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Wusthof knives are one of the chart-topping products in the knife industry. Chefs around the world trust the quality of Wusthof knife. Honestly, they are not the cheapest set of knives in the market. But you’ll feel the high quality of the blade once you cut an ingredient. Apart from quality, there are a lot of meritorious features of having a knife set. So we’ve rounded up the best Wusthof knife set to buy for both home use and gifting purpose.

Are Wusthof Knives Good?

The company is family-owned for 7 generations now and are experts in making top-quality knives. They manufacture all their top-class products in Solingen, Germany. From mid-prices to expensive, all their German-style knives are sharpened to an angle of 14 degrees per side. Such a beveled angle helps to cut food smoothly.

Wusthof offers several different series to choose a perfect set from. This includes Classic, Classic Ikon, Grand Prix II, Epicure, Crafter, Silverpoint, etc. Among them, Classic and Grand Prix lines are the best-rated knives for both domestic and professional use. So a short and simple answer is, yes, Wusthof knives are all good to use.

Best Wusthof Knife Set Review

Best Wusthof Knife Sets Compared

ProductsKnives in SetModelPrice
Wusthof 8901-1BL7 PieceClassic Check Price
Wusthof 9718-618 PieceGourmet Check Price
Wusthof 96083 PieceEssential Check Price
Wusthof 17777 PieceGourmet Check Price
Wusthof 931212 PieceGourmet Check Price
Wusthof 862020 PieceClassic Check Price
Wusthof 97294 PieceSteak Check Price
Wusthof 891010 PieceGourmet Check Price
Wusthof 8347-67 PieceIKON Check Price
Wusthof14 PieceIkon Check Price

Here are our top 10 Wusthof kitchen knife sets to help you cut and chop fruits, vegetables, and meat.

1) Wusthof Classic 7-piece Slim Knife Block Set (Acacia)

Wusthof Classic 7-piece Slim Knife Block Set (Acacia)

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Master your skills with the original German knives set. The signature touch of Wusthof on all these 7 pieces makes them special and worth the money. Each piece is precisely forged featuring a full tang, high-carbon stainless steel with a bolster. The robust bolster completes the original Classic look of the 7-piece Wusthof knife set. In addition to the classic feel, bolster adds weight and balances the blade while you’re using it.

This triple-riveted knife is made with high-quality German steel. To be more specific, x50crmov15 steel. Each blade goes through computer-controlled edge cutting for precise and uniform results from tip to head. You’ll not feel one set of Wusthof knives different from another even after you buy after ages. And the new Precision Edge Technology(PEtec) enhances the blade sharpness by 20%. Thus, the sharpness of the blade will last twice as long.

Our Verdict

What makes Classic Line worth buying?

  • Best Wusthof knife set for kitchen use
  • Comes with a handsome acacia wood case to store blades safely
  • 7-piece set ideal for home chefs
  • Forged full tang with thick bolster
  • High-carbon stain-resistant steel
  • Enhanced blade sharpness by 20% due to the use of new precision edge technology
  • Triple-riveted handle
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

2) WÜSTHOF Gourmet 18 Piece Acacia Block Set – Excellent High Carbon Stainless Steel with 17 Slot

WusthofGourmet Eighteen Piece Acacia Block Set 18-Piece German Knife Set

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One thing is Wusthof is, all their products are expensive. Even the simplest of a knife will cost you no less than $100. But keeping in mind the budget of people, Wusthof has introduced a whole new series of laser-cut knives. However, we cannot say they are cheap but at least you can get an 18-piece German knife set under $500. The laser-cut technology is the reason behind the low cost of the set. Each of the blades is laser cut stamped that offers incredible sharpness.

Considering the price and number of blades, this 18-piece Wusthof gourmet knife set is a perfect housewarming gift. It is a complete professional set that includes paring, trimming, peeling, spear point paring, bread, hollow edge santoku, utility, slot block, and steak knives. With this set by your side, you can easily prepare multiple cuisines at home. Plus, all the blades including scissors stay safely in the acacia block.

