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Baker or not, we always have a packet of bread at home to make quick-filling sandwiches. Packed, store-bought bread remains fresh for a day or two unless it starts to dry out. And the same happened with homemade bread. Proper storage of loaves is necessary for their long-lasting freshness and flavor. But this is one such thing we usually do not pay attention to. The same thing happened to me unless I bought the best bread box to store my delicious homemade loaves.

For many people, bread boxes are a complete waste of money and space. Why buy a bread box when you can easily pack the remaining slices in a plastic sheet and store it in the pantry box. But little that you know, bread boxes are best for storing bread. Not only store-bought ones but they help to preserve the flavor and freshness of homemade loaves for a long time.

Best Bread Box Review

How well do bread boxes work?

These boxes are designed in such a way that there is sufficient air circulation for the loaf to breathe but not too much to make it moist. On the other hand, there are airtight bread boxes that ensure no air circulation at all.

Boxes come in different shapes and materials. Each one of them holds its unique specialty and makes it ideal to use for a certain type of weather. For example, you might need an airtight container for fast consumption of bread, while wooden bread boxes trap moisture and keep the loaf from drying out. In short, bread boxes are intended to keep bread in its original form for a long while and a few models do provide excellent results.

Best Bread Box

Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box2 LoavesStainless Steel Check Price
Claimed Corner Bread Box (Metal)2+ LoavesMetal Check Price
Home-it Bread Box for Kitchen2+ LoavesStainless Steel Check Price
Culinary Couture Extra Large Bread Box2+ LoavesStainless Steel Check Price
Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box2+ LoavesMetal Check Price
Cookbook People Wooden Bread Box2+ LoavesBamboo Check Price
Cooler Kitchen Vertical Bread Box2 LoavesMetal+Wood Check Price
Laura's Farmhouse Style Bread Holder2+ LoavesWooden Check Price

Check the reviews below and find out which is the best bread box for your kitchen?

1) Brabantia Fall Front Metal Bread Box

Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box - Matte Steel Fingerprint Proof with Black Sides,

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Save your time and money by driving back and forth to the grocery store only to pick up fresh rolls. The Brabantia steel bread box ensures the long freshness and flavor of homemade bread. Measuring 7.3 inches high and 18.2 inches wide, this matte steel box sits perfectly on the countertop without acquiring much space. And if you feel like it’s taking up any space then feel free to place mugs or cups on its top. The sturdy steel construction with a practical flat top offers vital extra storage space.

Do not worry about scratches or ugly fingerprint marks as Brabantia fall-front bread box is completed with a fingerprint-proof steel finish. This means you’ll not have to keep a cleaning cloth by your side every time you access the unit. Besides, it is made using high-quality steel whose shine does not fade away even after years of use. The elegant unit with shiny exterior compliments a variety of kitchen decors. In short, it is the best combination of style and functionality for all the bakers.

Our Verdict

What makes Brabantia Matte Steel Bread Box worth the money?

  • Classic square shape with dimensions spacious enough to store a large and thick loaf
  • Built from durable, smudge-resistant, and corrosion-free material
  • Features front-fall opening with clever magnetic seal
  • Equipped with hanging eyes on the back to attach the bread box to a wall or kitchen unit
  • Ventilation base
  • Best modern bread box for various kitchens decors
  • Capacity to fit up to 2 loaves at a time
  • Fingerprint proof finish that does not require frequent cleaning
  • Comes with a 10-year guarantee

2) Claimed Corner Large Metal Bread Box, White

Claimed Corner White Metal Bread Box Storage Bin for Farmhouse Kitchen

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Not all members of the family love the same kind of bread. While one prefers homemade, one might love baguettes, and then there are bagels for kids. So instead of storing each one of them individually let Claimed Corner’s large bread box handle all your bread storage. This 13.5″ x 9.5″ x 7.5″ metal box holds two full loaves of bread with extra space to fit in donuts, bagels, etc. While there are no vents, do not worry about food items getting spoiled as the metal bread box maintains perfect humidity levels by letting just enough air to pass through the lid. And at the same time, it traps enough moisture to keep the bread soft.

The generously sized box is pre-labeled. The letters are about 2 inches high. From modern to farmhouse-style kitchens, this cute bread box will completely blend in with the decor. A large handle on the lid helps you access the unit easily while side handles provide mobility. On the downside, the unit is not dishwasher safe, plus, it’s bulky to fit easily in many dishwashers. But you can easily hand wash the unit. Make sure to use a soft sponge as it will help to clean thoroughly and will protect the powder-coated paint. Then you can either let it air dry or wipe dry with paper towels.

Our Verdict

Why buy Claimed Corner Metal bread box?

