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Splattering is common when you cook food that involves the use of a good amount of oil. But we cannot resist ourselves from the aroma and taste of deep-fried foods. So does that mean you have to rub the stubborn greasy mess spread on the countertop? No, you will not have to as long as you’ve got the best splatter screen to cover the frying pan. Not only are the splatter screens convenient to use but help to reduce mess to a great extent. And who does not love to work in a clean space?

What is Splatter Screen used for?

The main use of a splatter screen is to prevent oil and grease from spreading around the stovetop and countertop. You use them to cover your frying pan or dutch oven, or whichever round utensil you use for frying. Splatter guards are not solid like any standard lid that comes along the pan. Instead, they are like a mesh screen or lid with many perforated holes.

You can cover your frying cookware with a spatter guard and it will trap in oil and grease while the air escapes. Use it while deep fry, shallow fry, pan-fry, or saute. If you feel any moisture-rich food will splatter oil in all the directions better cover it with a good quality splatter screen. Let it be chicken wings, onions rings, steak or mozzarella sticks, you’ll not have to deal with greasy surface past frying with the best spatter guard.

Best Splatter Screen for Frying Pan Review

Best Frying Pan Splatter Screen Comparison

Kristie's Kitchen ScreenSet of 34.7 Check Price
BitimexHome Grease ScreenSet of 34.3 Check Price
Bellemain 13" Splatter Screen13 Inch4.8 Check Price
OXO Good Grips13 Inch4.4 Check Price
U.S. Kitchen Supply13 Inch4.6 Check Price
Homestia Splatter ScreenSet of 34.4 Check Price
Beckon Ware13 Inch4.7 Check Price

Here is a detailed splatter screen review for the most common frying pan sizes.

1) Splatter Screen for Frying Pan – Best Grease Splatter Guard

Splatter Screen for Frying Pan - Grease Splatter Guard

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Say goodbye to your greasy countertop with Kristie’s Kitchen grease guards. It comes in a set of 3 to work with different sizes of fry pans. The small splatter screen measures 8-inch that fits perfectly on the top of your 8-inch cast-iron skillet, casserole, or pan. Then there’s a 10-inch oil splatter screen that goes over the mid-size pans. And lastly, a 13-inch screen that is ideal for large frypans or woks.

Fine mesh screens help in splatter-free cooking. Each fry guard is an extra-fine 60 mesh lid top that catches the smallest of grease particles. But not too fine to wash in the dishwasher. It is best to wash a cooking guard by hand but in case you’re feeling like washing, simply throw it inside the dishwasher. Besides keeping grease at bay, all three high-grade stainless steel screens are rustproof. You can have the joy of frying without having to worry about the mess.

Our Verdict

Why buy Kristie’s Kitchen splatter shield?

  • Comes in 3 sizes; 8-inch, 10-inch, and 13-inch
  • A heat-resistant knob
  • Rustproof stainless steel mesh
  • Keeps odor down
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Can be also used as pot strainer or fat drainer
  • Ultrafine mesh alignment

2) Grease Splatter Screen For Frying Pan Cooking – Best Stainless Steel Splatter Guard Set of 3(8″, 10″ and 11″ inch)

Grease Splatter Screen For Frying Pan Cooking Stainless Steel

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Many people do not like the knob over the lid. This is because sometimes it can cause burns when you lose grip and the lid turns to the side of your arm. But thanks to long handle design of these grease splatter screens that are not only safe but extremely convenient. You can easily lift and cover your frying pan right after putting steak to fry without fear of hot oil burning your hand. And as the handle is long, you can access the grease screen from a safe distance. Great product for first-time fryers.

Similar to the above unit, this product also includes 3 different size keep-it-clean screens. You can select the best frying screen according to the utensil. It can be a pot, skillet, pan, braiser or dutch oven. Apart from that, the versatility of the product is what makes them worth the money. They double as a strainer, steamer, or even cooling racks. So it’s completely up to you how you will love to use your anti-oil pan cover.

Our Verdict

What makes BitimexHome hot oil shield worth buying?