Our Verdict

Why go for the 18-piece classic gourmet line?

  • A complete set of professional chef knives that is not too costly
  • High carbon stainless steel blade precisely cut with the latest state of the art technology
  • Resists corrosion and dullness
  • The set offers a limited lifetime warranty
  • Quality and price of this Wusthof kitchen knives makes it ideal for gifting
  • Light in weight
  • 5 different block choices
  • Full tang with easy-grip synthetic handle

3) Wüsthof – 3 Piece Cook’s Set – 3 1/2″ Paring Knife, 6″ Utility Knife, and 8″ Cook’s Knife (9608)

Wusthof 3 Piece Cooking Knife Set

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Sharp knives ease the initial preparation before you begin to cook. And if you take the cooking job seriously then make a place for Wusthof 3-piece classic knife set in your kitchen. The set includes a 3-1/2-inch paring knife, 6-inch utility knife, and an 8-inch cook’s knife. You can tackle a lot of kitchen tasks using these simple yet essential blades. In addition to being extremely durable, all 3 blades are forged from a single block of high carbon German steel.

This classic line of Wusthof uses Precision Edge Technology which yields a blade that is 20% sharper. You will not feel the need to sharpen the blades after a few uses. Moreover, the presence of a bolster adds weight and balances the blade while you chop ingredients. Whereas triple-riveted handles provide a comfortable grip to deal with the hardest of foods. This synthetic polypropylene handle resists fading, discoloration, heat, and impact. Thus, you’ll have fun chopping, slicing, dicing, or cutting the food.

Our Verdict

Features of Classic 3-piece cook’s set:

  • Ideal for bachelors who just stepped into the world of cooking
  • All the 3 blades comprise bolster that balances and add weight while chopping
  • One of the best line of Wusthof knives for a long time now
  • Full tang triple-riveted handle that resists fading, discoloration, and impact
  • PEtec yields a sharper blade that retains its sharpness for a long time
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • An essential set for any kitchen that will last for a lifetime

4) WÜSTHOF Gourmet 7 Piece Starter Block Set – Best 7-Piece German Knife Set

Wusthof Gourmet Seven Piece Starter Block Set - 7-Piece German Knife Set

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Does your monthly budget make you step back from buying a high-end kitchen knife? Then not to worry as Wusthof presents an affordable 7-piece gourmet laser-cut knife set. These precise laser-cut stamped knives offer solid durability and sharpness. You can use them every day to ease your daily job of cutting, chopping, slicing or dicing food items. There’s even a gourmet double serrated bread knife that helps you with smooth slicing of bread.

The gourmet line of Wusthof is cheap than Classic due to the absence of a bolster. And not many chefs prefer a kitchen knife without a bolster. But others like the lightness that comes along which helps to cut through and carve foods better. In addition to 4 blades and a pair of scissors, this 7-piece set comes with a knife rod for manual sharpening of all the blades.

Our Verdict

Why buy the laser-cut Gourmet series?

  • Cheap Wusthof knife set perfect for home use or gifting
  • Sturdy, fade-resistant and impact-resistant plastic handle
  • Easy to handwash
  • Precisely cut with the latest technology for best results
  • Includes a honing rod for a quick touch
  • Safe and sturdy 9-slot woodblock

5) WÜSTHOF Gourmet 12 Piece Block Knife Set with 13 Slot Wood Block

Wusthof Gourmet 12 Piece Block Kitchen Knife Set

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The Wusthof gourmet 12-piece knife set is an affordable choice for all our home chefs. The set includes all major kinds of blades that go in a pro kitchen. From slicing cucumber to make every salad to carving pumpkin during the holiday season, you can experiment freely with this set. Again, the blades are made from high-quality stainless German steel and precisely cut with laser technology.

