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Bbq lovers can easily differentiate between meat cooked on a nonstick surface and cast iron cookware. And needless to say, grilling food on a cast iron griddle brings out the best flavors. The credit goes to the material that shows high heat retention. And high heat tolerance means better cooking of food. So we’ve picked the best cast-iron griddles that will help you make tasty bbq on the stovetop.

Most of the gas and charcoal grill comprises a cast iron cooking grate. And thick cast iron grate is the reason behind better searing of burger patties and steak. But quality gas/charcoal grills cost nearly $500 which is out of budget for some buyers. Also, it is infeasible to operate the grill when the weather is rough outdoors.

But do not let the weather decide whether you can have a tasty bbq or not. Get the best cast-iron griddle for stovetop and grill your favorite foods your way. A stovetop griddle sits securely over a gas stovetop or induction for indoor grilling. Not only for stovetop use but a good quality cast iron griddle is safe to use on an open fire and multiple surfaces.

Best Stovetop Cast Iron Griddle Reviews

Best Stovetop Cast Iron Griddles

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Reversible Grill/GriddleCast Iron20X10 inch Check Price
Calphalon Pre-Seasoned Griddle ComboCast Iron10X18 inch Check Price
Legend Griddle for Gas StovetopCast Iron21X11 inch Check Price
Lodge Pre-Seasoned Compact Grill/GriddleCast Iron16X9 inch Check Price
Uno Casa Griddle Grill Pan for Stove TopCast Iron20X10 inch Check Price

Go through the stovetop griddle reviews below and find out which model meets the maximum of your requirements.

1) Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle With Handles

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill:Griddle With Handles

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Experience comfort and durability while grilling with Lodge cast iron reversible griddle. Measuring 20 x 10.5-inch, this reversible unit sits securely over 2 burners. So you get a good space to grill large chunks of meat or patties at once. The 2-in-1 cast iron grill comes already pre-seasoned so you will not have to go through all the hassle of seasoning. Just wipe clean the cooking surface with a clean cloth once before using it to remove dirt and debris.

Turn the griddle over and use the pre-seasoned cast iron tray for making delicious pancakes. The smooth surface on the other side is great for cooking eggs, steak, and other foods that are best cooked on a flat surface. Besides, the rugged cast iron cookware is all safe to use on various cooking surfaces. From gas stovetop to campfire, you can rely on Lodge cast iron griddle for a tasty bbq anytime, anywhere.

Our Verdict

What makes Lodge LPG13 worth buying?

  • With the actual cooking surface of 19-1/4 by 8-1/2 inches, you can grill multiple chicken wings at once
  • A slight slope drains fat into the grease gutter for better cleaning
  • You can grill, saute, sear, bake, or stir fry food
  • Excellent heat retention and distribution
  • Fits nicely over two stovetop burners
  • Safe to use on an open campfire for perfect grilled food
  • Already pre-seasoned for your convenience
  • Two loop-style handles for safe and easy handling of the cast iron rectangular griddle
  • Best quality cast iron griddle for stovetop use
  • Backed by a limited lifetimes warranty against defects

2) Calphalon Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grill/Griddle Combo

Calphalon 1873980 Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grill:Griddle Combo

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Apart from better tendering of meat, a good quality cast iron grill will leave beautiful sear marks on the meat surface. And if you love to have that appetizing grill mark on your food then go for Calphalon double-sided grill and griddle. Made from durable cast iron, the unit distributes heat evenly across the surface for better cooking. Besides, the thick cast iron cookware takes time to reach the perfect temperature. But once it reaches the high temp, the unit maintains the temperature for a flawless grilling session.

Calphalon grill/griddle combo sits on 2 burners. But apart from a gas stove, you can use the flat grill on an electric, electric ring, halogen, glass, and induction stovetop. In short, you can grill on the stovetop when the weather is rough outdoors or carry the unit outdoors to use on a campfire. No matter what compatible surface you use the 2-burner reversible grill on, it will give you the perfect results every time. Also, no need to season the cookware as it already comes pre-seasoned and ready for use.

Our Verdict

Why buy Calphalon 1873980?

  • Best rated cast iron griddle under $100
  • Over-sized handle for better handling, transportation, and storage
  • Oven and broiler safe
  • Versatile gas/griddle combo is multiple cooktops compatible
  • Pre-seasoned cooking surface help prevent sticking
  • Smooth griddle side is ideal pancakes, french toast, eggs, sandwiches, etc
  • Rigged grill side is perfect for chicken breast, vegetables, sausages, and more
  • The unit can be safely used with metal, nylon, coated, or wooden utensils
  • Backed by a full lifetime warranty

3) Legend Cast Iron Griddle for Gas Stovetop, 2-in-1 Reversible

Legend Cast Iron Griddle for Gas Stovetop

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Foods like chicken and beef release grease and fat while grilling. And a well-designed cast iron stovetop griddle like Legend Cast helps with the excess grease coming off the food. Thanks to the raised lines on the grill side that delivers mouthwatering sear marks on the food surface as well as manages grease runoff. All the extra fat and liquid collects in between the lines and on sides for better cooking and easy cleanup after use.

Similarly, there is a grease reservoir on the other side of the grill pan. This perimeter channel rendered fat in a safe place while you cook eggs, bacon, and other liquid foods. Apart from normal cooking, you can use the smooth flat surface for searing and stir-frying ingredients. The integrated handles let you flip the unit over safely and place it securely over two stovetop burners. Do not worry about warping or cracking of the unit as the high-quality cast iron material tolerates the highest flame of the gas stove, medium heat in the oven, or campfire coals. In short, it is small versatile cookware.

