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Every household or commercial kitchen surely has a nonstick fry pan. And why not, the benefits of nonstick makes it must-have cookware in any kitchen. A non-stick frypan surface requires very little oil to cook food and cleans easily. And who doesn’t love to cook on such a surface that cooks food in minimal effort? So today we’re reviewing the best Granite rock pan available in the market, or should we say, as seen on tv.

Granite rock pan is considered among the healthy cooking option. This is because of the oil-free cooking ability of a rock-like finish. While the majority of non-stick fry pans require a little amount of oil or butter to prevent sticking of food on the surface, granite rock pan cooks without oil/butter. Isn’t that interesting? This superior nonstick quality of granite frypan makes it great for diet conscious people.

Granite Rock Pan As Seen On TV (Non-Stick Fry Pan Review)

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Not only does it help to cut down calories of oil or butter, but the strong rock-like surface is safe to use with metal utensils. Normally, nonstick cookware does not recommend the use of metal spatulas or spoons as they might chip off the surface. And the mixing of the non-stick coat with food is hazardous for your health. But thanks to the rock-solid composition of granite rock pan that allows you to use metal, wood, and silicone utensils without leaving a scratch on the cooking surface.

With the nonstick industry increasing day by day, many brands fail to offer a good quality non-stick fry pan. Besides, due to high competition, many brands offer a complete set of nonstick frypan at a very less price. And the low price of the product means poor quality materials used in its construction. And no one likes to see their frypan coating chipping off after just one use.

But chipping and sticking of food onto the surface is not an issue with this 12-inch Granite rock pan. Apart from this, it has a lot more exciting features to offer. Do check our below quick verdict of “as seen on tv” granite rock pan for a brief idea about the product.

Granite Rock Round Fry Pans, 12

Some Quick Variations of this Non-stick Rock Pan:

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Quick Verdict Of “As Seen on TV” Granite Rock Pan

After analyzing granite rock pan as seen on tv, we have found a few drawbacks and many benefits which are listed down. These features will help you to understand the product better. Also, you can check whether it matches your daily kitchen needs or not.


  • Triple food-grade granite layers provide maximum durability.
  • The high-grade natural mineral coating does not react with food.
  • Pressed aluminum inner distributes heat fast and evenly in all directions.
  • GraniteStone is oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit(260 degrees C).
  • Mineral enforced coating is metal utensil safe.
  • Cool, touch handles for safe grip. However, you should wear mitts while taking the frying pan out of the oven as hot air circulation makes the handle bit hot to touch with bare hands.
  • The superior nonstick ability of as seen on tv granite rock pan allows you to cook without oil or butter.
  • Titanium coating elongates the lifespan of the coating as well as offers high resistance to detergents and chemicals.
  • PFOA-free material will is safe and non-hazardous to health.
  • This 12-inch food-grade granite fry pan weighs 1.85 pounds that give better control while tossing and turning ingredients.
  • Excellent performance makes it a top-rated granite rock pan as seen on tv on Amazon with over 300 positive reviews.
  • Budget-friendly price.
  • No need to season at all.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Good for all cooktops except induction oven. The aluminum core of the granite fry pan makes it unsuitable for the induction cooktop. However, if you still wish to use it on your induction top then use an induction disk. The disk acts like a burner that will efficiently transfer heat to the pan.
  • Use cooking spray cautiously on Granitestone pan.

Is Cooking Safe in Granite Stone Pan?

Cooking food on a granite stone pan is very much similar to that of Teflon. It uses less or no oil at oil and prevents the sticking of food to the surface. But unlike Teflon that contains harmful chemicals like PTFE and PFOA, Granite fry pan is safe. These chemicals stay inside the body for a long while which sometimes, unfortunately, causes cancer.

Although the mineral coating of the granite stone pan provides super nonstick quality, it is unclear whether it is PTFE-free or not. PTFE is another harmful chemical, or say a synthetic polymer that has a high melting point. This polymer is highly stable and nontoxic at lower temperatures. It starts breaking down when the temperature touches around 500 degrees F(260 degrees C).

