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5 Different Uses of Your Cutting Board (Creative Kitchen)

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A cutting board or say, the chopping board is a kitchen must-have. And we all need a cutting board at some point to make a nice meal at home. While you might not have any fancy appliances yet, a cutting board is easy to spot in your kitchen.

Mostly, we use the board for chopping vegetables or fruits. But apart from regular kitchen stuff, a good chopping board can be used for several purposes. And what are these other uses of cutting board? Well, let’s find out below.

1. Trivet for Hot Plate

Trivet for Hot Plate

Baking a casserole or cooking meat in your dutch oven? Then you do not need any other vessel to transfer food as you can directly serve the food to the table. But the piping hot base of cookware is likely to leave a burn mark on your marble counter or tabletop. And that is when you can rely on your thick acacia wood chopping board.

Keeping the hot plate or cast iron cookware over the cutting board prevents it from spoiling the dining table top or countertop. Also, the wood holds heat for some time which will only help you to keep your meal warm.

So next time if you have a hard time finding your hot plate, simply grab your wooden cutting board.

2. Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

Christmas is coming and it is time to make a gingerbread house with your loved ones. And suddenly you remember you ran out of gingerbread house base. Well not to worry as long as you have a big cutting board in your kitchen.

The stable base of your large chopping board serves as a perfect base for making a gingerbread house. And once you’re done making your gingerbread house, you can hold the cutting board in your hand for clicking pictures.

3. Cheese Platter

Cheese Platter

One common thing in 99% of house parties, gatherings, and in-house celebrations is a big fatty cheese platter. And if your family or friends love to have cheese instead of desserts then by now you might already have a nice charcuterie board. Food combinations are endless with a good charcuterie board.

However, if the crowd gets more than expected and your single charcuterie board might not hold a large amount of cheese or dry fruits then use your chopping board. You can decorate small pieces of cheese, dry fruits, and fresh fruits on your large chopping board. Use toothpicks to poke pieces of cheese and fruits to make the chopping board look more appetizing.

4. Fruit Platter

Fruit Platter

A fruit platter is a must when your party involves children. And you don’t really need to buy a fancy fruit platter as long as you have a sturdy wood cutting board in the kitchen. First, you can use the board for chopping fruits and then wash and dry the board properly to decorate the cut fruits.

Also, it is okay to skip using toothpicks to poke into fruits especially if there are children involved. Let them enjoy the fruit platter with their bare little hands.

5. Cake Base

Cake Base

Baking a cake at home but forgetting to add a cake base to the cart? No worries. Use your chopping board as a base for the cake. The even board serves as a great cake base especially if you’re trying to decorate your homemade cake.

You can also rotate the cutting board as you apply whipped cream over the cake for better frosting and cake decor. Also, you can take the board to the dining table or coffee table where the birthday party or celebration is.

Different Uses of Your Cutting Board

Wrapping Up

The use of a cutting board is not just limited to chopping vegetables, meats, and fruits. And now you know that very well. Apart from the above uses, you can use your fancy butcher block for minimal holiday decorations, say, for example, hanging polaroid photos.

This way a simple kitchen tool can be turned creative in many forms. Let us know how you use your cutting board in a creative way in the comment section below.


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