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Storage space is the main concern of people with small and medium-sized kitchens. However, even a large kitchen space feel limited when there are too many coffee mugs, plates, and other crockeries to store. And you cannot store these items away in the garage or basement. So instead, get the best kitchen storage cabinet. Kitchen carts are ideal to store stuff in an organized manner. Not only do they help with storage, but a freestanding storage cabinet also helps with kitchen decor.

If you move to any new apartment or home, they do provide basic cupboards and cabinets. But sometimes, either these cabinets are flimsy or the wood wears out. Such flimsy or loose cabinets let dirt and moisture inside the shelves which can affect pantry items or other expensive stuff. While they are perfect for storing everyday items like coffee mugs and plates, get a good quality kitchen cabinet for a long shelf life of grocery items.

Kitchen storage cabinets come in various shapes and sizes. And this is the reason behind their versatile use. For example, a tall kitchen cabinet with a glass door is ideal for displaying your expensive plate or teapot collection while a small kitchen island cart utilizes the extra floor space effectively by enhancing the beauty as well as providing storage space.

As you go through the kitchen storage solutions below, you’ll see the best of different types of materials. Each material holds its own specialty. And everyone has their own way of redoing kitchen space. So we’ve picked the 5 best storage cabinets that will help you with different storage needs.

Best Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Best Storage Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Prepac Elite 32" Storage CabinetEngineered Wood65 Inch Check Price
Liberty Black Kitchen CartHardwood Solids36 Inch Check Price
Metal Storage Cabinet -Lockable DoorsSteel (Metal)71 Inch Check Price
Winsome Wood Kitchen CabinetSolid Beachwood35 Inch Check Price
YAHEETECH Wall Mount CabinetWood + Metal23.5 Inch Check Price

1) Prepac Elite 32″ Storage Cabinet, Elite 32″ Storage Cabinet, Light Gray

Prepac Elite 32 Storage Cabinet

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A tall 32-inch storage cabinet like Prepac Elite is perfect for different storage needs. It features 3 shelves with 1 fixed and 2 adjustable shelves to organize all your groceries and kitchen tools perfectly. While the middle shelf is fixed, you can adjust the top and bottom shelves to 6 positions. All the shelves are made of solid engineers wood with 25 lbs weight capacity each. In addition to good weight capacity, the shelves are 16-inch deep that lets you store large plates, electric appliances, pots, and pans.

Prepac Elite includes components hardware for easy assembly of the tall wooden storage cabinet. It comes with screws, nails, cams, and bolt of the matching color to the main unit. To put parts together perfectly, you’ll need some basic household tools like Philips head, hammer, and flathead. It is basically an RTA(Ready-To-Assemble) home furniture that is extremely easy to put together. Before you begin assembly, make sure to wipe clean all the parts with a dry cloth to get rid of dirt and wooden debris, if present.

Our Verdict


  • Manufactured in Canada and meets all North American safety standards
  • Ships ready to assemble with an instruction booklet and matching hardware components
  • It is a tall multipurpose cabinet that is best for kitchen storage, bedroom, laundry room, etc
  • High-quality, European style 6-way adjustable metal hinges
  • The 32-inch cabinet comes in two colors, espresso, and light gray, with both of them including metal hardware
  • 16-inch deep shelves accommodate a variety of household stuff
  • Constructed from non-toxic, CARB-2 compliant laminated composite woods with sturdy MDF backer


  • It would be better if it came in white color also

Key Features:

  • 16 L x 32 W x 65 H inches
  • 6-way adjustable hinges
  • 1 fixed & 2 adjustable shelves
  • Solid MDF doors
  • Brushed metal handles
  • 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Weighs 113.8 pounds

2) Liberty Black Kitchen Cart with Wood Top by Home Styles

Home Styles Liberty Kitchen Cart with Wood Top

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Utilize the extra kitchen space in your home smartly by placing Liberty black kitchen cart. This small yet functional portable island is perfect for contemporary and modern kitchens. Constructed of hardwood solids and engineered wood, the unit is made to match kitchen decor and meet the storage requirements at the same time. It features one large cabinet with 2 adjustable shelves. The shelves offer good weight carrying capacity to easily hold a number of plates, bowls, and mugs. On the side of the cabinet, are three storage drawers. These pull-out cabinet drawers are perfect for storing silverware, foil paper, etc.

