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Good source of omega 3, salmon is the favorite meat of many people. But in today’s fast world, who has time to go and pick the fresh fish from the market. Then come home and spend hours cooking it. So there’s a range of best-canned salmon, easy to cook and store. Just like canned tuna, people prefer to stock up their pantry with this tasty and nutritious food. But unlike tuna, salmon have good orange or pink flesh that looks way more appealing than tuna. It is important to note that not all brands offer the best salmon as they claim. So we’ve picked and listed the best quality and tasting canned salmon for you.

Is canned salmon cooked?

Yes, canned salmon is cooked. However, cooking meat is an important process for proper canning. Not only does high temperature kills bacteria and other living microorganisms but it also extends the shelf life. Then the meat is stored in either water, oil, or sea salt. Interestingly, many brands offer boneless canned salmon which is perfect to give to your kids or pets. While others offer canned salmon with bones. These soft bones are easy to mash with a fork and mix with tasty meat.

Best Canned Salmon Reviewed

Best Canned Salmon For Your Kitchen

Wild Planet Wild Pink Salmon6 Ounce4.6 Check Price
Crown Prince Alaskan Pink Salmon6 Ounce4.2 Check Price
StarKist Wild Pink Salmon5 oz Can4.6 Check Price
Safe Catch Elite Wild Pink Salmon5 oz Can4.6 Check Price
Blue Harbor Fish Co. Wild Pink Salmon5 oz Can4.5 Check Price

1) Wild Planet, Wild Pink Salmon, 6 Ounce

Wild Planet, Wild Pink Salmon


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Wild Planet is one popular brand name that comes across while searching for the best-canned tuna. And why not, as they can naturally raise fishes instead of frozen ones. Small local families catch the fish sustainably in Alaska water which provides them employment as well as helps in fresh canning of salmon. You’ll feel the fresh taste of meat as soon as you take a bite of Wild Planet canned wild pink salmon.

No need to rinse the meat multiple times after opening the can as Wild Planet does not use any type of fillers. This means the salmon is ready to eat or add to your sandwich. And with 340mg of EPA and DHA Omega 3 per 2 servings, Wild Planet pink fillet chunks provide perfect mild flavor. No need to take out the bones as Wild Planet already did that for you before canning the pink salmon. Simply add it to your salad or sandwich and feed your body some healthy omega 3.

Our Verdict


  • No need to drain the can as there are no artificial fillers
  • Uses fresh salmon instead of frozen which makes it the best tasting canned salmon
  • 100% sustainably caught in Alaska waters
  • Paleo and keto diet-friendly
  • Pop-top cans do not need a can opener
  • No excessive odor which is great for kids and pets


  • The absence of water may make it a bit dry

Key Features:

  • 6-ounce(pack of 12)
  • Skinless and Boneless
  • No fillers
  • Non-GMO
  • OU Kosher Pareve

2) Crown Prince Natural Skinless & Boneless Alaskan Pink Salmon, 6-Ounce Cans

Crown Prince Natural Skinless & Boneless Alaskan Pink Salmon

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If you love the pink color of fillet then Crown Prince is a perfect choice. The appetizing pink color and great texture of the meat is a perfect addition to salads and sandwiches. If not in a salad then you can directly have the skinless canned salmon from the can itself. The only content in the can is Alaskan pink salmon and salt. Some people find the meat a little dry as there is no water. But on the positive side, the texture of the meat is perfect for making salmon patties.

The fishes are wildly caught from Alaskan waters for a perfect taste. Besides, Crown Prine canned natural salmon is ASMI certified. This means the company follows sustainable fishing practices that are good for future seafood consumptions. In addition to being beautifully pink, the wild-caught salmon contains about 1195 mg of omega-3 per servings. While the meat chunks are high in omega, they are low in fat and perfect for diet conscious people.

