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The main reason to install an exhaust fan is to achieve proper ventilation. You might not feel the need for such products if your kitchen has high ceilings and large windows. But things might get a little nasty when you’re cooking in a small kitchen with no proper window placement. This leads to the accumulation of grease and smoke in the kitchen which is not really a comfortable environment to cook. So the solution is to get the best exhaust fan for the kitchen window.

With the concept of micro-living taking over, there is barely space to items in a room. While you might not find space to install a bulky range hood, there’s always room for a small exhaust fan. These small ventilators fit conveniently in a small space without going through the long process of drilling and assembly.

But do not let the small size of fans confuse you with effectiveness. Though they might be not as powerful as a range hood, a good quality kitchen ventilator fan will effectively remove smoke and odors. Plus, they are a lot easier to install. There are a few features like fan speed, blade length, etc to keep in mind before hitting the buy now button to get the best of an exhaust fan. You’ll get to know about features as you check down the kitchen exhaust fan reviews below.

Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen Window

Best Kitchen Window Exhaust Fan

ProductsFan SizeCFMPrice
Broan-Nutone 512M Ventilation Fan6-10 Inch70-270 CFM Check Price
Genesis Twin Window Fan9 Inch220 CFM Check Price
Broan 509 Through-Wall Fan8 Inch180 CFM Check Price
Hon&Guan Kitchen Exhaust Fan6 Inch170CFM Check Price
CC Portable Twin Window Fan9 Inch150 CFM Check Price

1) Broan-Nutone 512M Through-the-Wall Ventilation Fan

Broan-Nutone 512M Through-the-Wall Ventilation Fan

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Now you can fry wings in your small kitchen without smoke and grease interfering. Broan-Nutone through-the-wall ventilation fan with 70 CFM is ideal for a kitchen that needs effective ventilation. Its 6-inch blades rotate at a high speed to remove cooking fumes and smokes in a short time. This small unit is highly functional and lightweight which means you’ll not need an army for installation. Also, it is a wall ventilator fan that will not require you to do much drilling. The Broan-Nutone 512M is easily installed through a wall measuring between 5-1/4 inches and 10-inch thick.

All necessary parts come along with the 6-inch kitchen exhaust fan. This includes a 6-inch diameter flexible aluminum duct, grills, and housing. The spin-on installation eases the installation of the polymeric grill. You can repaint the white grill to the color of your decor easily. And to keep birds and rodents from entering via grill, Broan features an integral bird screen. If you’ve already chosen a location then it will barely take you 30 minutes to install Broan wall ventilation fan.

Our Verdict

Key Features:

  • 70 CFM
  • Permanently lubricated motor
  • Steel housing
  • Built-in damper
  • Round-shape white polymeric grills
  • 1-year limited warranty

Why Broan-Nutone 512M is worth buying?

  • Operates on 70 CFM with 3.5 sone rating that makes minimal noise while on
  • Best ventilator fan for small rooms, kitchens, offices, etc
  • The white grills are paintable to blend with your home exterior
  • Polymeric fan blade ensures quick ventilation
  • UL listed to use over bathtubs and showers when connected to a GFCI circuit
  • Includes 6-inch flexible duct for proper installation

2) Genesis Twin Window Fan with 9 Inch Blades – High-Velocity Reversible AirFlow Fan

Genesis Twin Window Fan with 9 Inch Blades

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Certain regions do not allow the use of wall ventilators due to their strict policy. But then there’s always an option to go for window ventilation. The Genesis twin window fan for kitchen with 9-inch blades is powerful enough to remove cooking fumes, smoke, and odor in seconds. With its 3 speed settings, you can choose a comfort level speed according to the recipe your making. For example, frying food generates more smoke which requires high speed for venting while low level works well for sauteing and simmering. Simple press the button on the front panel to change the speed settings.

If your kitchen windows are wide then not to worry as Genesis window fan comes with expandable side panels. Both the sides of fan have side panels that can pull up to 6.5 inches on either side. You can select a sweet spot for proper ventilation and lock the panels in place to fit the openings of windows up to 37 inches wide. If not on the window, then attach the 2 removable legs and use it as a freestanding fan on the counter, ledge, or floor. There’s a built-in handle on the back that lets you carry and locate the dual exhaust fan conveniently.

Our Verdict

Key Features:

  • 3-speed settings
  • Built-in thermostat
  • LED lights
  • 9-inch fan heads
  • Expandable side panels
  • Reversible airflow fan
  • 1-year warranty

Why buy the Genesis twin window fan?

  • Highly versatile fan with a built-in handle works as a great household fan, bedroom, and kitchen fan
  • You can either install it in a wide window or use as a freestanding fan with its 2 removable legs
  • Features an adjustable thermostat(60º-80º) with LED light indicators
  • Dual fans with an individual copper motor that is durable and safe to use all year round
  • Best rated window fan with exhaust and intake
  • ETL approved product for user safety

3) Broan 509 Through-Wall Fan, 180 CFM 7.5 Sones, White Square Plastic Grille

Broan-NuTone 509 Through-the-Wall Ventilation Fan

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People living in small apartments understand how difficult it can be to make a simple breakfast with a lack of proper ventilation. And if your kitchen does not have large windows then not to worry as you can utilize the kitchen walls. Broan 509 through-the-wall fan works excellent for small spaces. With 180 CFM ventilating power, this mini yet powerful fan can effectively clear out smoke and fumes from a small kitchen. Broan 509 is designed to fit walls from 4.5 to 9.5 inches thick. Speaking of installation, the Broan wall exhaust fan is extremely easy to install as it comes with main accessories.

