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The refreshing sparkling water is bliss for many people. And few people love to have sparkling fluid daily. And this habit raises a question, is carbonated water bad for you? Well, this question is debatable still today. While many people show no side effects after drinking carbonated fluid daily, some show signs. And the most common sign of all is bloating. But researchers in Japan have taken the sign of bloating after drinking sparkling water as a positive sign.

A small group of women was asked to undergo an experiment in which they were told to fast overnight. While they were not allowed to intake any food, they were allowed to have sparkling water. The slow sipping of carbonated drinks made them feel full as well as helped with trapped gas. This happens because of the acidic nature of carbonated drinks.

As soon as you take a sip of fizzy water, you’ll feel a mild burning sensation inside the mouth which is quite enjoyable. On litmus paper, if you pour a few drops of carbonated water you’ll see the strip turning a bit red. It ranks 3-4 on the pH scale which defines its acidic nature. However, it is not strongly acidic for daily consumption. Thanks to your body’s amazing;y functioning kidneys and lungs that remove excess carbon dioxide. So as a result, this keeps your blood slightly alkaline and you’ll not feel acid reflux.

Is Sparkling Water Bad For You

Does it Affect Dental Health?

Whenever we hear the drink is acidic the first thing that comes to mind is teeth. And especially when you have a fizzy drink daily you are curious to find out whether the carbonated water affects teeth or not? There is no strong study to this answer but yes a simple science can help to conclude. There is no problem in drinking sparkling water if you have it once in a while. But the problem does arise when you have bubbly water daily.

If your teeth are bathed daily with the slightly acidic nature of carbonated water it causes demineralization. The tiny little pores on the outer layer of teeth let acidic water enter into the enamel. And this does nothing then damaging your enamel. Over a period of time, this decays tooth tissue. And you would not like to go through the painful process of tooth removal no matter what your age is. So conclusively, occasional drinking is no problem but you need to cut off the daily intake of sparkling water.

Is Carbonated Water Good for Digestion?

Nowadays a lot of people suffer from constipation. And you can blame the lazy lifetime. But thanks to sparkling water that have helped many people in better digestion. The fizzy liquid helps to pass the gas better as well as shows signs of relief in the symptoms of indigestion like stomach pain. A small study conducted on a handful of people helps conclude that sparkling water is good for digestion. Nearly 20 people suffering from recurring constipation were asked to switch to carbonated water for 15 days. And at the end of the study, the majority of them showed signs of improved digestion.

What about Bone Density?

A drink high in acidic nature does affect bone density even if you have it once a week. These drinks are normally high in sugar which also badly affects bodily functions. But this is not the case with lightly fizzing drinks like sparkling water. Carbonated water only infused with carbon dioxide shows no negative effect on bone density. It does not reduce nor increase bone density. Although the sparkling water itself does not have any calcium content, people are advised to have milk to maintain calcium deposits in the bone. If you follow a vegan lifestyle then opt for almond or soy milk.

Does it Affect Heart Health?

Again, there is no strong evidence to conclude whether or not carbonated water is good for heart health. But according to small research, sparkling water improved the heart health of many people. In addition to good heart health, there was an increase in HDL. HDL implies good cholesterol. Besides, the bubbly liquid also helps to keep a check on blood sugar levels. However, due to limited research one cannot completely say if sparkling water is good for the heart. But it has shown positive results.

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Taking account of all the studies and researches, one can say drinking sparkling water daily causes no harm to your body. Yes, it is acidic but not too strong to harm your bone density and dental health. Plus, it is not too costly. You can buy and stock unsweetened sparkling water to have it anytime you wish. Also, many people love the burning sensation of fizzy liquid. Just make sure to have good quality sparkling water with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. The artificial flavoring agents take away the bitter taste of carbonated water but are not good for frequent consumption. If you love flavored carbonated water then read our reviews on the best Bubly sparkling water that contains zero sugar and only natural flavors.


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