Our Verdict


  • Excellent source of omega 3 with 325mg of Omega 3 per servings
  • Free from skin and bones
  • Sustainable fishery practices off the Pacific Northwest Coast
  • Good source of iron and potassium
  • A product of the USA
  • Kosher-certified canned salmon


  • A little low on calcium

Key Features:

  • 6-ounce(Pack of 12)
  • Non-GMO project
  • ASMI verified
  • Wild-caught
  • Boneless and Skinless

3) StarKist Wild Pink Salmon – Skinless, Boneless – 5 oz Can

StarKist Wild Pink Salmon - Skinless, Boneless

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Salmon meat preserved in sea salt feels a little dry on direct consumption. And if you do not like dryness in your meat then go for StarKist canned salmon in the water. These wild-caught pink salmon in the pristine waters of Alaska delivers perfect taste and maintain a good texture. In addition to tasty, StarKist canned salmon provides only 100 calories per can. This makes the product suitable for people checking their weight as well as those one who needs to maintain their omega 3 levels.

Thanks to the natural omega III contents of the can that is both the Mediterranean diet and Keto diet-friendly. Besides, this StarKist product is Dolphin-safe certified. It means they do not intentionally harm or chase the dolphins while catching the canning fish from the waters. Also, the product is certified sustainable seafood by the MSC. It is a good source of protein along with other essentials vitamins like vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and Vitamin D.

Our Verdict


  • One of the best quality canned salmon for making patties
  • It is naturally high in protein despite being boneless
  • Keto, Mediterranean, and Paleo-diet friendly
  • Low in saturated fats and cholesterol
  • Great product for people with allergies as the salmon is gluten-free
  • Packed in water; rich in moisture and doesn’t feel dry


  • A little costly
  • Some people find the chunks high in sodium but you can rinse and dry the meat to reduce the amount

Key Features:

  • 5 oz can(pack of 12)
  • Wild-caught
  • Natural Omega-3s
  • MSC certified
  • Dolphin-safe

4) Safe Catch Elite, Wild Pink Salmon, Mercury Tested, 5 oz Can

Safe Catch Elite Wild Pink Salmon Mercury Tested

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Eating omega 3 rich food during pregnancy helps in better fetal growth. However, many fishes that are rich in omega 3 are also high in mercury. And a high consumption of mercury leads to birth defects. While salmon is naturally low in mercury you’ll be happy to hear that Safe Catch Elite takes a step forward to ensure women’s health during pregnancy. Its canned salmon low in mercury is ideal for athletes, kids, and pregnant women. Products of this particular line are hand cut and hand packed for maximum safety.

In addition to low mercury levels, Safe Catch Elite canned wild catch is 100% sustainably caught. There is no precook processing. Also, the chunks are cooked in their own natural juices to retain maximum omega 3’s and nutrients. Cooking meat in its juices ensures great taste and tenderness. Besides that, the wild pink salmon is packed in tin-free steel cans with a lining that is not made with BPA.

Our Verdict


  • MSC certified fishery with fishes wildly caught in the Northeast Pacific which is a part of Alaska fishery
  • No precook processing
  • No added oil, water, broth, or fillers
  • The brand tests for mercury levels which makes it the best-canned salmon for pregnancy and kids
  • A lean source of protein
  • American pregnancy association recommends the product for pregnant women


  • The quantity of food is relatively less than other leading brands

Key Features:

  • 5 oz can(pack of 6)
  • Artisanally prepared
  • 100% sustainably caught
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Skinless & Boneless

5) Blue Harbor Fish Co. Wild Pink Salmon in Water with Sea Salt – 5 oz Can

Blue Harbor Fish Co. Wild Pink Salmon in Water with Sea Salt

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This Alaskan canned salmon without fillers is a perfect choice for people who hate the chemical taste of canned foods. Packed in America, this packaged food passes the American food safety standard. Instead of small chunks, these wild-caught pink fillets are a jumbo lump style. The big chunk of meat makes it easy for users to add to the bowl of salad or make sandwiches. And just like the rest of the products on the list, Blue Harbor Fish Co. is MSC certified. This means they support sustainable fishing practices as well as safeguard supplies for the future of oceans.

Instead of regular salt, this wild canned salmon is preserved in water with a hint of sea salt. As a result, the meat remains moist until you open the can. Speaking of opening the can, Blue Harbor Fish CO. has a pull tab design that lets you open the can easily anytime without the need of a can opener. Not only the contents inside is as fresh as it could be but the packing is also attractive. In short, it is the best quality canned salmon to buy.