  • Best rated bread box with ample storage space
  • Durable all-metal construction with white powder-coated exterior and big bold black pre-label
  • Side carrying handles let you shift the box easily from countertop to dining table
  • The spacious unit keeps your counter clutter-free
  • Ideal for storing loaves of bread, pastries, cookies, doughnuts, bagels, etc
  • Prevents pests and insects from getting your favorite food
  • A thick solid meat unit is easy to clean in your kitchen sink

3) Home-it Bread Box & Bin for Kitchen

Home-it Stainless Steel Bread Box for kitchen, bread bin

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Small kitchens constantly struggle with limited storage space. And if you live in an apartment with limited countertop space then a Home-it stainless steel bread box is perfect for your kitchen. Its sleek design saves you space yet offers a spacious interior to store a good quality of ingredients. Credit goes to its swing-down door that opens and closes smoothly without having to move anything around. You can easily access the baked goods inside. Plus, vent holes on the backside allow adequate air circulation to keep the bread fresh for longer. And indeed it stays fresh for up to a week.

Sturdy stainless steel construction with protective plastic trim prevents scratch and sound while you open or close the door. However, you might not like the fact that the door holds fingerprints and needs constant wiping. But fingerprints won’t be a problem if you access the door with clean hands. Other than that, the brushed steel design compliments the rest of your stainless steel kitchenwares like an oven, dishwasher, microwave, etc. You’ll not have to make extra effort to make it look beautiful.

Our Verdict

Highlights of Home-It Stainless Steel bread Box:

  • Front access smooth swing door
  • Durable stainless steel body blends with other steel kitchen appliances
  • The dark interior keeps bread and baked goods fresh for a couple of days
  • The unit measures 16″ x 10″ x 7″ which makes it perfect for small apartments
  • Best bread box for gluten-free bread
  • Vent holes for proper air circulation
  • Affordable

4) Culinary Couture Large White Bread Box

Culinary Couture Large White Bread Box - Extra Large Storage Container for Loaves, Bagels

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A family who loves having bagels for breakfast needs an extra-large bread box to store baked goods in one place. And Culinart Couture has a perfect unit to offer to people seeking extra storage space. This 16.5″ L x 9″ W x 6.5″ H big container can hold up to 20 bagels at once. The lid goes up smoothly for you to take out the bagels for breakfast and shuts firmly shielding your favorite bagels and baked goods against insects. However, it does feature tiny holes in the backside for proper air circulation. This helps to keep both store-bought and homemade bread fresh for a long time.

The powder-coated paint of the metal box is durable and smooth. The same size storage container is available in 7 different colors to match your kitchen furniture perfectly. Besides, high-quality construction of the large metal box for bread ensures no rusting, corrosion, or loss of shine even after years of use. Maintaining the unit is as easy as using it. Simply wipe clean the interior and exterior with damp paper towels. Let it dry for a few minutes and your cleaned box is all set to store the fresh batch of homemade loaf.

Our Verdict

Why go for Culinary Couture Extra-Large Storage Container?

  • 9 inches wide unit offers ample space to store English muffins, bagels, different types of loaves, all in one place
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant finish
  • The lid shuts firmly in place to protect the contents inside from nasty elements
  • Tiny holes on the back ensure air circulation to prevent the bread from drying out before time
  • Comes with a bonus Ebook valued at $10 that contains bread making tips and 35 delicious bread recipes
  • Desing of the product brings a vintage touch to your kitchen
  • You can pick the best bread box from 8 beautiful colors

5) Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box, Fingerprint Proof Color

Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box, Matt Steel Fingerprint Proof Color - Large

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Many people often skip buying roll-top units as they cannot store anything on the top due to the rolling door. But this is not an issue with the Brabantia metal bread box as the roll-up door has a special rolling space. This means your get the flat top to keep candies, small jars, etc. Do not let the low worktop profile of Brabantia fool you with its storage space. The unit measures 17.5 inches wide and 10.6 deep that is ideal to store a large packet of store-bought bread or a homemade loaf.

Brabantia the brand speaks for itself. Just like the majority of its models, this unit is also made of high-quality materials to ensure that it will stay as the day you bought it for years to come. In fact, the matte steel of this Brabantia rolltop bread box is fingerprint-proof. So no need to wipe the surface every time you access the door. While classic matte steel color blends with most of the kitchen decors, this particular Brabantia unit comes in different metallic colors to blend with other countertop appliances perfectly.

Our Verdict

What makes Brabantia RollTop bread box worth buying?

  • Rectangular unit with roll-top door; space-saving design
  • Matte metal fingerprint proof design comes in 7 classic colors
  • Large storage capacity and low worktop profile
  • Backed by a 10-year guarantee
  • A stylish and practical addition to any kitchen
  • Plastic stop on the inside to ensure noise dampening
  • Knobbly pattern box base ensures good airflow and ventilation
  • The flat-top design offers additional storage space

6) Cookbook People Rolltop Wooden Bread Box & Storage Bin

Cookbook People Original Rolltop Bread Box Bamboo Storage Bin

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Store-bought baked goods contain certain preservatives that keep them from spoiling. But the story is completely different when you bake your own bread. You do not add preservatives or any sort of substance to enhance shelf life. And these homemade artisan loaves of bread have a higher rate of molding and spoilage. But thanks to CookBook People’s bamboo bread box that helps to maintain the moisture and aroma of freshly baked bread for long hours and even for a couple of days.

