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Cutting board is an essential, day-to-day use kitchen tool. From mincing garlic to cutting half oranges, you need a cutting board for various activities. And not to mention, there are many different types of chopping boards available today. And among them all, we’ll be discussing glass cutting boards.

The first question that comes to mind as soon as we read about the glass chopping board is, are they any good? And the question is quite obvious as they are still not as famous as plastic or wooden cutting boards. But glass boards are a great addition to your modern kitchen.

Unlike wood and plastic, they are non-porous and great for chopping raw meat and chicken. Glass chopping boards are specially treated for superior shatter resistance. Plus, glass is one of the least reactive elements and will not stain the chopping surface like plastic or wood. Just handle with care and your best glass cutting board will last for years without any sign of wearing.

Best Glass Cutting Board Reviews

Best Glass Cutting Board

ProductGlass TypeSizePrice
Surface Saver Vance Cutting BoardTempered20 X 16 inch Check Price
Clever Chef Striated Glass Cutting BoardClear 8 x 12 Inch Check Price
Farberware Glass Utility Cutting BoardClear12" x 14" Check Price
Christian Art Gifts Glass Cutting BoardFloral12 x 8 Inch Check Price
Light Long Lasting Glass Cutting BoardTempered12 x 16 Inch Check Price
Murrey Home Cutting BoardTempered12 x 12 Inch Check Price
CounterArt Chalkboard Wine Cutting BoardDesigned15 x 12 Inch Check Price

1) Surface Saver Vance 20 X 16 inch Clear Tempered Glass Cutting Board

Surface Saver Vance 20 X 16 inch Clear Tempered Glass Cutting Board

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Durable and simple, Surface Saver Vance 20×16-inch clear glass cutting board is designed with the buyer’s need in mind. The tempered glass remains tough against daily use. You can easily cut, chop, slice, or mince ingredients without leaving any ugly scratches on the glass surface. Besides, the non-porous quality of the tempered glass makes it double hygiene as compared to wood and plastic board.

This is because no liquid or debris finds its way into a non-porous glass surface. And no accumulation of liquid/debris on the prep board means no bacterial growth. Plus, you can easily wipe the liquid off the board with the help of a clean cloth to clean the area for further chopping. Once you’re done chopping/slicing/dicing ingredients, simply wash the glass board under running water, wipe it down with paper towels and use the same unit for the serving dish.

Our Verdict

What makes Surface Saver Vance 82016C worth the money?

  • The clear glass surface is ideal for cutting food as well as doubles as a serving tray
  • Install it directly into countertop by buying a steel frame separately
  • Best large glass cutting board for the price
  • Impact-resistant tempered glass
  • Non-slip feet to hold the board firmly in place while you chop hard ingredients
  • A high-quality glass that is heat, scratch, and condensation resistant
  • Resists stains and odors

2) Clever Chef Striated 8 x 12 Inch Non-Slip Glass Cutting Board Set 4 Pack

Striated 8 x 12 Inch Glass Cutting Board Set by Clever Chef

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Protect your shiny countertop from the ill effect of hot pots and pan with Clever Chef Striated glass cutting board. Comes in a set of 4, these clear and user-friendly board protects your tables and countertops from hot dishes and knives without deteriorating the view. All 4 glass trays are engineered not to crack or shatter when you put cups of hot coffee, soup bowls, etc.

In addition to being shatter-resistant, all Clever Chef tempered glass cutting boards feature rubber feet. The button-size rubber feet keep the chopping surface slightly above the countertop or tabletop for easy handling. Also, space between countertop and board ensures a good airflow that does not condense glass whenever you place any hot bowl or mugs over.

Our Verdict

Why buy Clever Chef Striated Glass Cutting Board?

