apple juice in your home effortlessly.

And since we are already talking about apple juice, let us first know about some great health benefits of drinking apple juice.

How to make Apple Juice (With & Without Juicer)

What are the Apple Juice Benefits

  • Red fruit contains a lot of health benefits. And the biggest one is its hydrating properties. One apple contains about 80-85% of water content. Therefore, it is a good source of hydration when planning a day out in sun.
  • Struggling with improper digestion? Then add an apple to your breakfast and see the problem go away. This is because apples are very rich in fiber which promotes gut health.
  • In addition to high water content and fiber, apples are a great source of essential vitamins and minerals. They contain adequate amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Potassium, and a trace amount of B vitamins.
  • All these vitamins and minerals help to heal a wound quickly, support the immune system, and benefit heart health.
  • Love that good glow on your face? Then you should eat an apple daily as the vitamin C content of the fruit supports skin health and adds glow over time.
  • Low-calorie count of apples makes them perfect to include in the weight loss diet.

Best Apples for Juicing

Best Apples for Juicing

I know all the apples look the same except some are dark in color and some are lightly shaded. And that’s where the difference lies.

I might not be a fruit expert but I can surely tell which apple to choose to make an apple drink that suits your taste the best. And that is what happens when you love apples so much and have tried juice of all its popular variants.

So the fruit is divided into two categories based on its taste, which is, sweet and tart. While children mostly like sweet apple juice, many adults prefer tarty flavor fruit juice.

And thankfully, many big grocery stores now contain different types of apples which you can select carefully to make great-tasting juice that hits your taste buds perfectly.

Sweet Apples:

1. Fuji: Easily available in grocery stores and market place, Fuji apples are a perfect pick to make apple juice at home. They are affordable, juicy, and taste sweet which makes them ideal to extract juice for instant summertime refreshment. Also, the Fuji variant has low acidic levels and an impressive shelf life.

2. Gala: I would suggest buying the Gala variety if you’re looking forward to making apple juice for kids. They are naturally sweet with a hint of vanilla. Also, the fruit looks round with beautiful red color and a few yellow stripes. It is crisp and holds its shape which makes the Gala variant ideal to add to sweet baked desserts.

3. HoneyCrisp: Apple sauce and delicious warm butter is well made with Honeycrisp apples. This is because this variety is high in both sugars and acidity. The name itself contains the word ‘crisp’ which definitely holds true for its texture. The crunchy texture and sweet taste of Honeycrisp are perfect for adding to salads, sandwiches, and burgers.

4. Sweetie: Okay this is a modern variant that might not be widely available in grocery stores. It is a cross between Braeburn and royal gala parent apples. Sweetie variety has a super-sweet flavor just like its name and a crispy texture. Many professional bakers use this variety of the make apple pies and tarts.

5. Red Delicious: This variant has a deep red color with only a few thin strips of yellow. It is more fleshy than juicy. While it might not be an ideal pick to make a large quantity of apple juice, it serves as a good snack to fill in hunger between meals.

6. McIntosh: Love that apple-cider flavor? Then you must definitely try the McIntosh variety to make a bold apple juice with the press. It is mildly sweet with rich water contact which is perfect to add in a juicer to extract the apple juice manually.

Tart Apples:

1. Granny Smith: These are green apples with a sour flavor. They have high liquid content and low sugar content naturally. Therefore, this variety is perfect for people who don’t enjoy the sweetness of fruits.

2. Braeburn: This variety is famous in New Zealand. Instead of rich sweetness, Braeburn fruits have a mild sweet-tarty flavor with a zest of nutmeg. You can easily grow this variety in your backyard.

3. Golden Delicious: Possessing a sweet honey smell, Golden Delicious fruits are slightly tart but not bitter. You can easily spot them from the rest of the apples due to their color. Besides, they are good to enjoy raw or add in salads or puddings.

4. Pink Lady: Want to enjoy a tarty juice having a good color? Then you might like pink lady fruits. They have a firm texture and good water content with a little bit of high natural sugars.

Making Apple Juice

How to Make Apple Juice with a Juicer

If you already own a good quality slow masticating juicer then making apple juice at home is a breeze. All you need to do is pick the right variety of fruits as per your taste and wash them thoroughly.

  • If you notice wax on apples then it is best to remove the wax before consuming them. You can either dip the apples in hot water for 5 minutes or use vinegar to wipe and wash the fruits. This will help you get rid of wax on fruits.
  • Wipe and chop apples such that they easily pass through your juicer chute. (Optional – You can also peel the apples before juicing but it won’t make any big difference as the juicer does all the processing and filtering.)
  • Feed the apple chunks into your juice chute and you can see fresh juice extraction in the juicer jar.
  • You can use the leftover fruit juice pulp to add to smoothies, popsicles, baked desserts, etc.

How to make Apple Juice without Juicer

Not to worry if you don’t have a juicer in your kitchen. You can manually extract apple juice at home. But let me warn you, the machine-free juice extraction method is going to be a bit messy and time-consuming. But it would be worth it when you get to enjoy a fresh refreshing glass.

  • Wash the apples thoroughly and wipe them dry with a towel.
  • Hold an apple at a time and grate it over using a muslin cloth lined on a large bowl.
  • Pull the muslin cloth together and extract apple juice. Twist, turn, and squeeze the muslin cloth to extract the maximum juice possible.
  • Transfer the juice to the glass and enjoy it.

Apple Juice Variation That You Can Try

Apple Juice Variation

Having plain apple juice every day or every time can get quite boring. And luckily there are a lot of ingredients you can pair with apples to make the drink more interesting. You can even make spicy apple drinks by adding certain ingredients. Below are some famous and simple apple juice variations you can try.

Apple Ginger Juice: Give a spicy twist to your regular sweet apple juice by adding an inch of ginger. Along with adding spiciness to the drink, ginger will also increase its nutritional value.

Apple Carrot Juice: Pair sweet apples with 2-3 carrots to reduce the extra sweetness of the drink. This is a healthy drink for kids who hate to eat carrots.

Apple Orange Juice: This drink is common in many juice shops and fine dining restaurants. You’ll get to experience both sweet and tarty tastes. You can also add a small piece of ginger for a spicy hint.

Similarly, you can try out a lot of apple juice combinations with other fruits and vegetables.

The citrus juices are an excellent complimentary juice you can add to the mix of them. Get your hands on some really nice citrus juicer and extract the juice of lemon or oranges which would add an amazing sour hint to the apple juice.

Bottom Line

It is best to drink apple juice fresh rather than leaving it to consume later. This is because they oxidize quickly and might lose their fresh flavor and aroma. And now that you know different ways to make apple juice, one sure thing is, to consume it instantly.

A juicer is a great investment if you love to drink juices regularly. They yield maximum juice from fruits in less time and create less mess.

However, there is no harm in manual extraction as long as you’ve time and energy to make it. Phew! manual juice extraction really is an exercise.

Hope this article helped you learn something useful.