The laser cutting method ensures the quality and sharpness of each blade meet the highest set standards of Wusthof. Be it four 1/2-inch utility blade, two 1/2-inch paring blade, 8-inch serrated blade or four 1/2-inch steak knives, you’ll get razor-sharp edges that cut food in a snap. If you feel the edge getting dull after a few uses, then use the knife rod to hone. Following the right honing method will make the edge sharp like never used before.

Our Verdict

What makes this 12-piece Gourmet line worth buying?

  • A great option for home cooks who look forward to professional cooking
  • You can get an Acacia wood slot block to match with other acacia kitchen accessories
  • Triple-riveted synthetic handles
  • 4 Wusthof steak knives allow multiple people to help with cooking
  • Anti-skid feet on the bottom of the slot block lets you store the knives safely
  • Classic look but with a much cheaper price tag

6) WÜSTHOF Classic 20 Piece Knife Block Set with 25 Slot Block

Wusthof Classic 20 Piece Knife Block Set

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Not only chefs but housewives too seek a good quality kitchen knife that eases their job of cooking. And this 20-piece Wusthof Classic line is perfect for them. A single block of high-quality carbon German steel is chosen to make an individual blade of the block. This steel is then carefully forged and tempered to 58-degree Rockwell hardness. As a result, you get to hold a durable unit in hand that will last for a lifetime with very little maintenance.

While single block forging adds durability, the blade gets its razor-like sharpness from Precision Edge Technology(PEtec). This technology helps to yield a 20% sharper edge that requires less sharpening. And in case it gets a little dull, you can easily hone it with the help of the 10-inch knife block. Speaking of the block, this 25-slot wooden block includes every blade that you’ll need for different types of cooking. From chopping everyday cooking ingredients, cutting meat, carving vegetables to slicing a big melon, you can do a wide variety of things.

Our Verdict

Why buy Wusthof 20-piece Classic line?

  • A simple slicing motion is enough to cut through the hardest of food
  • High carbon German, no-stain steel
  • Expensive product but you get a high-quality Wusthof knife set that will deal with the majority of preparation needs
  • The compound tapered blade is laser tested for sharpness and correct cutting angle
  • Sturdy 25-slot wooden block that holds every blade safely
  • Triple-riveted PMO handles with comfortable contours for seamless chopping
  • Single block forging results in an excellent performance
  • Great for both home and restaurant use

7) WÜSTHOF Gourmet 4 Piece Steak Knife Set – Best Kitchen Steak Knife Set

Wusthof Gourmet 4 Piece Steak Knife Set

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A steak knife helps to cut meat and seafood better. Apart from cutting meat in the kitchen, a steak knife also goes on the dinner table. People use it to cut fine meats smoothly. But your guests might get a bit uncomfortable using a dull blade. Do not let a dull blade ruin the joy of delicious steak by buying the best Wusthof steak knife set. The razor-sharp blades of all 4 units perfectly cut the meat in one go. So instead of struggling with the food, you can enjoy the meal with friends or family.

As compared to a 12 or 20-piece Wusthof gourmet knife set, this 4-piece set is inexpensive. The ergonomic handle of all 4 units provides a secure grip while cutting. The long-lasting synthetic material of the handle is resistant to fading and discoloration. So if you have a friend who loves steak or invites you frequently to a dinner party then now you know what to gift him/her. All four 1/2-inch steak knives come safely in a box for gifting.

Our Verdict

Features of Gourmet steak knife set:

  • They are non-serrated steak knives that are easy to hone or sharpen at home
  • The blades are not thick nor too thin, just perfect for smooth cutting
  • Ergonomic handle design with a secure grip
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Best gourmet steak knives for kitchen use or gifting
  • Precisely laser-cut for durability

8) WÜSTHOF Gourmet 10 Piece Block Set – Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set with 13 Slot Wood Block

Wusthof Gourmet 10 Piece Block Set

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Enjoy more flexibility in your preparations with the Wusthof Gourmet 10 piece block set. You get 2 peeling blades, 2 pairing edges, 2 utility blades, 4 serrated blades, a spreader edge, a bread knife, a cook’s, and come-apart kitchen shears. Therefore, you get enough supplies to work freely or take a cooking class of your friend. Again, as they are from the Gourmet series, none of the units comprises bolsters. So you’ll feel the blades much lighter and easy to maneuver.