In addition to a cabinet and 3 drawers, Home Styles 4510-95 small portable kitchen island features a towel bar and a spice rack on sides. This is great for holding regular use of spices and paper towels. You can easily grab the spices to season your bowl of salad, lunch, or dinner. You can also choose not to attach a spice rack on the side in case your kitchen already provides a dedicated spice space. The hardwood storage cabinet is finished with a solid rubberwood top. The top is shiny and light in color with a fold-down leaf design. You can easily fold up the leaf and convert the mini kitchen island into a prep station.

Our Verdict


  • Best rated portable island for kitchen with natural solid wood top
  • Durable brushed nickel hardware
  • Pull up the drop leaf to use it as a breakfast counter
  • Comes in two prominent colors, black and white
  • Two casters lock in place to let you work freely over the wooden counter
  • Option to fix towel bar and spice rack on the side for easy everyday access
  • Clear instructions help to assemble the kitchen cart easily
  • Magnets on the top of the door keep them locked tightly in place


  • None so far

Key Features:

  • 53.5 W x 18 D x 36 H inches
  • Hardwood solids and engineered wood
  • Natural rubberwood top
  • 2 adjustable shelves
  • 3 storage drawers
  • 4 smooth-glide castor wheels
  • Weighs 134 pounds

3) Tall Metal Storage Cabinet For Kitchen with Lockable Doors and Adjustable Shelves

Storage Cabinets with Doors and Shelves

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If you’re tired of wooden furniture starting to chip or wear out after a couple of years then give the metal cabinet a try. It requires less maintenance than a wooden storage cabinet and is better in terms of longevity. The Fedmax 71-inch tall storage cabinet is made of high-quality steel with galvanized steel handles. The sides, back, doors, and all 5 shelves are made of high-quality steel. While the bottom shelf remains stationary you can adjust the top 4 shelves. Besides, each of the five shelves is rated for 180 lbs.

This locking storage cabinet is ideal for parents who want to limit the sugar intake of their kids. You can keep the candies, sugar pops, and favorite food of your kid in them without the fear of them invading the stuff at night. Also, each metal storage cabinet comes with a unique lockset that is already pre-installed on the door. Fedmax provides a spare key in case you lose the original one. While the lockset comes pre-installed, you need to put the rest of the metal furniture together. But assembling it is no big deal, thanks to the clear instructions.

Our Verdict


  • Each of the 5 shelves offers an impressive 180 lbs weight capacity, allowing for a total of 900 lbs capacity
  • Best heavy-duty kitchen storage cabinet for storing sack of grains, rice, pulses, and other heavy electric appliances
  • You can either adjust the height of shelves or completely remove the top 4 shelves
  • Unique leg levelers help with proper balancing of the unit on an uneven surface
  • The metal cabinet comes in silver and black door
  • Pre-installed lock with 2 keys


  • Using hand tools takes longer to assemble the product. However, you need to be careful while using power tools as it can damage the metal sheet

Key Features:

  • 70.86″ H x 31.5″ W x 15.75″ D
  • 4 adjustable shelves
  • 1 fixed shelf
  • High-quality steel construction
  • Galvanized steel handle
  • Pre-installed lockset
  • 1-year warranty
  • Weighs 105 pounds

4) Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Storage Cart, Natural

Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Storage Cart

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A small kitchen does not mean you cannot have your little island. Winsome wood kitchen cart with drawer is perfect for small and medium-sized kitchens. This compact rolling cart is ideal to keep in the center of the kitchen and use it as a mini island. The solid Beachwood cart provides a handy food prep surface and storage cart all in one. So in short, more than one person can work in a small space conveniently without bumping into each other to grab things. You can also refinish the Beachwood exterior, but doing so will void the warranty.

In addition to a smooth prep top, the small kitchen cart features a towel rail on the side. You can either hang a kitchen cloth or paper towels on the rail. This helps you with everyday kitchen cleaning tasks. Thanks to four smooth-rolling casters that help you move the small kitchen island easily. Two out of four casters are lockable that keeps the unit steady while you access the drawer or work on the station. Below the large slide-out drawer is a large 2-door cabinet with a shelf for storing miscellaneous kitchen stuff.

