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Who doesn’t love to work in a tidy kitchen? While your spray cleaner shines out granite stone countertop just perfect, any regular mop is not made for your shining hardwood kitchen floor. Unlike tiles, hardwood requires extra care to maintain its shine and prevent cracks. So we’ve picked some of the best mops for hardwood kitchen floors that will keep your beautiful floor looking their best.

Ruining a hardwood floor is the last thing you might want to do because fixing even a small crack will cost you dollars. So it is always better to take a little care of the kitchen floor until its too late. And there some best quality mops for hardwood floors in the market to assist you with effortless cleaning. But for that, you need to go through the reviews below and pick out the best mop.

Best Hardwood Floor Mop for Kitchen Review

Best Hardwood Floor Mop for Kitchen

O-Cedar Easy5.4 pounds4.3 Check Price
Bona Hardwood Mop5.2 pounds4.4 Check Price
Turbo Microfiber Mop1.2 pounds4.1 Check Price
LINKYO Floor Mop2.4 pounds4.2 Check Price
MAYSHINE Microfiber Mop2.75 pounds4.2 Check Price

1) O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop, Bucket Floor Cleaning System

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop, Bucket Floor Cleaning System

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Lately, spin mops have gathered popularity due to their simplicity. Unlike vacuums, they do not require electricity nor do you need to charge batteries. Simply fill the bucket with water, add a cap of cleaning agent and you’re ready to wipe away dust. And the best thing about the O-Cedar microfiber spin mop is its wringing system. Instead of pushing the stick down by hands, there’s a foot pedal to wring the microfiber.

Many cheap kitchen mops spray out a good amount of moisture while wringing. And you might not want to risk your expensive hardwood floor even with a little with moisture. So O-Cedar features a splash guard that keeps splash and spray inside the bucket only no matter how many times you press the foot pedal. Therefore, you’ll observe fewer cracks and more shine with O-CedarEasyWring spin mop.

While it is easy to wipe a flat surface, the problem arises when you have to clean dirt from corners. And thanks to triangle mop-head design of O-Cedar that effectively clean from kitchen corners. Besides, this pivoting head easily glides down under furniture to thoroughly clean the area. You can extend the mop handle up to 48 inches to clean hard-to-reach areas of your hardwood kitchen floor.

Our Verdict


  • Convenient foot pedal offers superior control for water release
  • Deep-cleaning microfiber removes and absorbs tough kitchen dirt and grime
  • Splash guard ensures no spilling of water while wringing
  • Does not require electricity or batteries to work
  • Throw the microfiber cloth into your washing machine for effortless cleaning
  • Height of the handle is adjustable


  • No warranty(Not to worry as the product is not very costly)
  • Some buyers find the mop head small

Key Features:

  • Microfiber
  • Triangular mop head
  • Built-in foot pedal
  • Telescopic handle
  • Splash guard
  • Weighs 5.4 pounds

2) Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop

Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop

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A home with kids observes more mess than singles. And as a parent, you seek a fast household cleaning tool that cleans the hardwood floor without damaging it. So we’ve picked Bona spray mop that is extremely gentle on wooden floors. Bit do not let the gentleness confuse you with its cleaning ability as the microfiber pad removes tough grease and grime in one go.

Also, the large rectangular mop head lets you finish cleaning the hardwood floor quickly. While its flexible rubber corners protect baseboards and furniture from dings and scratches. And with such a flexible head, you can reach the toughest area with ease. To make things more convenient for buyers, Bona offers a pre-filled cartridge with Bona original hardwood cleaning formula.

A fine mist spray hole on the front sprays out just enough amount of formula for deep cleaning. And the transparent cartridge gives you a clear view of the liquid left. You can easily detach the cartridge by pressing a button for refill or cleaning. And once the solution is filled, simply press down the cartridge on its position until you hear a ‘click’ sound.

Our Verdict


  • Best hardwood floor mop for unwaxed, unoiled, and polyurethane wood finish
  • Integrated hanging hook to store the tool conveniently after use
  • Soft rubber corners prevent damage to furniture while mopping under them
  • The microfiber pad can be washed up to 100 times
  • The secondary grip provides extra control when scrubbing stubborn grease spots
  • Extra-large mop head to quickly finish cleaning
  • The cleaner dries fast which makes it best to use on hardwood floors


  • Some people find the product bit heavy to maneuver after the cartridge is filled
  • Velcro straps till the end would hold the microfiber pad better

Key Features:

  • 34-oz pre-filled cartridge
  • Rectangle head
  • Secondary grip
  • Flexible rubber corners
  • Retractable hook
  • Weighs 5.2 pounds

3) Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System – 360 Dry Wet Reusable Dust Mops Kitchen

Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System for Kitchen

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A pet owner knows how important it is to clean the house daily to avoid pet hairs clinging to expensive leather furniture. And Turbo microfiber floor cleaning system will help you get rid of pet hairs on the hardwood floor. Be it your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or laundry room, this commercial-grade cleaning tool is a one-stop solution for all. It comes with 2 microfiber pads and 2 deep clean scrub pads to meet different cleaning requirements.