The entire set comes along with a 13 slot wood block. This sturdy wooden unit stores all the knives in place safely. Moreover, Wusthof uses laser-cut technology to give shape to all different blades. This, in turn, offers superb quality and value for long-term use. Besides, the latest state-of-the-art technology gives razor-sharpness to these precisely cut blades. So you can effortlessly chop, dice, slice, cut, shred, mince, or carve various food items.

Our Verdict

Why go for a laser-cut german knife set?

  • Budget-friendly price tag
  • Easy to care
  • Good gourmet knife set for kitchen
  • Quality steel resists corrosion and dulling
  • High carbon stainless steel blades with a razor-sharp edge
  • Comfortable triple-riveted handle POM handles that do not wobble while cutting hard ingredients

9) WÜSTHOF CLASSIC IKON Acacia Block 7-Piece Knife Set with 15 Slot Wood

Wusthof CLASSIC IKON 7 Acacia Block 7-Piece Knife German Set

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If money is not a big issue then the Wusthof Classic Ikon knife set under $500 is perfect for you. The rich, classic German appearance of the unit will surely win your heart. Not only the looks but solid strength of Classic Ikon makes it worth every single penny. You might be wondering the difference between Wusthof Classic Ikon and Classic lines. While the forging method of both the lines is similar, it is the bolster that makes the difference.

Instead of full size, Classic Ikon lines feature a half bolster. Such a design of bolster helps in proper balancing as well as eases sharpening using an electric knife sharpener. You can sharpen the entire blade in one go without the fear of damaging the bolster. Interestingly, all the blades of the Wusthof Classic Ikon series feature 2 bolsters. One connecting handle and blade and the other bolster is in the rear. This extra bolster not only enhance the look of the German knives but also adds balance.

Our Verdict

What makes 7-piece Classic Ikon worth buying?

  • Forged from a single piece of high carbon stainless steel
  • Full tang triple-riveted synthetic handles
  • Exception quality of blade resists stains and corrosion
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Uses Precision Edge Technology that yields 20% sharper edges
  • Dual bolster design enhances look as well as provides great balance while using the knife
  • Includes a 15-slot wood block in case you wish to buy other Wusthof Classic knives in future

10) Wusthof Classic Ikon 14-piece Knife Block Set (Walnut Block)

Wusthof Classic Ikon 14-piece Knife Block Set

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If we are talking about quality then nothing can beat the exceptional quality of Wusthof Classic Ikon knife block set. All the blades of Wusthof Ikon feature 58 Rockwell hardness that is extremely durable. Every blade is made from a single block of high carbon steel that will not break easily. Besides, every sharp blade features 2 bolsters, one-half bolster and a round bolster at the end of the handle. This provides a great balance and adds weight to the knife. Therefore, you can easily cut food without applying much pressure.

Along with quality, what we love the most about this Wusthof Ikon 14-piece knife block set are the blades. It includes paring, utility, hollow edge santoku, bread, offset carving and forged steak knives. Thus, one can say it is the ultimate pro chef knife set that is highly durable. All the edges are easy to sharpen using an electric sharpener. Or you can hone away slight dullness with the 10-inch sharpening steel it comes with.

Our Verdict

Why buy Wusthof Classic Ikon?

  • One-stop solution to deal with all kinds of food
  • Very expensive but worth the investment
  • Comprises of double bolster that adds weight and balance
  • 58 Rockwell hardness that can cut hard meats easily
  • Comes with a solid and beautiful walnut block that store the blades safely
  • Contoured 3-riveted black synthetic handle
  • 14-degree cutting edge on each side that is easy to sharpen using an electric knife sharpener

Wusthof Classic Ikon vs Classic: Which One to Buy?