  • You get a set of 4 8×12 inch clear trays for the price of one
  • Non-porous properties of glass make it more hygienic than plastic and bamboo boards
  • 4 rubber feet on each tray holds the unit securely over the countertop or tabletop
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Crack and shatter-resistant for years of use
  • Turn it into a personalized glass cutting board by adding a vinyl sticker on the back

3) Farberware Glass Utility Cutting Board, 12″ x 14″, Clear

Farberware Glass Utility Cutting Board, 12-Inch-by-14-Inch

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Buying a glass chopping board for the first time and not sure what to buy? Then go for Farberware single-piece 12×14-inch tray. This medium-sized tray is highly affordable with a price under $10. You’ll not feel devastated if the product does not match your requirements as the price tag is very nominal. You can also turn the tray into a decorative piece by adding a vinyl sticker on the back of the clear glass top.

Just like a majority of the glass units on the market, the Farberware 12×14 inch utility board also comprises of non-slip rubber feet on the bottom. The strong grip of rubber feet lets you chop hard food items such as meat, chicken, zucchini, etc without the tray sliding around. Not only does a firm hold help with precise cutting but it also protects your fingers from cuts. And once the chopping, slicing, or dicing is done, simply pop the unit n the dishwasher for effortless cleaning.

Our Verdict

Highlights of Farberware 78624-10:

  • Heat-resistant surface protects your expensive marble top from hot dishes
  • Dishwasher-safe but handwash recommended for years of crack-free use
  • Crafted from tempered glass
  • Best quality glass cutting board under $10
  • Non-slip trim allows for stable and secure cutting
  • 0.25-inch thick material
  • Multi-use safe, for example, chopping, serving, and decoration

4) Christian Art Gifts Floral Tempered Glass Cutting Board

Christian Art Gifts Floral Tempered Glass Cutting Board Tray-Trivet

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While some people like a clear glass cutting board for everyday use, other love stained or printed texture on the clear top. And if you love colorful boards for everyday chopping and cutting then Christian Art tempered glass board is perfect. It comprises a beautiful floral pattern with Hebrews 12:28 Bible Verse Message – Be Grateful. The reverse printed tempered glass features watercolor-designed flowers in cheerful shades of orange and blue that is perfect for both modern and traditional kitchen interiors.

The heat-safe quality of the 8×12 inch colorful small cutting board makes it unique. The tray remains shatterproof up to 392 degrees F(200ºC) which makes it ideal for keeping hot pans and pots. It doubles as a trivet, hot pad, and cheese serving board. In short, you can use a single tray for multiple purposes accordingly. However, the company does not recommend dishwashing the unit as it might affect the colorful print. But you can easily wash it under running water. Pour a few drops of dishwashing detergent to sanitize the surface and remove the odd smells.

Our Verdict

Why go for Christian Arts GLC017?

  • Heat-safe tempered glass up to 392ºF
  • Tested for lead
  • Aqua background with pink and orange floral design with scripture reference from Hebrews 12:28 in white script
  • Comes packed in a coordinating gift box to prevent damage during transportation
  • Comes in 8 different patterns and scripts
  • Textured anti-scratch surface does not absorb odors or bacteria
  • 8 mm thick unit is easy to handle and wash

5) Large Tempered Glass Cutting Board – Scratch, Heat, and Shatter Resistant, 12″x16″

Tempered Glass Cutting Board

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It takes more than one ingredient to make a delicious recipe at home. And if you love cooking different cuisines for your family then this Light In The Dark large tempered glass cutting board is for you. Measuring 12×16 inches, the rectangular board provides ample space to cut multiple ingredients comfortably. Plus, no need to transfer chopped ingredients in bowls as you can simply set them aside on the side of the board while still having space to cut more.

The only downside about this product is its edges. Though the edges are curved they are not smooth enough to protect your skin from an accidental hit. But on the positive side, the clear glass chopping board is dishwasher-safe. Simply keep the unit in the dishwasher after chopping is done and the machine will clean all the debris and juices off the surface. Wipe clean the board with paper towels to clear off the frost.

Our Verdict

What makes Light In The Dark PRNO-12X16-1 worth buying?