Our Verdict


  • Jumbo lumps of meat instead of small chunks are easy to add to any recipe
  • Mild and clean flavor
  • Gluten and soy-free
  • Packed in America
  • Certified sustainable seafood-MSC
  • Best canned salmon for cakes, sandwiches, salads, etc


  • Relatively None

Key Features:

  • 5oz can(pack of 12)
  • Wild-caught
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • MSC certified

Is canned salmon healthy

We understand how difficult it gets to cook fresh raw salmon from scratch in today’s fast pace world. Not only the salmon meat is appealing but very healthy. The American Association also recommends having two portions of fatty fish once a week(1). And you can easily ditch the long cooking hours of fish by switching to canned salmon. Well-packaged fillet chunks are a great source of omega 3 and power-packed with other essential vitamins and minerals.

A canned salmon is rich in vitamin D, B-3(niacin), and B-12. Vitamin B-12 is good for people suffering from arthritis. It improves nerve health and increases red blood cell count. Packaged fillet meat comes in many forms, skinless, boneless, with skin, and with bone. If you want the benefit of both Omega 3 and calcium then go for canned salmon with bone. Their bones are soft and can be easily mashed with a fork. So conclusively, canned salmon is healthy for consumption.

Nutrition Profile

No doubt, salmon meat is high in omega 3. But other than that, there are various other nutritious things you should know about. Below are the nutrition facts for nearly 3 oz serving size.

  • Cholesterol – 15%
  • Sodium – 2%
  • Sugar – 0%(if not added)
  • Dietary Fiber – 0 gm
  • Protein – 18 gm
  • Calcium – 1%
  • Potassium – 8%
  • Calories – 99
  • Fat – 3 gm

The above nutritional fact is for pink salmon. However, the nutrition amount per serving varies according to the type and quantity. So it is best to go through the back of the can before buying to know the product well.

Can Dogs and Cats Eat Canned Salmon

Yes, your beloved cat or dog can eat canned salmon but you need to choose the type carefully before offering the meat to them. As carnivorous animals, both cats and dogs love fish meat. But not all types of fish are ideal to give to your pet. But not to worry about this low-mercury fish as you can feed canned salmon to dogs and cats. However, there are some precautions to take care of before serving canned salmon to your cat or dog.

The packaged-salmon you chose should be fully cooked. A raw or partially cooked meat contains bacteria which can prove to be lethal if ingested. Other than that, many brands use sea salt to preserve the meat chunks. It is important to note that too much sodium is not good for you and your pet. This can give them diarrhea. So select a low sodium canned salmon to feed your dog and cat. Overall, the low-mercury fillets are safe for dogs and cats but only if given occasionally.

Canned salmon salad recipes

There are numerous recipes to turn a boring can of salmon into a filling and tasty meal(2). The majority of people like to add chunks in their bowl of salad so we’ve picked the best-canned salmon salads recipes for you.

Tasty Canned Salmon Salad: This is an easy and quick recipe that can be prepared in under 15 minutes. The ingredients you’ll need are canned boneless salmon(you can also go for the one with skin or bone), mayonnaise, black pepper, dijon mustard, capers, green part of scallions. Drain chunks if required then simply mix the other ingredients. You can either have it instantly or cover and cool in the refrigerator for half an hour. This will incorporate flavors of other ingredients in the meat well.

Asian Salmon Salad: If you’ve got some time then you can treat yourself to this tasty Asain food. The list of ingredients goes like teriyaki sauce, lime juice, sesame oil, brown sugar, tomato ketchup, boneless and skinless canned salmon. While you can add multiple toppings like shredded carrot, sliced cucumber, sesame seeds, sliced radish, cilantro leaves, etc.

Potato, Salmon & Cucumber Salad: This is a filling and healthy bowl of salad that requires minimum ingredients. You’ll need Jersey Royal potatoes, 4 smoked salmon chunks, moon-cut cucumbers, and a handful of dill. And for dressing, you’ll need, plain yogurt or mayonnaise, chives, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Boil the hard ingredients and then dress them by mixing the rest of the ingredients.


So now that you know how versatile and healthy canned salmon is, you can opt for a good brand. Meat is already cooked so you can directly add it to your salad bowl or sandwich. There are 4 main varieties of canned wild pink salmon. You can select from boneless, skinless, with skin or bone according to your taste. The only difference between the canned salmon without bones and with bones is calcium. Calcium content is higher in the meat with bones than without ones. While the boneless meat is easy to add in recipes and ideal to give to pets.


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