But reaching such a high temperature is not possible with a household stovetop. Also, ovens and induction cooktop do not provide temperature setting such high. So we can say that cooking on a granite stone pan is safe as long as the temperature stays under 500 degrees F.

And thanks to mineral coating over the stone pan that does not produce toxic fumes like cheap Teflon fry pan. And no release of harmful chemicals while cooking is not only beneficial for our health but it saves birds and the environment too.

What You Can Cook with Granite-Stone Frying Pan?

Cooking abilities of granite stone frying pan are endless. You can cook all the food items that you used to cook on Teflon nonstick. This includes eggs, bacon, pork, fish, chicken, burger patties, etc. And the best part is, all food gets cooked evenly using very little oil.

The infomercial is true about no use of oil to cook eggs. This 12-inch granite fry pan really cooks eggs without the use of oil. And the best part is, eggs do not stick on the granite stone surface. Instead, they slide out easily from the pan to your breakfast pan without the need for a spatula.

Granite Rock Frying Pan Cooking Egg and meat

Similarly, you can cook many other food items without using oil or butter. And surprisingly, most of it will slide out easily just like we’ve seen in the commercial. You might not even need a flipping tool unless the food requires flipping in between the cooking process.

We suggest cooking food on a low or medium flame as it will give you the best results. It will cook and brown the food evenly from all sides due to the pressed aluminum core. Whereas, the high flame might burn the food and it may also get stuck on the granite coating.

How To Clean a Granite Rock Frying Pan?

The mineral coating on granite rock round fry pan eases the cleaning of the cookware. And you must always clean the cookware after using it whether there are any stuck particles or not. This ensures the durability of nonstick and healthy cooking. Plus, it is very easy to clean granite fry pan.

You’ll need:

  • 1-2 tablespoon of baking soda(for 12-inch round pan)
  • 1/4 cup warm water
  • A non-abrasive sponge


  • Mix baking soda and warm water in the pan and make a paste using the sponge.
  • Then gently rub this paste all over the pan including the stainless steel handle.
  • Rinse the frying pan thoroughly until all grease and stuck particles get off the surface.
  • Let the cookware dry naturally.

Tips to maintain nonstick surface:

  • Never submerge a hot pan in cold water as thermal shock might chip off granite layers.
  • Prefer washing pan with hands even though it is a dishwasher-safe fry pan.
  • Always use a sponge or soft nylon scrubber to wash the cookware.
  • Do not use a knife or other sharp tools to scrub off stuck food particles.
  • Using a wooden or silicone spatula is recommended over metallic ones for a scratch-free surface.
  • While it’s okay to use butter or oil on the granite fry pan, the cooking spray must be avoided.

Can You Believe “As Seen on TV” Frying Pans?

GraniteStone Square Pan

We have heard people saying not to believe in an infomercial due to bad experiences of their own or their friends. While it may be true for some brands, not all ‘as seen on tv’ products bluff. And when it comes to this Granitestone granite round fry pan you’ll see results similar to that shown on tv.

The PFOA-free nonstick pan prevents sticking on food that only eases cleaning but also increases fun while cooking. And unlike Teflon that does not allow the use of a metal spatula, you can hassle-free use one with a granite rock fry pan.

Not just that, the pan is dishwasher safe means you can effortlessly clean it after every use. Or else, simply clean it in the kitchen sink with mild liquid. The tough granite rock material is highly durable against daily wear. It will not chip off coating easily like cheap Teflon pans.

All such strong features of Granite rock round fry pan makes it worth buying. Many buyers have even said that the product exceeds expectations. While some said that this is their best purchase ever. So yes, I don’t about the other infomercial product but you can definitely believe in this granite rock pan as seen on tv.

1-year review of this granite stone pan.

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Wrapping Up:

Budget-friendly prices and exceptional qualities of rock pan make it must-have cookware in the kitchen. Not only the mineral-coated surface is healthy but it prevents sticking of food.

Also, it is very easy to wash the cookware either by hand or inside a dishwasher. Only make sure to cook food on low or medium flame to prevent burning and sticking. And your granite rock frying pan will give you the best results every time.


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