Are all Wusthof knives made in Germany?

Yes, all the Wusthof knives are made in Germany using high-quality German steel. Be it stamped blades or forged blades, Wusthof makes sure to use quality materials for a long life of their knives. Classic, Classic Ikon, Ikon, Grand Prix II, and Epicure are some of its famous lines. Whereas, Pro and Gourmet series use laser-cut technology and are cheaper as compared to the rest of the models. But no matter which series you select, every Wusthof knife is made from German steel.

Is Wusthof better than Henckels?

Two famous brand names that come across in the search of the best kitchen knives are Henckels and Wusthof. Some say Henckels knives are best while others stick to Wusthof. This creates a pool of confusion and makes hard to decide which knife is best in the market?

Hardness: While the hardness of Henckel Knives ranges between 56-57 Rockwell, Wusthof offers 58 Rockwell hardness. And more hard the steel, longer it will hold its sharpness. However, there is no great difference but still, Wusthof wins in terms of Rockwell hardness of knives.

Half-Bolster: Certain series of both of the brands feature a half bolster. The concept of the half bolster is to provide a maximum cutting area from the blade. Also, you can easily sharpen a blade that has no thick bolster all down the bottom of the knife.

Sharpen: Again, there is only a little difference between the sharpening angles of both the brands. Henckels sharpen their blade to 15 degrees both sides, whereas, Wusthof blades a bit narrower at 14-degree sharpening on both sides. Besides, Asian blades of Henckel and Wusthof such as Santoku and Nakiri sharpen at 10-degree per side. However, Henckel knives are easy to sharpen due to relatively less Rockwell hardness.

Price: Price-wise there is no big difference. The forged knives of both brands are expensive than stamped ones. But buyers need to beware as popular knife brands like Henckel and Wusthof attract knock-offs. So it is better to buy this expensive stuff from an original or trusted dealer only. Once you hold the knife in your hand and use it, you’ll realize your investment is not gone in vain.

How often should you sharpen a Wusthof knife?

A sharp knife is a safe knife. The quality and Rockwell hardness will not require you to sharpen the Wustof knife frequently. Also, one should never sharpen a blade frequently as it scrapes off a thin layer of the metal. Instead, hone the edges that will help to keep the blade in shape without actually scrapping any metal off. And many of Wusthof knife set comes with a metal honing steel that lets you hone the blades easily. A well-honed knife will need less sharpening.

You can also use an electric sharpener or handheld sharpener for sharpening of Wusthof blades at home. Make sure to check the sharpening angle matches the angle of your knife for razor-cut sharpness. Depending upon how often the knives are used, they may only need to be sharpened once or twice a year. But if you do not know anything about sharpening then rather then risking the expensive knife send them off to Wusthof. They will take care of your precious knives and will charge near about $4/knife.

Can I put Wusthof knives in a dishwasher?

It is better to handwash Wusthof knives rather than popping them in the dishwasher. And the main reason why not to use dishwasher is your safety. There are high chances of injuring your finger while unloading the dishwasher. Besides that, pressure and water temperature inside the dishwasher can wear away the plastic or rubber coating of the handle. Also, it affects the metal in the long run which makes it more prone to rust. So rather handwash your Wusthof kitchen knife. It hardly takes a minute to wash the blade properly in the kitchen sink.

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Wrap Up:

From domestic to professional use, our list contains the best Wustof knives set that will last for years. While the Classic lines are heavy and rich, you can get the best laser-cut knives from the Gourmet series.

No matter which series you choose, the blades cut seamlessly as well as are easy to maintain. Wash them under running water, dry with a cotton cloth and your shiny new Wustof kitchen knife is all ready for the next use.


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