You do not have to get down on your knees to clean tough grime as long as you have Turbo’s deep clean scrub pad. These dark green pads have a bit rough texture that breaks down and cleans stubborn mess easily. These pads are perfect for tile, grout, and garages. On the other hand, a thick microfiber pad cleans and sweeps the kitchen laminate floor gently to avoid ugly scratches.

In spite of cheap plastic, Turbo uses an aluminum alloy to make a handle and mop head. Not only is this material sturdy and long-lasting, but is also lightweight. Therefore, it makes it easy for you to control and maneuver the head easily under the furniture and along with the corners. Plus, there’s always an option to adjust handle height from 35 to 60-inch according to your comfort.

Our Verdict


  • Best mop for pet hair as thick damp microfiber cloth locks in hair in just one swipe
  • Strong velcro holds the pad in place, thus, no need to readjust it again and again after a few swipes
  • 360 degrees smooth swivel head with aluminum alloy reinforcement
  • Triple action cleaning: dusting, wet mopping, and scrubbing
  • Safe to use on a hardwood floor, concrete, tile, bamboo, vinyl, marble, granite, etc
  • Superlight design that cleans perfectly without straining your arms
  • Included pads are compatible with Swifter Wet Jet, Shark, Bona, Bissell, O-Cedar, Rubbermaid, and many other top brands


  • Deep scrub pads must not be used on your expensive hardwood floors, plus, they’re not machine washable

Key Features:

  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • 17-inch mop head
  • 360-degree spin head
  • Telescoping handle
  • 2 microfiber pads
  • 2 deep clean scrub pads
  • Weighs 1.2 pounds

4) LINKYO Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop – Excellent Stainless Steel Handle and Extension

LINKYO Microfiber Hardwood Floor Kitchen Mop with 3 Flat Mop Pads

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Swiffer Wet Jet provides amazing results but many owners find it costly in the long run. And if you’re not ready to spend extra bucks then switch to Linkyo microfiber hardwood floor cleaner. This affordable yet durable floor mop is a perfect addition to your cleaning set. Instead of plastic, it comprises of stainless steel handle with an aluminum mop frame. None of them will catch rust even if used daily.

You need to keep an extra pair of microfiber pads when cleaning a large area. But thanks to reversible microfiber mop cloths of Linkyo that lets you use the same cloth. When one side gets dirty, simply release clips on the sides, turn the cloth over and clip it again. And when both the sides get dirty, simply throw the cloth in the washing machine for effortless cleaning.

If you’re a tall person who finds it difficult to deal with short cleaning tools then this hardwood floor mop is for you. Linkyo includes an extension piece that extends the handle up to 70-inches which makes it extremely comfortable for a 6 ft tall person. Besides, such height lets you clean drywalls and ceilings conveniently without climbing up the ladder.

Our Verdict


  • Comes with a woven coral velvet mop pads that are perfect for dusting
  • Durable ABS clips instead of cheap Velcro strips
  • An extension piece to elongate handle length up to 70 inches
  • Includes 2 reversible microfiber clothes
  • 360-degree swiveling head to clean easily under furniture
  • All the included pads are machine washable
  • One of the top-rated hardwood floor mop on Amazon


  • Not good at collecting pet hairs off the hardwood floor

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel handle
  • Aluminum frame
  • High-grade ABS plastic
  • Adjustable handle
  • Extention piece
  • Clip-on design
  • Weighs 2.4 pounds

5) MAYSHINE Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop – 5 Washable & Reusable Flat Mops Cloths/Pads

LINKYO Microfiber Hardwood Floor Kitchen Mop with 3 Flat Mop Pads Kitchen

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Velcro strips tend to lose their strong grip after some time. And this makes the entire unit useless. And if you clean your kitchen regularly then Mayshine microfiber hardwood floor mop is for you. Its easy-clip design fits the microfiber cloth perfectly to wipe the hardwood floors clean. Also, you will not have to readjust the dirty cloth multiple times while mopping. And once you’re done cleaning, lose the clips, take off the dirty cloth and throw it straight inside the washing machine.