Artisan bread is made for same-day consumption and the same goes for gluten-free homemade bread. But if you’re not able to consume the whole loaf within the same day then it is ideal to store it in a proper place. The 100% solid bamboo wood of this unit is just perfect for storing artisan and homemade loaves. The rolltop design of the box lets you access the content inside easily while the wooden flat top is ideal for miscellaneous storage. The top is tested to hold 30 lbs of weight which is far sturdier than most stainless steel storage boxes in the market.

Our Verdict

Why buy Cookbook People Bamboo storage bin?

  • Best wooden bread box for artisan, gluten-free, and homemade loaves
  • Made from 100% solid bamboo wood; no particle board or composites
  • Wooden lid opens inside to back wall, maximizing storage inside as well as offers space on top
  • Wipe clean with mild soap and water and dry thoroughly
  • An occasional rub of mineral oil will maintain the natural bamboo appearance
  • Sturdy metal screw construction with filled in holes
  • Affordable product for home bakers

7) Cooler Kitchen Extra Large Farmhouse Vertical Bread Box

Extra Large Space Saving Vertical Red Bread Box With Eco Bamboo Cutting Board Lid

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Love to bake muffins, bagels, and bread at home? Then a regular size unit will not serve you well. You will need an extra-large bread box that stores all your baked goods safely in one place. Measuring 13″ x 7″ x 9.5″, this large yet stylish farmhouse bread box hold 2 loaves of bread, or a variety of cookies, bagels, muffins, pastries, and other snacks you usually put on the countertop for a quick bite. The thick metal box with bright red paint is rust and corrosion-resistant. This means you can hassle-free use the unit in humid regions.

Instead of a steel lid, the Cooler Kitchen farmhouse breadbox features a bamboo lid. The lid doubles as a cutting board. You flip off the lid and slice the loaf right away, then put the remaining loaf back in the box right away. Not only does this save your time but lets you dust off crumbs in the box itself. Do not worry about washing the metal breadbox as you can either toss it in the dishwasher or wash it under running water, while the bamboo lid cleans easily with soap and water.

Our Verdict

Highlights of Cooler Kitchen Vertical Bread box:

  • A large vertical unit that holds a good quantity of baking goods
  • The bamboo lid doubles as a chopping board
  • Dishwasher-safe metal box while the lid is easy to handwash
  • The smooth exterior doesn’t show ugly fingerprints or smudge marks
  • Bamboo wood lid naturally insect and rodent resistant. The hardwood makes their teeth shatter which makes them ideal for food storage
  • Beautiful graphic on the box front
  • The seal creates a perfect environment for the bread to hold its freshness

8) Laura’s Farmhouse Style Wooden Bread Holder Box with Clear Window

LAURA'S GREEN KITCHEN Large Double Layer Bread Box: Bamboo BreadBox w/Clear Window

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Save your bread from getting stale or soggy with Laura’s Green Kitchen double-layer bread storage box. This cabinet-type box is ideal for people who love to bake different types of loaves at home. With a shelf in between this large unit offers 15.8″ width and 6.8″ depth that is enough to hold 2 large loaves of bread, rolls, muffin, cookies, and more. With this wooden breadbox, you’ll never run out of space so keep baking as much as you wish. Clearly, it is a big box so it will take up counter space but simple aesthetics looks beautiful in any given space.

While many steel and wooden bread boxes comprise a solid lid, Laura’s Green Kitchen features a clear see-through window. The plexiglass window lets you have a quick glance at what’s inside the box without actually opening it. This keeps you updated on which goods are running out without allowing humidity to enter. As a result, the baked items remain fresh and aromatic for a long while. Also, the lid closes firmly in place, thanks to the magnet on the top. You can easily open and close the lid without the fear of glass shattering.

Our Verdict

What makes Laura’s Green Kitchen 2-layer storage cabinet worth investing?

  • Best wooden bread box for artisan bakers
  • Dual storage layers offer plenty of space to store all baking goods in one place
  • Farmhouse chic style will add a touch of rustic decor
  • Includes instruction booklet, extra rods, screws, and a screwdriver for easy assembly
  • A clear glass window lets you have a peek inside without opening the door
  • Durable and elegant design that is perfect for gifting bakers
  • Made from 100% thick bamboo wood
  • Sturdy and safe magnetic lock

Do bread boxes keep the bread from molding?

Yes, bread boxes are best to keep the bread from molding. But this raises another question, will storing bread in a refrigerator prevent mold growth? And answer the question is yes again. Refrigeration prevents mold growth but also takes away freshness. You will not enjoy the aroma of baked goods on refrigeration.

And on the other side, breadboxes not only prevent mold growth but also preserve the aroma of freshly baked bread. In fact, good quality bread boxes help to maintain freshness for as long as 6-7 days.

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Never throw the remaining slices of your favorite bread just because it becomes soggy or dry with the best bread box. You might not think this little unit is worth investing in until you actually own one. Not only for storing different loaves of bread, but a large bread box is ideal for storing all kinds of baking goods. You’ll immediately see the difference between the baked goods stored in the fridge and the ones stored in these units. And in the end, the bread box wins when it comes to freshness, aroma, and texture.


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