Our Verdict


  • Good quality wooden kitchen cart with wheels
  • Roomy top counter offers a good area for food prep
  • 7.5-inch top shelf clearance lets you store tall bottles, vases, glasses, etc
  • Smooth-rolling casters provide the cart with high mobility
  • Open cabinet behind the door with two removable slatted shelves
  • You can also use it as a microwave cart
  • Large handles let you move the cart freely around the kitchen


  • Single color only
  • The pullout drawer needs some muscle to pull it out as there are no gliders

Key Features:

  • 26.9″ W x 18.2″ D x 34.3″ H
  • Solid Beachwood construction
  • Pull out drawer
  • 4 casters
  • 1 large cabinet
  • 2 slated shelves
  • Weighs 54 pounds

5) YAHEETECH Wall Mount Cabinet with Adjustable Shelf

YAHEETECH Wall Mount Cabinet

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It is not necessary that a storage cabinet must only take up floor space. If there’s an empty wall in your kitchen or a room for a small piece of furniture then install the Yaheetech wall mount cabinet. Made with good quality P2 MDF material, this white wall kitchen cabinet blends well with a variety of kitchen decors. And thanks to the white coat that lets you repaint the furniture the same color as the rest of the furniture. While the base, bottom, and doors are made of hardwood, the metal hardware completes the furniture.

Just like kitchen carts and portable islands, this wall kitchen cabinet also comes with all the hardware, in this case, for wall mounting. Besides the included hardware, you’ll need a marker and power drill to fix the unit firmly in place. The unit includes 1 shelf that can be adjusted to 3 positions. The 3 pairs of holes let you adjust shelf distance conveniently to store short or tall items accordingly. No matter where you position the shelf the doors of the cabinet locks securely in place without much gap.

Our Verdict


  • Best wall-mounted storage cabinet for different areas of your home including kitchen, bathroom, garage, etc
  • The sturdy P2 MDF material is waterproof and moistureproof
  • NC painted for long-lasting performance
  • Streamlined aluminum handles along with high-quality metal hinges
  • Internal shelf adjustable to 3 different levels
  • 33.1 lb is the max weight capacity of the bottom and middle shelf with a total load capacity of 66.1 lbs


  • The shelves are not very deep

Key Features:

  • 23.4″ L x 12.2″ W x 23.5″ H
  • Safe p2 MDF material
  • 1 adjustable shelf
  • Metal handle and hinges
  • 2-tier cabinet
  • Weighs 55.6 pounds

How to select the best storage cabinet for your kitchen?

A good looking product must not be highly functional. But if you choose a functional unit, it will not only ease your work but also last for years. And below are some important features to check before buying a storage cabinet for the kitchen.

Built Material: As you must have seen by now that a storage cabinet comes in materials. And steel, engineered wood, and hardwood are some of the famous construction materials. Each one of them holds their perks and cons. But in general, people prefer a wooden kitchen cabinet over metal ones, as they match with the existing furniture as well as it blends well with the decor. Also, you can easily repaint the wooden furniture.

Dimension: Just like built material, kitchen storage shelves come in different shapes. So you need to check the dimensions carefully before hitting the buy now button. Measure the floor space where you need to place the furniture and then check out the dimensions of the product twice. A proper measurement ensures you will not have to go through the struggle of returning the product back.

Storage Capacity: The main purpose of a kitchen storage cabinet is to get some extra storage space. Go for a tall cabinet if there are a lot of small and medium electric appliances. On the other hand, a small kitchen island will serve the purpose of both island and extra storage.

Number of Compartments: Shelves or call it compartments are common in every kitchen storage cabinet. However, the number of shelves changes according to the height and design of the cabinet. A kitchen cabinet with more shelves and short clearance is best to store coffee mugs and plates. While a cart with cabinets and limited shelves is great for storing large pantry items.

How much does it cost to build a kitchen storage cabinet?

DIY projects are taking over nowadays and people prefer to build their own furniture rather than settling for readymade. However, it is important to consider the cost of building a kitchen storage cabinet at home from scratch as you might need the raw material along with matching hardware. If you’re planning a DIY kitchen island or storage cabinet then it will need the following things,

  • Furniture wood(engineered/teakwood/other)
  • Tools and machine(to cut and shape wood)
  • Metal hardware(handle, hinges, etc)
  • Level legs(for the island and floor furniture)
  • Power tool kit
  • Safety gears

But if you do not plan on making the kitchen storage cabinet from scratch then approach the nearby IKEA store. If you’re lucky, you can find a simple cabinet box in between $30-$50 dollars. You can pick them out and begin your DIY project by refurbishing and spray painting. Here, you’ll not need heavy wood cutting and shaping machinery. Overall, it will cost you less than $100 to build a simple kitchen island or cabinet. But the cost rises with a rise in the number of cabinets and the quality of wood used.

Organization Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers

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If you take account of plates, mugs, appliances, and tools in your kitchen, you’ll see how much stuff do you own. And a good organization of these items is a must as then you’ll not be able to find the item you need to most in need. Not to worry if all your wall units and down cabinet are full as you can always opt for a freestanding kitchen cabinet. They are one of the best storage solutions for proper organization and storage of everyday need kitchen items.


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