Our Verdict

Highlights of Legend Cast Iron Griddle:

  • Great for cooking, baking, roasting, frying, sauteing, and grilling
  • Best large cast iron griddle to make pizza on the stovetop
  • Comes lightly pre-seasoned so wash, dry, and season it properly with healthy vegetable oil for nonstick grilling
  • 20 x 10 inch fits over 2 burners
  • Easy-grip handles to flip the pan over comfortably
  • Made from premium-grade cast iron
  • Comes with a care booklet for the long, rust-free performance of the cookware
  • Groove design surrounding the cooking platform collects fat, grease, and juices for proper disposal
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

4) Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill:Griddle Stovetop

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Looking for a quality product with an affordable price tag? Then what could be better than Lodge reversible grill/griddle? This stovetop safe cast iron cookware measures 16.75 x 9.5 inches and covers two burners. The absence of handles provides more cooking area which means you can grill/cook more ingredients at a time. Though there are no handles, Lodge cast iron griddle can be difficult to handle especially when you want to take the hot pan out from the oven. But on another side, it features hollow corners that make it easy to lift the cookware with a hook.

While the ribbed side is perfect for grilling foods like fish, steak, chicken, and burger patties, the smooth side is ideal for cooking eggs, pancakes, grilled cheese, etc. The slightly raised edges on both sides keep the juices inside and save your stovetop from an unsightly mess. And once the cooking is done, let the cookware come to room temperature before you throw it in the sink. Doing so will ensure a long life of cast iron as well as help to clean the cookware effectively.

Our Verdict

Why go for Lodge LDP3?

  • Safe for oven, stove, grill, or campfire use
  • Tough construction that will last for years with minimal care
  • The reliability of Lodge makes the cast iron cookware worth buying
  • Pre-seasoned for a natural, easy-release finish that improves with each use
  • Double-sided use; the rigged surface on one side and smooth flat top on the other
  • The spacious rectangular cooking surface
  • Best Lodge reversible griddle under $50

5) Uno Casa Cast Iron Griddle Grill Pan for Stove Top

Uno Casa Cast Iron Griddle Grill Pan for Stove Top

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Holidays are the best excuse for making tasty bbq at home. And now you can easily prepare mouthwatering bbq at home with Uno Casa stovetop cast iron griddle. The pre-seasoned unit enhances natural nonstick capabilities and gets better with each use. Just like a majority of products, the 20 x 10 inch sits securely over the 2 burners of the gas stove. And once set, you can benefit from the superior heat retention of cast iron to make sizzling meat, steaks, and burger patties.

Built-in handles provide superior comfort while keeping and taking the unit out from the pan. They also help to clean the unit comfortably in the sink once you’re done grilling food. Do not worry about scooping out fat or liquid coming off the food. Smart grease slope accumulates fat on the sides of the pan for healthy grilling. While it already comes pre-seasoned, it is advised to apply a thin layer of vegetable oil all over the cookware after washing and drying it up for better, nonstick cooking every time.

Our Verdict

What makes Uno Casa 20×10 inch griddle worth the money?

  • Reversible sides double the option of cooking
  • Built-in large handle for easier lifting
  • Grease slope to reduce fat in food while cooking
  • Comes with a bonus stainless steel chainmail cleaner to scrub off the stubborn food off the cast iron plate easily
  • You get a free e-book with the purchase that includes delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes
  • Works with ceramic, electric, and gas cooktops, plus, oven and open fire safe
  • An affordable and high-quality cast iron cookware under $50

Will a cast iron griddle work on an electric stove?

Cast iron griddles are highly versatile and all safe to use on an electric stove. Unlike the stovetop, it only takes minutes to heat a cast iron griddle in an electric stove. This means you can grill your favorite food quickly as compared to the stovetop. Just take care of a few things before you use an electric stove as your cast iron cookware will perform excellently every time.

  • Seasoning is an important part. Never use unseasoned cast iron cookware on any cooking surface as it will damage the material to its core. Pour a few drops of vegetable oil and spread it all over the metal part with the help of tissue paper.
  • Now set the griddle on the electric stove as per its size.
  • Set the temperature and let the griddle heat up for 3-5 minutes till its reaches a sizzling hot temperature.
  • You can check whether the temperature is hot enough or not by splashing some water. If water sizzles and evaporates instantly then your griddle is hot enough to begin cooking/grilling.

How do you clean a cast iron stove top griddle?

Just like any other cookware in your kitchen, a stovetop cast iron griddle also requires cleaning after every use. However, you need to keep certain things in mind before cleaning cast iron cookware for its long life and rust-free performance.

  • Wash the cookware with hot water(no soap or detergent) first even it comes preseason. This will remove dirt and impurities stuck on the cooking surface.
  • Once used, let the cookware cool down or come to room temperature before you throw it in the dishwasher or sink. Never pour cold water over the hot griddle as it will only damage the cooking surface.
  • Begin by disposing of the excess oil/ fat. Do not let the oil/fat pass down the sink as it can clog the drainpipe.
  • Then turn on the warm water supply and grab a stiff brush. Scrub off the debris and stucked food particles from the cooking surface. You can use a little bit of detergent if needed.
  • Give a good rinse and dry the cookware with paper towels or a kitchen cloth.
  • The final step is to season the cast iron cookware with your favorite vegetable oil. Pour a few drops of vegetable oil over the surface and spread a thin layer evenly with the help of paper towels.
  • Your clean and seasoned stovetop cast iron griddle is ready for the next use.

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Stovetop cast iron griddles are a perfect way to make delicious bbq at home. They are affordable, durable, and extremely user-friendly. Not only on the stovetop but a good quality unit is multiple cooktops compatible. This means you can use a cast-iron stovetop griddle on induction, electric, gas, or ceramic cooktop without worrying. And best of all, they are highly portable and campfire safe. This makes them perfect for camping to make mouthwatering bbq easily with a few grill tools.


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