  • Fine mesh block grease as well as prevents hot oil splatters
  • The long, sturdy plastic handle allows you to keep a safe distance from hot objects
  • Tightly woven high-quality stainless steel mesh guard
  • Comes in 3 different sizes to use on a wide variety of pot, pans, and skillets
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Doubles as a strainer to strain the liquid off the food
  • Or you can even cool down food on the top of mesh screen

3) Bellemain 13″ Splatter Screen with TPR Grip-Tight Handle – Fine Mesh Heavy Duty Splatter Guard

Bellemain 13 Splatter Screen with TPR Grip-Tight Handle

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Fry fearlessly with Bellemain 13-inch splatter screen. Its 13-inch diameter works great on all frying pan sizes and cast iron skillets. And thanks to the ultra-fine mesh weave that stops 99% of splatter. This means you can cook or deep fry anything in your kitchen without stubborn grease getting all around the countertop. Be it deep frying chicken wings or cooking sauce for pizza night, the Bellemain cooking screen will keep your countertop tidy.

On the top of the tight mesh screen, you’ll find two supportive feet. These feet help avoid dripping counters. You can flip the screen upside down and put it on the countertop without getting it all messy. And not to worry about burns as the thermoplastic rubber handle remains cool on high temperatures. Besides, you can place the mesh screen in the oven to bake or toast your bread. One the cooking or baking is done, simply toss it inside the dishwasher for effortless cleaning.

Our Verdict

Impressive features of Bellemain 13-inch heavy-duty spatter screen:

  • High-grade stainless steel will not rust, bend, or break; thanks to ultra-reinforced joints
  • 13-inch diameter fits smoothly on almost any pot or pan in your kitchen
  • Multiple uses as a strainer, sieve, steamer, and a cooling rack
  • Oven safe up to 350 degrees
  • Supportive feet
  • Equipped with a hook for easy hanging when not in use
  • Dishwasher-safe

4) OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Splatter Screen with Folding Handle

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Splatter Screen with Folding Handle

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It is great to have different sizes of the screen until you forget where you kept the right size lid in the time of need. So Oxo features a large stainless steel splatter screen with grooved rings to save you from frustration. Instead of 3 separate rings, the concentric rings rest smoothly on frying pans up to 13 inches wide. You can choose the right grove according to the diameter of your skillet or braiser.

Another great feature of Oxo perforated screen is its soft, cool-to-touch handle. This handle lock in the open position and folds down flat for compact storage. The folding handle also eases to keep the unit inside the dishwasher. Moreover, the perforated splatter screen is thick as compared to the steel mesh. So there are fewer chances of metal breaking, bending, burning or clogging. You can keep on frying your favorite food safely and mess-free.

Our Verdict

Why buy Oxo perforated steel screen?

  • The handle folds down flat for compact storage
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Groove ring design rests perfectly over different-sized pans
  • Ideal to make crisp stovetop popcorn
  • Soft handle with good grip provides a great balance
  • The perforated screen fits pans up to 13 inches wide
  • Thick and easier to clean manually

5) U.S. Kitchen Supply 13″ Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Splatter Screen with Resting Feet

U.S. Kitchen Supply 13 Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Splatter Screen with Resting Feet

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Many recipes require you to check on the food multiple times while it is cooking. And this 13-inch mesh grease screen with resting feet will help you with that. The benefit of feet is you can easily put the unit on the countertop without getting it messy. Also, steel feet help to stabilize the lid while you lift it from a hot pan. In addition to resting feet, a solid stainless steel wire handle keeps your hands away from the heat.

The professional-grade stainless steel rim along with rustproof fine mesh screen lets you tackle most of the cooking tasks. Be it high flame sauteing while preparing Chinese recipe or deep frying french fries, you’ll see your stovetop gets less messy with U.S. Kitchen Supply. Once the cooking is completed, simply toss it in the dishwasher or clean it with soapy water. All the grease and debris will come off easily on cleaning the unit with a soft bristle brush.

Our Verdict

What makes U.S. Kitchen Supply mesh screen worth buying?

  • Inexpensive and one of the top-rated splatter screen on Amazon
  • Fine twill weave resists screen from denting as well as catch finer grease particles
  • Resting feet keeps the guard straight and stable
  • Safe to wash in the dishwasher
  • Slim profile easily stores between pots and pans
  • The company offers a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee
  • Robust material and a bit heavy which accounts for its durability

6) Homestia Grease Splatter Screen for Frying Pan – Set of 3 (10″+11.5″+13″)

Homestia Grease Splatter Screen for Frying Pan Fine Mesh Stops Stove Oil Guard

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With Homestia grease splatter screen you will not have to worry about rubbing grease stovetop after frying your favorite bacon strips. It comes in a set of 3 to fit seamlessly on a wide variety of cookware. The largest mesh holds a frying pan up to 13-inch in diameter. We love the arrangement of steel fiber. It is neither too tight nor too wide. The steam finds its way to escape through the mesh which gives you crispy coating over the food as well as causes less spatter inside.