  • A long-lasting modern cutting board that is perfect for everyday use
  • Tempered glass is scratch, heat, and shatter-resistant
  • Safe to wash in the dishwasher
  • Multipurpose glass board can be used to prepare food or use it as a serving tray
  • Large 12″ L x 16″ W provides ample space to chop multiple ingredients at once
  • Add vinyl sticker on the bottom and turn the simple unit into an attractive tray
  • Affordable price tag

6) Tempered Glass Cutting Board Set with Non-slip Legs by Murrey Home

Tempered Glass Cutting Board Set of 4, Non Slip

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Cut and serve in style with Murrey Home tempered glass cutting board set. The high-quality set is made of a harness-tempered plate that has been through high temperatures. Speaking of the set, it includes 3 rectangular and one round glass board. And all 4 pieces can withstand temperatures up to 518 degrees F. This allows you to use the plate as a hot pan. You can keep the hot tray or pan on the surface directly from the oven or deep fryer to protect expensive countertop marble.

The back of all the boards is covered with anti-skid pads that hold the unit firmly while you chop meat or remove bones from the chicken. No matter whether your countertop is dry or wet, the strong suction of feet prevents sliding of the board. This ensures maximum user safety by reducing the chance of cuts. Do not put the trays in the dishwasher as they are not durable enough to withstand high temperatures inside the machine.

Our Verdict

Why buy Murray Home Glass Board Set?

  • Sturdy and durable hardness tempered glass
  • Comes in a set of 4; 3 rectangles + 1 round
  • Smooth surface is not easy to condense water droplets
  • 5x more powerful than ordinary glass
  • Clear modern design
  • 4 powerful rubber feet on each tray
  • Comes with extra feet in each package in case any of them loosens over time
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 518ºF

7) CounterArt Chalkboard Wine Glass Cutting Board, 15 x 12 Inches

CounterArt Chalkboard Wine Glass Cutting Board

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Add a vintage touch to your kitchen by buying a CounterArt chalkboard wine glass cutting board. This unique colorful and artistic design can be used to chop, serve, or decorate dining areas on special holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. Not only the tray is beautiful but extremely sturdy. The non-porous surface resists stains, scratches, and bacteria. And best of all is this printed glass-top cutting board is dishwasher-safe so no need to worry about cleaning.

The chalkboard design unit measures a 15×12 inch that is sufficient enough to cut a good quantity of ingredients at once. Plus, the rounded corners ensure your hands remain safe at all times while using the board. And non-skid feet on the backside to hold the board in place. Not only does it provides sturdy support while chopping hard ingredients but rubber feet prevent scratches on your expensive countertop.

Our Verdict

Highlights of CounterArt 22517:

  • Colorful, artistic design with a hint of vintage is perfect for both modern and traditional kitchens
  • Large glass cutting board measuring 15 x 12 inches
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • 0.25-inch thickness is not ideal for keeping hot and heavy pans on the surface
  • Hygienic, non-porous surface
  • A bit costly
  • Safe rounded corners

How To Make A custom Glass Cutting Board

Have you bought a glass cutting board and now want to customize it according to your taste? or do you want to give it as a gift? Here is how you can customize your DIY glass cutting board guidelines.

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A glass cutting board is the least reactive and most hygienic material. Unlike wooden chopping boards, they are not prone to warping or bacterial growth. With little care and maintenance, a glass tray can last for years. While glass is great for hygiene, they are the worst for knives. A kitchen knife dulls at double the rate using a glass board than a wooden board. So you need to be careful while selecting knives for glass boards as not all sets in the market provide the same result with a glass surface.

But if you look at the advantages of glass chopping boards carefully, you’ll see they are extremely easy to maintain. They do not require regular oilings like bamboo or other wood boards. Besides, the high non-porous surface does not bag juices or debris of food. As a result, it cleans easily with regular soap and water without encouraging bacterial growth. So it’s time to upgrade your kitchen collection with the best glass top cutting board.


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