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Garbage disposals are common in most of the kitchens now, be it residential or commercial. The credit behind its popularity goes to the ease of use and proper disposal of leftovers. Landfills are a common environmental concern now and garbage disposal units help to solve the issue to some extent. However, the use of garbage disposal is still debatable but researchers so say it is better to grind the waste into disposer than tossing into the garbage bin.

If you already have an in-sink garbage disposal then you might know how easy it is to get rid of leftovers. But with pros comes some maintenance care. This brings us to today’s topic, ‘how to clean garbage disposal’? Waste grinders are one such thing that comes in daily use especially if you love to cook at home. And we all know it takes several ingredients to make a filling meal. A simple vegetable like celery leaves us with a lot of waste that needs proper dumping. And thanks to the garbage disposal unit lets you pass down end and leaves of celery down the drain.

Simple Ways To Clean Garbage Disposal

For your waste grinder to work as smoothly as the day you installed it, you must take proper care. Regular cleaning and safety tips will ensure the smooth and fast working of the unit. If you feel a bad smell coming off the kitchen sink then it’s the time you should properly clean your waste disposer. Cleaning of waste disposal is not as tuff as it sounds. You can properly clean garbage disposal with some common household ingredients. Below are some easy yet effective garbage grinder cleaning methods.

Methods To Clean Garbage Disposal

These methods are natural and simple to use as most of the ingredients are found in everyday kitchens. There is some really good chemical infused solution that can help you clean your garbage disposal. However, if you are looking for a simple way to do it then here are the 4 most popular ways to clean any brand garbage disposal.

1. Hot Water

Boiling Water

This is the simplest way to clean garbage disposal. Hot water not only breaks helps to loosen the stuck particles but also kills the bacteria down the drain. While the dishwashing liquid takes away the foul smell. Plus, it only requires two ingredients. Switch the power off before you begin cleaning.

You’ll Need:

  • 2 jugs of boiling water
  • Few drops of dishwashing liquid
  • Disposal stopper


  • Keep the water on the stove to boil and by the time insert stopper in the disposer. The stopper will prevent water and food particles from spiraling down the drain.
  • Then it’s time to add liquid to the drain. Make sure you add enough liquid covering the walls of the pipe.
  • Now the time is right to pour in the boiling water. Add enough water till you see the water begins to sit near the drain hole.
  • Let the hot water sit for 10 seconds before you pull out the plug and turn on the waste disposal unit.
  • This will make the water flush through the disposal cleaning away grime and gunk.

2. Lemon


Many waste disposer units have rubber flaps that prevent water and food from coming back up in the sink while the unit is on. This makes the rubber flank a perfect place for bacteria to thrive as tiny food particles get stuck. This often results in a bad smell coming from the sink. And acidic nature of lemon not only helps to break down grease but also takes away the bad smell. It is an effective way to clean garbage disposal with rubber flaps.

You’ll Need:

  • 1 medium-size lemon
  • 1 L hot water


  • Cut the lemon into half and mash the lemon rind around the drain hole yellow-side up. Also, try to reach the rubber flap area.
  • Then cut the lemon further in two halves and pass the pieces down the drain. You can also add lemon rind for better cleaning.
  • After throwing in lemon, it’s time to pass hot water down the sink. Turn the disposer on and keep it on till the contents pass away. You can turn on the kitchen faucet if necessary.

3. Ice Cube & Salt

Ice Cube and Salt

Ice and salt are an effective way to clean your dirty garbage disposer. The solid cubes of ice not only help to sharpen the blade but also dislodge stuck food particles. While salt kills bacteria, it takes away bad smell as well as scrubs the walls of the grinder clean.

You’ll Need:

  • Ice cubes(2 cups)
  • Rock salt(1 cup)


  • Turn the waste disposer and sink faucet on. Let some cold water pass down the unit before you pass down ice cubes and salt.
  • You’ll hear the grinder makes loud noise because of the ice cubes crushing down.
  • Keep adding small quantities of rock salt while adding ice cubes. Rock salt is hard as compared to table salt and will help to scrub down the disposer walls better.
[Note: Here, at last, you can pour down a cup of white vinegar to clean garbage disposal that smells.]

4. Baking Soda & Vinegar

Baking Soda and Vinegar

The mixture of baking soda and vinegar not only clean garbage disposal but also helps to get rid of stubborn mess inside the unit. Baking soda is a well-known ingredient to loosen up the toughest grime and particles. And when you add vinegar to baking soda it helps to lift off the grease and gunk and at the same time deodorizes the surface.

You’ll Need:

  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup vinegar
  • Sink stopper
  • Hot water


  • Pour baking soda down the drain followed by vinegar.
  • Close the drain immediately after pouring in the vinegar. This is because a fizz starts coming up as soon as vinegar comes in contact with baking soda. And stopper keeps the solution down.
  • Open the drain hole after a few minutes to pour down the hot water.

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How Often to Clean a Garbage Disposal?

The best thing about waste disposal is they do not require frequent cleaning. But over time grease or gunk tends to build upon the unit wall or rubber flanks. And to avoid any damage further it is better to clean waste disposal as soon as you feel the water is passing down a bit slowly. There are several natural methods to clean garbage grinder. And many of them also effectively help to deodorize the unit. As a healthy practice, you should clean your garbage disposal once every week.


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