Just like Broan-Nutone 512M, this small exhaust fan also features a white polymeric grille that can be painted to match any decor. However, the device requires a wiring installation to a wall switch. Choose a wall near to switch or wall wiring for flawless operation. On the other side, you’ll never experience glitches with Broan 509 like cheap exhaust fans. This is because its plug-in motor is permanently lubricated and thermally protected. In short, it will not need much maintenance once you installed the wall unit properly.

Our Verdict

Key Features:

  • 180 CFM
  • 6.5 Sone rating
  • Built-in damper
  • Polymeric fan blade
  • 8-inch blades
  • 1-year warranty

Highlights of Broan 509:

  • Effectively reduces humidity and odors from a room measuring up to 170 sq ft
  • Best kitchen exhaust fan under $50 with backdraft dampers
  • Permentanly lubricated and thermally protected motor for long hours of use
  • Accessorize the unit with a wall switch or variable speed wall control for best output
  • Perfect for bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen, and small workshops
  • Rugged steel housing with a modern profile on outer weather hood
  • Easy ‘twist-lock’ installation

4) Hon&Guan 6 Inches Kitchen Ventilation Fan – Strong Exhaust (Energy-saving)

HonandGuan Kitchen Ventilation Fan

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Accumulation of grease is common on kitchen walls if you cook regularly at home. However, the grease spreads easily to walls and cabinets if there are no windows or vents. But you can prevent a greasy cooking atmosphere by installing a good quality exhaust fan for a kitchen like Hon&Guan. This 6-inch wall mount fan with 170 CFM is ideal for ventilation in small kitchen spaces. For the price, it gets the work done excellently. But do not let the inexpensive price tag of the product confuse you with its built-up quality. In fact, it is one of the best deals on exhaust fan considering the price.

Unlike setting for cheap materials, Hon&Guan uses quality construction materials. It features a frame and blade made of superior UV-resistant durable ABS plastic. Not only do they show a great heat resistant but are also waterproof. Besides, the built-in copper motor with thermal protection can work continuously for long hours. You can keep the device for as long as you cook without the fear of motor burning. Also, no need to worry about the design of the device as this modern wall ventilation fan easily mixes with a variety of bathrooms, kitchen, and office decors.

Our Verdict

Key Features:

  • 170 CFM
  • Built-in copper motor
  • 295 m³/h airflow
  • 110 V
  • Backdraft shutter

What makes the Hon&Guan 6-inch exhaust fan worth buying?

  • 7-blade fan for effective and quick ventilation
  • Suitable for either ceiling mounting or wall installation
  • Low motor power prevents motor overheating
  • Ultra thing front panel that blends perfectly with modern room decors
  • High-quality ABS plastic is durable, anti-UV, and easy to clean
  • Lightweight pure copper motor with good heat dissipation
  • Backdraft shutter prevents insects from flying into the house

5) Comfort Zone CZ319WT 9-inch Twin Window Fan with Manual Reversible Airflow Control

CCC Comfort Zone, 9 Portable Twin Window Fan

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The main problem with many window fans is, they let the hot or cold air in via dampers when the fan is not in use. And this clearly defines the purpose of installing a kitchen vent fan. But thanks to a removable fabric cover on the front of the unit that prevents debris, dust, and even tiny bugs from entering in. In addition to bug protection, the fabric also prevents hot air from entering your home when the fan is not in use. You can easily take out the fabric, wash and fix it again multiple times before it wears out.

Comfort Zone CZ319WT features a twin window fan with reversible airflow control. Having two fans instead of one draws out hot and greasy air quickly. Similar to many window models, this unit also comes with auto-locking expanders. The white expanders can expand between 22-1/4″ to 33″ for a snug fit. Besides, a dial control on the top lets you switch from 2-speed levels easily. Or you can take advantage of manual reversible function to draw cool and fresh air into your home. Either way, this 9-inch exhaust fan for the kitchen is great for places with bad vent.

Our Verdict

Key Features:

  • 2-speed controls
  • Auto-locking expanders
  • Manual reversible function
  • Twin blade
  • 9-inch blade

Why buy Comfort Zone CZ319WT Twin Window Fan?

  • Removable fabric cover protects against bugs, dust, dirt, and debris
  • Twin blade ventilates area quickly as compared to single blade
  • Removable legs and an in-built carrying handle lets you move the device around conveniently
  • Auto-locking expanders help to fit the unit properly to the window
  • Simply adjust the dial knob on the front to choose a comfy fan speed
  • Includes a feet clip to use it on the tabletop.

Is an exhaust fan the same as a ventilation fan?