Instead of a handle, there are center knobs made out of steel as well. And the best thing about steel knobs is they hold the screen better as compared to flimsy plastic. Thus, your hands are more safe with a well-balanced unit like a Homestia grease guard. And similar to the above products on the list, these screens are also dishwasher-safe. So go ahead, experience deep frying without hot oil splattering all over your beautiful granite countertop.

Our Verdict

Why buy Homestia fine mesh stovetop oil guard?

  • Great alignment of sturdy stainless steel fibers
  • Comes in 3 different sizes
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Universal sized lids that work well with most of the pots and pans
  • Tight, stable loop knob
  • The loop knob rests down for easy storage

7) Beckon Ware Silicone Splatter Screen for Frying Pan & Skillet (12 to 13 Inch, Black

Beckon Ware 13 Silicone Splatter Screen for Frying Pan & Skillet

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Not a fan of metal? Then you will like the Beckon Ware silicone splatter screen for frying pan and skillet. This heat-resistant silicone is all-safe to use it over cookware. The silicone is eco-friendly, harmless, non-toxic, and can withstand working temperature up to 445 degrees F. Its long 7-inch handle with a heat-resistant coat lets you lift the silicone shield safely even if the temperature inside the pan is steaming hot.

Apart from using it as a splatter guard, there are multiple uses of silicone grease screen. For example, you can use it as a strainer over the pot or pan to empty the water. Or you can spread and let the noodles cool. No matter for what purpose you use the unit, the food-friendly material is all safe to use. Plus, it is lightweight as compared to a perforated screen which is a plus point for the elderly.

Our Verdict

Features of Beckon Ware super silicone splatter guard:

  • 4-in-1 product; grease screen, strainer, cooling mat, and drainboard
  • 13-inch diameter fits most standard pots and pans
  • Heat-resistant silicone up to 445 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Food-friendly and non-toxic material
  • Easy to clean; dishwasher-friendly
  • FDA tested and approved
  • Raised built-in feet design keeps counters clean

Does a splatter screen work?

If you fry a lot then you will surely love a splatter screen. And yes, a good quality splatter screen reduces mess to a great extent. But not all products on the market are the best as they claim so. So it is important to choose a product that actually stands by its promises no matter how affordable the price tag is. A good splatter shield will trap up to 95% of grease and oil while letting air and steam escape.

Benefits of Splatter Guard

Splatter guards are best to use while frying. While you might not need them while frying at all times they are a good hack when used with certain ingredients. For example, frying chicken wings will need a splatter guard but you will need one while deep frying boiled corn. So one main benefit of using a splatter guard is it prevents hot oil to splatter everywhere on the stovetop and countertop while. But there are other benefits of having an oil screen guard.

Safety: Hot oil can cause painful blisters even if a little drop falls on your hand. So it is best to use a splatter-proof screen that protects your hands while frying moisture-rich ingredients.

Steam: You can also use the fine mesh screen while steaming food. The tiny holes let the steam escape while the food in the pan steams. This is ideal for steaming certain ingredients where you need the steam to escape for proper steaming.

Drain: A sturdy oil splatter screen is ideal to drain a small batch of noodles. Many units come with clips and a handle on the side that helps you with proper draining. Besides noodles, you can also use a splatter screen for draining fat and grease from foods.

Tidy Kitchen: When grease and fats get trapped on the screen, you’ll have to spend less time scrubbing the countertop. Plus, these screens are dishwasher safe which means you can simply pop them in the dishwasher after use. Safe and easy to use, the oil splatter screen is a must for all deep-fried food lovers.

How to clean a splatter screen?

Cleaning a splatter screen is as easy as using them. If your shield is dishwasher-safe then there are no extra efforts to be made. Simply give it a good rinse and throw it inside the dishwasher. Or else, clean the mesh screen with regular dishwasher liquid and a soft bristle brush. The bristle effectively removes stubborn grease, even the tiniest. Once the shield is all clean let it air dry or you can use paper towels to dry it for immediate use.

How to Prevent and Clean Kitchen Splatters – Video Tip

You can use these splatter screen with the frying pans:

Wrapping Up

Don’t let your stovetop be the victim of food splatter. Get yourself the best oil splatter screen to reduce the after-work once you’re done frying your famous homemade chicken.

These inexpensive products can prove to be the most helpful ones. After all, scrubbing the stovetop often will also make it dull. Looking at its multiple benefits, we find splatter shields worth the investment.


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