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Some people just cannot resist grilling and that smokey charred flavor of the meat. After all, outdoor bbq grilling is the best part of summer. While mother nature lets you grill peacefully outdoors during summer and spring, things get a bit difficult during rain and snow. But thanks to Philips smokeless indoor grill that lets you grill food inside the home.

A charcoal or gas grill produces smoke no matter how good quality your bbq grill is. And that irresistible aroma that comes along smoke is what boosts your appetite. However, you cannot grill food indoors because of the smoke that emerges. Not only does it affect indoor air quality but it also can be hazardous for your health.

So does that mean that you have to wait till next summer? No, not at all. Thanks to the best electric smokeless indoor grill that lets you have the fun of grilling all year round. And the best part is, they do not produce smoke like a typical outdoor charcoal grill. Therefore, you can enjoy veggies and meat with beautiful sear marks on it.

Best Philips Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill Reviews

Apart from being smokeless, a power indoor grill is highly portable. You will not need an army to lift and shift the unit. Thanks to the compact size of these portable grills that make it easy to shift and store. And today we’re picked some of the best Philips indoor grills that are portable, easy to clean and perfect for grilling food inside home.

Best Philips Indoor Smokeless Grills

ProductsHeat Tech.WeightPrice
Philips Avance HD6371/94
Infrared Up To 446°F12.35 lbs Check Price
Philips Premium HD6371/98Infrared Up To 446°F13.60 lbs Check Price
Philips Smoke-Less HD6372/94Infrared Up To 446°F13.67 lbs Check Price

Here are our top-rated Philips indoor grills reviews which are completely smokeless so that you can enjoy your BBQ without coughing and teary eyes.

1) Philips Smoke-less Indoor BBQ Grill, Avance Collection Review

Philips Smoke-less Indoor BBQ Grill, Avance Collection

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Show off your grilling techniques smoothly with Philips smokeless indoor bbq grill. Although it is an electric unit, the results are very much similar to an outdoor charcoal grill. You’ll have those beautiful sear marks on meat and burger that increases appetite. And all foods cook evenly without generating heavy smoke. Thus, grilling anytime is possible with this Philips grill.

Unlike charcoal or gas units, you will not get any hot spots in this electric grill. The food gets cooked evenly as well as leaves a uniformly browned surface. The credit behind such evenness goes to its advanced infrared technology. The infrared tubes on both sides quickly heat up to a consistent 446 degrees F. While the concave reflectors on the front of tubes spread heat evenly on the grilling surface.

For the best grilling experience, preheat the surface for nearly 10-12 minutes. This will ensure grill marks on the food and at the same time brown the rest of the food evenly. Plus, you do not need to google for the best grill temperature for steak, hamburgers, or chicken breast as Philips infrared grill sets to 446 degrees F only. This is the optimal temperature to grill most of the meats.


  • You can grill hotdogs, steak, chicken, beef, burgers, etc with 80% less smoke
  • The cookings grate is non-stick and extremely easy to clean
  • No need to adjust the temperature
  • Clean the grid either manually or inside the dishwasher
  • The unit remains steady on place no matter how times you flip your budger patties
  • Best rated indoor smokeless indoor grill on Amazon
  • Minimal side splattering means less time cleaning after use


  • A bit expensive

Key Features:

  • Advanced infrared technology
  • 12×7 grilling area
  • Concave reflectors
  • Keep warm function
  • Nonstick ALU grid
  • Non-slip feet
  • Drip tray
  • Weighs 12.35 lbs
  • Full 12-month warranty

2) Philips Kitchen Appliances HD6371/98 Review – Premium Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill 2.3, Black

Philips Kitchen Appliances HD6371:98 Premium Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill

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Even browning without burning is only possible when you grill food at the right temperature for the right time. And if you’re new to grilling with no time or temp settings in mind then Philips HD6371/98 premium smokeless indoor electric grill will be a great help. Similar to the above unit, it heats up quickly to a constant 446 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, constant heat provides perfect browning.

The removable rack measures 20 and 1/2 inches long from handle to handle. You get ample of space to grill multiple burger patties at once. Therefore, which makes it the best indoor smokeless grill by Philips for small parties and get-togethers. Besides, the size of the cooking rack is not too big to fit inside the dishwasher. It stands upright on the bottom rack of the dishwasher without touching the top rack.

Many of you might not have an idea about the cooking time of different meats on a constant 446 degrees F. So to ease your grilling, Philips infrared indoor grill includes a recipe book with many tasty grill recipes. On the other hand, there’s a manual that guides you with grilling temperatures for various meat and veggies.