We often use a ventilation fan instead of exhaust and that is completely fine. They are just two different words with one work, i.e, ventilation. While you can use the term natural ventilation for spaces with large windows that can gather you fresh air without any electric force, then there’s power exhaust ventilation that uses a small electric fan to maintain proper ventilation. So say it is either exhaust or ventilation, a well-vented area is far better than closed 4 walls.

How do you install an exhaust fan in a window?

By the size of an exhaust fan, you can say it is easy to install all by yourself. And that is completely true, it is a great DIY project if you have the right tools and accessories by side. While many brands already include matching accessories, you might want to keep a basic household toolbox nearby in case(1).

There are two types of exhaust fans, wall-mounted, and window exhaust. Window ventilation is much easier to install than a wall-mounted ventilator fan if you do not have a hole already. Before buying a through-the-wall unit make sure to check your building policies, whether they allow the use or not.

Installing a Wall-Mounted Exhaust Fan:

You’ll Need:

  • Glass Glue
  • Screws


  • Select a good-quality ventilation fan that matches the existing hole in the wall.
  • Now grab some glass glue and begin fixing the unit with dampers out and fan side in.
  • Loosen the panel’s screws to disassemble it.
  • Now try to insert the base of the exhaust fan into the hole, and make the screw position mark.
  • Bore a hole in the market area and drill down screws, followed by plastic stoppers
  • Insert the base of the exhaust fan into the hole and lock the screws

Installing Kitchen Window Exhaust Fan:

You’ll Need:

  • Expandable side panels


  • There’s not much drilling needed with window ventilation. Simply place the unit on the window and stretch out the side panels. Most window vent includes side panels for convenient installation.
  • Once you find a sweet spot, lock the panels in place, plug in the unit, and your vent is ready for use.
  • You can also take off the side panels and use the window exhaust on a tabletop or other flat surfaces.

Where should a kitchen exhaust fan be installed?

Exhaust fans usually go on the sidewall of the kitchen with open space on the other side. This is because the dampers of ventilation fans sit in an open space for proper air circulation(2). Also, the position of the fan should be higher. Keep at least 12 inches of the gap from the ceiling.

You’ll not need to change the filters of a ventilation fan like a range hood as there aren’t any. However, over time, the grease and dirt will accumulate over the fan which is extremely easy to clean by taking its part off. The game is to select a proper location and you’ll see how effectively a tiny fan can remove smoke and cooking odors.

How much does it cost to install a kitchen exhaust fan?

Kitchen exhaust fans are inexpensive and cost you hardly $50 for proper installation. Provided the hole is already in the wall and you need to install a through-the-wall unit, you just need some screws. You can finish installing a wall kitchen fan in less than 30 minutes and under 50 dollars.

Then again, it depends on the type of model you choose. A unit with a thermostat, LED lights, and an energy-star rating will be more expensive. They cost nearly $100 dollars but are worth buying if you need more features. Then there are models with dual fans that effectively draw out hot and smokey air from the room. Twin exhaust fans cost between $30-$150 depending upon the functions you settle for.

So in short, the main cost of installing a kitchen exhaust fan is the unit itself(3). Then all it takes is a power drill and screws for the damper fixture that can be done in minutes.

How do you clean an oily kitchen exhaust fan?

Kitchen exhaust fans not only remove moisture from the space but also eliminate odors, fumes, and smoke. So it is natural for the unit to develop a layer of grease over time. And it is also important to clean the greasy exhaust fan before the grease layers up. A clean fan will not only look beautiful in your kitchen but also reduce the fire hazard. Thanks to the simple design of these units make them easy to clean.

You’ll Need:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Sponge/soft scrubber
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Baking Soda(optional)
  • Toothbrush


  • Remove the front panel of the unit, followed by fan blades, and soak them in the liquid solution for a few minutes.
  • Now grab the sponge/soft scrubber and gently wash the front panel and fan blades.
  • Do not soak any parts with electric wiring or motor. You can clean them with a dry microfiber cloth.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to get the grease off from the blades. In this case, you can directly pour a few drops of dishwashing liquid on blades and clean them. If this is not doing the trick, then try sprinkling a generous amount of baking soda.
  • Dip the toothbrush in hot water and scrub the blades.
  • Dampers are not removable so you will have to take a little effort to clean them. Just dip your soft scrubber in the dishwashing solution and scrub the parts you can reach easily. Follow the same on the backside. Then clean them off with water at least 2 times to ensure all the liquid is off.
  • Similarly, rinse the plastic front panels and fan blades with running water. You can either let them air dry or use a microfiber cloth or paper towels for immediate drying. Let the parts dry completely before you attach the fan again.

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So now that you know how effective a small exhaust fan can be in the removal of smoke and odor, why not give it a try in your small room with a lack of ventilation. These units are extremely easy to install, energy-savers, and most importantly, low on maintenance. Select a unit with a good CFM and low noise level rating for effective ventilation of kitchen space. Also, wash your exhaust fan whenever you see a layer of grease accumulation on blades for cleaner and safe circulation. A good-quality exhaust fan for the kitchen not only removes smoke and grease effectively but also keeps your small apartment from getting hot while cooking.


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