With Mayshine you do not need to keep extra pairs of cloth as it already includes 5 reversible microfiber cloth. And yes, the clothes are reversible which means you can use the same cloth twice to clean off a large area. Similar to the brands above, these pads are also safe to wash in the machine. Plus, they dry out fast for the next use. Each mop can be used multiple times before switching to a new one. Thus, saves time and money.

Our Verdict


  • Reusable microfiber pads help to save money and reduce waste
  • The large flat head mop is ideal for different household cleaning
  • Comes with an extension piece to extend the handle up to 60-inch
  • Easy-clip design instead of velcro does not loosen over time
  • Each pad can be used up to 100 times before dumping it away
  • Durable stainless steel construction


  • Does not work well on glass
  • A bit tricky to put together

Key Features:

  • Aluminum mop frame
  • High-grade ABS plastic
  • Stainless steel handle
  • 360-degree swivel head
  • 14.75-inch frame
  • Extention piece
  • Weighs 2.75 pounds

What kind of mop do you use on hardwood floors?

Microfiber mops are best for hardwood floors. The microfiber cloth catches more dirt and dust than regular cotton cloth. Plus, they are lightweight and easy to wash after use. You might have seen many professional cleaning companies use microfiber cloths for cleaning certain things. This is because they’re soft of materials and cleans well. Besides, the soft cloth does not scratch your precious hardwood floor. And best of all, you can reuse a microfiber cloth a number of times before throwing it away.

How to remove stains from the kitchen hardwood floor?

Stains on kitchen hardwood floors are more common than any other part of the house. From sauce splatter to water stains, a kitchen floor is filled with stains. For once, you can skip the cleaning of your bedroom but it is hard to work on a kitchen floor that looks messy and unhygienic. And not to mention, but your regular microfiber mop also struggles to clear off certain stains. So how to remove these ugly stains from the hardwood floor? Have a look below.

Heel Marks: Grab your floor wax and with the help of soft fine steel wool, rub it over the marks. Do this process gently as aggressive scrubbing will leave your floor with more scratch marks.

Oil Stains: The use of oil is a must while cooking food. And stains from hot oil are also very common in most kitchens. Do let the oil sit for long before cleaning as them it will leave a permanent mark. Grab your paper towels and lay them over the oil. Paper towels will soak off excess grease. Now add a drop of dishwashing detergent directly over the hardwood floor and rub the surface with a soft damp microfiber cloth. You can increase or decrease the amount of liquid as per the oil spilled on a hardwood floor. Finally, rinse the floor well with clean water. Repeat if necessary.

White stains/Watermarks: For removing stubborn watermarks from your shiny hardwood floor, you’ll need, extra-fine steel wool and suitable floor wax. Rub the affected surface with steel wool and floor wax gently. In case the stain is deep, lightly sand the hardwood floor and clean with fine steel wool, preferably, no. 000. Then apply odorless mineral spirit or floor wax whichever available.

Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floor

Not only hardwood floors are good to look at but they are durable enough to last for a lifetime if taken proper care of. Below are few tips for cleaning the hardwood floor to keep them look shiny and streak-free for years.

  • Before you start wet mopping, sweep the hardwood floor and collect all the dust and debris. Pay special attention to high-traffic areas of your home.
  • If not sweeping, you can vacuum the floor surface. This will suck away dust and debris better. But make sure to use a vacuum cleaner with hardwood-friendly features.
  • Now the time is right to wet mop the hardwood floor. However, you need to take care that the mop is not too wet as standing water on wood can damage it.
  • For extra shine, you can add a good quality wooden floor cleaning product. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid any damage.
  • Harsh detergents and chemicals are a straight ‘NO’. Initially, they will shine your hardwood floor like never before, but in the long run, you will regret using them after seeing the dullness.
  • Never use abrasive cleaning agents or steel scrub pads to remove stubborn particles.
  • Certain hardwood materials support the use of liquid concealer or wood wax to hide light scratches and bring back the shine. You can apply them by yourself by watching a detailed Youtube video.

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Keep your kitchen hardwood floor shiny for years using the right cleaning tool. One must clean hardwood floors especially the area with high traffic regularly to avoid dullness or scratches. However, minor scratches are common with wooden flooring and no one can avoid them. But you can take simple measures to elongate the life of the wood. And one of the steps is to mop the hardwood floor regularly. Removal of dust and residue will surely help to maintain hardwood shine for decades.


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