  • Thanks to the advanced patented design that helps reduce side splattering
  • A wide grate accommodates multiple burger patties, long flatbread, etc
  • Easy set-up
  • The removable nonstick grill surface is easy to wash both manually or in the dishwasher
  • Free recipe book
  • Includes a ceramic scraper to clean interior reflectors
  • Minimal splattering keeps your cooking surface clean
  • Cooking temperature does not fluctuate


  • Interior of the grill is bit difficult clean

Key Features:

  • Non-stick cast aluminum grid
  • Advanced infrared technology
  • Ceramic scrapper
  • Interior reflectors
  • Detachable parts
  • Weighs 13.6 pounds

3) Philips Smoke-Less Infrared Grill Newest Model HD6372/94 Review – with both Nonstick Cast-Aluminum BBQ Grid & Stainless Steel Wire Grids

Philips Smoke-Less Infrared Grill Newest Model HD6372:94 Avance Collection with both Nonstick Cast-Aluminum BBQ Grid and Stainless Steel Wire Grids

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There are certain delicates ingredients like fish, fruits, and veggies that do not need intensive grilling. And if you love to eat grilled fish then Philips smokeless infrared bbq grill is for you. Other than a regular nonstick cast aluminum grate, HD6372/94 offers a steel-wire grid that is suitable for grilling delicate ingredients. It helps to cook the soft ingredients thoroughly while leaving beautiful grill marks on the surface.

The excellent craftsmanship of Philips HD6372/94 makes it worth every single penny. Also, the cost of this product is less than the above two. You can get this high-quality smokeless grill under $200 for effortless and smoke-free indoor cooking. Besides, there’s a drip tray that results in 97% less smoke than conventional models.

What we like the most about this product is the design of aluminum griddle. The handles are at a good distance from end cooking grates which is easy for the user to remove. And similar to most of the Philips electric grills, removable parts of this unit are also safe to wash inside the dishwasher. Thus, no more scraping and brushing.


  • The grease tray stays cool enough to minimize smoke and oil splattering
  • The robust aluminum surface gives beautiful sear marks similar to that of an authentic grill
  • Includes a steel-wire grid that is perfect for grilling delicate food items
  • Reflectors on the side maintain even temperature that results in even browning
  • Both the grids are dishwasher-safe
  • Comes with a recipe book with a lot of delicious indoor grill recipes
  • Affordable
  • The ‘keep warm’ function will reheat your food without drying or burning it


  • Small cooking area; good for 4-6 people

Key Features:

  • Infrared heat technology
  • Wire grilling grid
  • Nonstick ALU grid
  • Keep warm feature
  • Smart reflectors
  • Drip tray
  • Weighs 13.67 lbs

Is smokeless grill any good?

Smokeless grills are ideal for people who love grilled food in their plates like me. Thanks to beautiful technology that lets you grill your favorite food in a smoke-less environment. And virtually no smoke means you will not have to worry about smoke alarms in your kitchen. You can simply keep on grilling chicken breast for a cozy dinner night.

The electric indoor grill is fast and easy to set up. Unlike charcoal grills, you will not have to wait too long for coals to heat up. The temperature rises quickly in electric grills. It gets perfectly hot to grill meat till the time you’re actually cutting the meat. Some models also offer a temperature control setting to grill vegetables, meat, and other ingredients perfectly. There’s a knob on the side that lets you set the temperature.

In addition to being user-friendly, an electric indoor smokeless grill is portable. You can easily carry it with you while camping or tailgating. All you need is some good food to grill and a reliable electric socket nearby. And once the grill is done, you can take the grilling surface apart to clean it easily. So in short, smokeless grills are good for small apartments or homes with no backyard space.

Where does the smoke go in a smokeless grill?

The concept of a smokeless grill is to minimize the smoke emerging out from meat and grease while grilling food. But moisture content from the food does fall down the grill no matter whether it is charcoal or electric grill. So where does this smoke go?

Instead of falling on a hot surface, the grease, fat, and moisture from food fall in the metal tray of an electric grill. And this tray does not get too hot even if you grill food at high temperatures. This results in virtually no smoke. Plus, the tray of an indoor electric grill is removable for easy cleanup.

How do you cook a steak on a Philips smokeless grill?

Now you can grill and smoke steak at home without generating smoke inside your kitchen with the help of a Philips smokeless grill. Here is a video tutorial on how to cook steak indoors.

Smoke-Less Indoor Grill Recipes By Philips

So do you wonder if you can cook or grill your vegetables or meat in these infrared-powered grilling units? If yes, then please check out some of the tasty recipes by Brand Philips itself that you can cook by using its smokeless indoor grills.

  • Grilled Salmon Steaks – Check the Recipe Here
  • American Cheeseburger – Check the Recipe Here
  • Double Rib Eye with a Black Pepper Rub – Check Recipe Here

Healthy Cooking on Philips Smokeless Grill and Cleaning

In this video tutorial, you will learn to cook Oprah’s favorite Teriyaki Chicken Recipe. Apart from trying that chicken recipe it also shows how to clean the grill after using it.

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Wrap Up:

Gone are the days when smoke used to accompany your barbeque party. So now you know these amazing smoke-less indoor bbq grills that can give you are tasty bbq grilling experience without generating smoke.

Thanks to the invention of indoor grills that lets you grill food all year round. You can have the joy of grilled food no matter whether it is snowing or raining outside.

All you need to have is electricity to run your indoor infrared grill smoothly. Also, these types of products allow for lean grilling which means the grease and fat from the meat are separated into the drip tray. And cleaning an electric grill is as easy as cooking food on it. Plus, they are highly portable which means you can keep them on a tabletop and grill chicken breasts while chit-chatting with your friends.


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