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As soon as the temperature starts to rise, we begin to search for the new and best drinks in the market. From energy drinks to soft drinks, there are a lot of drinks you can have to quench your thirst. Nowadays we are more aware of our health which makes us check the sugar, sodium, and calorie count before we hit the buy now button. And a healthy alternative to high-sugar drinks this summer is Bubly sparkling water.

Sparkling water is a staple in many households now. This is because it is not proven that they can harm bone or teeth density. And then there’s a famous line of unsweetened sparkling water by Pepsico. The Bubly sparkling water is a great alternative to artificially sweetened seltzers. This is because Buble contains 0 sweeteners both natural and artificial which make it the best sparkling water.

Bubly comes in 15 flavors and each flavor uses only natural fruit flavors. We tried all 15 of them to find out the best tasting sparkling water in the Bubly line. The below reviews will do give you a brief idea about different flavors if you haven’t tried the flavor yet or none completely.

1) bubly Sparkling Water, Strawberry, 12 fl oz. cans

bubly Strawberry Sparkling Water

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People if you love strawberries then you’re surely gonna love Bubly strawberry sparkling water. Tasty and healthy, this can become your staple summer drink. From children to old age people, this product is for anyone who loves sparkling water and strawberry. The bad taste of carbonated drinks for the first time leaves the worst impression of seltzers in our minds. But this is not the case with Bubly. In addition to being healthy, the natural strawberry flavor beautifully takes away the bitter taste of sparkling water.

2) bubly Sparkling Water, Orange, 12 fl oz. cans

bubly Blackberry Sparkling Water

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The citrus nature of oranges is refreshing. And if lime or orange juices is what you love to have in summers then this time give a try to Bubly orange flavor sparkling water. It has this tangy flavor which is so refreshing. You can relate it somewhat to Diet Rite Tangerine Soda but Bubly is way healthier. Also, you will not feel the strong orange taste as soon as you take a sip. Instead, it has a mild natural taste that satisfies one’s thirst. And you can always add fresh orange juice to the Bubly orange sparkling water for a healthy homemade orange soda. It is indeed the most popular Bubly flavor.

3) bubly Sparkling Water, Mango, 12 fl oz. cans

bubly Mango Sparkling Water

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Mangoes are greatly used to make smoothies and slush. But Bubly incorporated natural flavor of mango in the sparkling water. I found the flavor of this mango seltzer a bit fuzzy. It is not too sweet nor too tart. But I did like the use of only natural flavor and no artificial or added sweeteners. The natural mango flavor is mild or one can say more like a hint in the bubbly water. I would have loved a little more mango flavor but that does not mean the drink is disappointing. It is loved by people who love mango.

4) bubly Sparkling Water, Cranberry, 12 Fl Oz Cans

bubly Cranberry Sparkling Water

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Cranberry is naturally both bitter and sour. And there are only a handful of people I know who loves to have cranberry without adding sugar. Also, a lot of cranberry sodas and drinks contain a lot of sugar to take away the bitterness. But thanks to Bubly unsweetened sparkling water that contains no sweeteners. This low-calorie drink is perfect for all cranberry lovers as the taste of the fruit is not too strong to make you feel like you’re drinking Campari Soda.

5) bubly Sparkling Water, 8 Flavor Variety Pack, 12 fl oz. cans

bubly Sparkling Water 8 Flavor

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If you’re trying Bubly for the first time, then it is better to go for flavor variety pack that comes with 8 different Bubly flavors. The 12 ounces can include lime(3 cans), Grapefruit(3 cans), Mango(3 cans), Cherry(2 cans), Strawberry(2 cans), Orange(2 cans), Lemon(2 cans), and Apple(2 cans). And the best part is, none of the flavors contain carbohydrates, sugar or added sugars. you can keep them on the table next to burger patties so your friends and family can grab their favorite flavor. Or you can gift the pack to your loved one who loves the taste of sparkling water.

Bubly sparkling water ingredients

You would be happy to know that the only ingredients of Bubly sparkling water are carbonated water and natural flavor. The water passes through the filtration process to remove impurities. This leaves the water with fewer total dissolved solids which provide softness. And on the other side, there is no sugar, caffeine, or any type of artificial agent. This makes Bubly healthy sparkling water as compared to sugar-filled sodas.

Who makes bubly sparkling water?

Pepsico is the proud owner of Bubly sparkling water along with a wide range of other beverages. From simple filtered water to flavorful sodas, Pepsico products are a grocery staple today. Bubly flavored sparkling water comes in 8 different flavors. And Pepsico proudly mentions all these flavors contain no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Besides, Bubly is kosher-certified in certain markets. Check for the kosher symbol on the pack or can.

Where to buy bubly sparkling water?

Bubly sparkling water is easy to find in your local grocery store, Walmart, Target, and many other leading supermarkets. In case you’re too lazy to drive to the mart then simply order your favorite sparkling water flavor online. You can use the links above or search through Amazon for other tasty Bubly flavors.

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Bubly is a successful line from Pepsico. The sparkling water with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or calories made it a total hit in the seltzer industry. The water is first filtered and then carbonated for the best results. Besides, there is a total of 8 flavors to choose from. 0 calorie and 0 added sugars, Bubly is undoubtedly a great alternative to sugar-loaded soft drinks and sodas. The flavors are refreshing and after looking at its ingredient list we can say that Bubly is one of the best flavored sparkling water in the market today.


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