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10 Best Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Island of 2023

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The best thing about a kitchen island is, space is not limited for a specific purpose. You can do a variety of things on a kitchen island.

From making extra storage space to set up a cooking range, the possibilities are endless.

Generally, a kitchen island is located at the center from where you can view the entire kitchen. And many people often set up kitchen island chairs and other sets of furniture to make the space cozier.

Good lighting along with great-looking furniture will surely make the space lively. And below are some of the best pendant lightings for kitchen island.

Top 10 Best Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Island

What is Kitchen island?

Before beginning with reviews let us understand what exactly is a kitchen island? It is basically a freestanding piece of furniture that has versatile uses. You can use this furniture for either storage or convert it into a workspace by installing a prep sink in a kitchen island. Or you can do both, store and work in the same space if the platform area is large. Thus, save time and energy.

There are many types of kitchen islands available to match your requirements. A portable unit with rollers on the bottom lets you move the piece of furniture around easily. And then there are non-portable, bulky wooden constructed units that give rich vibes. Other models include a fully functional unit that is very much similar to a regular kitchen countertop. Or you can have a double-tier kitchen island that provides ample serving space.

Nowadays, a newly built home with a modern kitchen already comes with a kitchen island. While this may ease of search of buying one but you still need to decorate the area. And pendant lights are the first choice of the users over any other lightings because of their simplicity and area of coverage. No matter what style your kitchen is, modern, traditional or contemporary, pendant lights blend in well and brights up space evenly.

Best Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Product NamePriceBulb TypeStyle
Westinghouse Lighting 6332500 Check PriceLED or IncandescentPulley Pendant
Globe Electric 64845 Check PriceDimmable LED or IncandescentVintage, Industrial
Westinghouse Lighting 6362000 Check PriceLED, CFL or CandelabraContemporary
Effimero Clear Glass Shade LL-P313-BN Check PriceWifi enabled, Incandescent, CFL, LED, or HalogenModern
Primo Linea di Liara LL-P429-LED-BN Check PriceIncandescent, Halogen, LED, or CFLIndustrial, Modern
Alice House AL8061-P5 Check PriceEdison, Incandescent, or LEDAntique, Farmhouse
Gadbad Product Check PriceGadbadModern
Westinghouse 6100800 Check PriceCFL or LED EdisonClassic, Retro
Westinghouse Lighting 6307900 Check PriceIntegrated LEDContemporary
CASAMOTION Check PriceIncandescent or LED EdisonContemporary

You get different choices of lights to match it with your kitchen interior. From simple glass pendant lights to modern pendant lights for kitchen islands, you can decorate your space according to your taste. Now without wasting much time let us begin with the best lighting for kitchen islands.

1. Westinghouse Lighting 6332500 Iron Hill Three-Light Indoor Island Pulley Pendant – Oil Rubbed Finish

Westinghouse Lighting 6332500 Iron Hill Three-Light Indoor Island Pulley Pendant

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The vintage pendant lights by Westinghouse blends well with various kitchen island styles. Instead of having a simple rod, it comprises a pully. You can easily adjust the height of pendant lights with the help of a pully. Such adjustable pendant lights adapt in rooms with low or high ceilings. Plus, it takes no tools to adjust the height of lights. Simply set the desired height by adjusting the big ball in the center.

The sturdy metal construction of the product will last for years. In addition to strong built-up, metal is easy to clean as compared to glass pendant lights. Just wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth to make it look shiny new. Also, it is very easy to install fixtures using simple household tools. It might take you nearly half an hour if you’re installing such a product for the first time. Thus, simplicity and quality craftsmanship make Westinghouse pendant light worth buying.

Key Features:

  • 3-light pulley pendant
  • Iron construction
  • 31-15/16-inch high
  • 12 inches in depth
  • 39-15/16-inch wide
  • Uses three 60 watt bulbs
  • ETL/CETL listed
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • Vintage-industrial details add a unique appeal and make the room look more beautiful
  • Pulley design helps in tool-free height adjustment of the lights
  • Oil rubbed bronze finish on the metal surface creates a warm, rustic feel
  • Set the unit with dimmer switch for the ultimate vintage look
  • You can fix either of filament bulbs or LED bulbs
  • Iron built-up lasts longer as well as is easy to clean
  • Comes well-packed with proper installation instructions


  • You need to buy lights separately

2. Globe Electric 64845 Nate 3-Light Pendant – Oil Rubbed Bronze with Clear Glass Shades

Globe Electric 64845 Nate 3-Light Pendant, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Clear Glass Shades

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Lighting for kitchen island is more than just a decoration for some people. And if you’re the person who needs good amount of light to fall on the countertop then Globe Electric 64845 is for you. This 3-light pendant island light fixture hints vintage style. Metal construction on upper style with clear glass shades on the bottom adds rustic charm to space. And this clear glass shade illuminates bright light that lets you work freely on the island surface. Be it chopping vegetables for supper or helping kids with homework, the exposed bulbs will brighten up space in style.

All the mounting hardware comes with the fixture for hassle-free installation. Plus, the pendant ceiling lights for kitchen island is adjustable up to 45 inches. Globe Electric includes 3 metal rods, each measuring 25 cm. You can easily remove or add the rod according to the height of the ceiling. Besides, it includes a 36-inch wide metal rod to hold light fixtures. The benefit of having a rod over rope is, lights remain steady and do not tilt on an angle whenever you adjust the height of the unit.

Key Features:

  • 3-light clear glass pendant
  • Pivot joint
  • Adjustable height
  • Three 9.85 metal hanging rods
  • Dimmer switch compatible
  • Uses 3 60-W bulbs
  • 36-inch wide


  • Fully dimmable with compatible dimmer switch to create a cozy atmosphere
  • You can install LED lights instead of fluorescent bulbs for brighter illumination
  • Can be installed on a sloped or vaulted ceiling
  • Comes in 3 beautiful finishes apart from oil rubbed bronze
  • Customize height of island fixture with adjustable metal rods
  • The budget-friendly price tag of the unit is one of the reasons behind it being a top-rated pendant light on Amazon
  • Includes all mounting hardware for quick and easy installation


  • No warranty on the product
  • Clear glass shows dust easily and requires cleaning frequently

3. Westinghouse Lighting 6362000 – Small Indoor Pendant

Westinghouse Lighting 6362000 Stella Mira One-Light Mini

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Installing a perfect light can double the joy of having a romantic dinner night with your partner. And if you love low-light dining then Westinghouse mini pendant lights are a way to go. Instead of long 3-lights or 4-light fixture, this comes as an individual unit. And the spherical metal surrounding the light illuminates beautiful shadow that makes the environment cozier. The soft glow of mini pendant light is ideal for hallways or entryway apart from the kitchen island. It creates a sense of warm welcome that is loved by many people.

Excellent craftsmanship of Stella Mira is eye-catching. The spherical shape in combination with brushed nickel finish complements a variety of indoor styles. And the best part is, you can easily install this single pendant light on ceiling as there are minimal parts to assemble. Clear instructions and mounting hardware help in the easy installation of kitchen pendant light.

Key Features:

  • One-light mini pendant
  • 60-watt medium-base bulb
  • 62-1/2-inch height
  • 9-inch diameter
  • 50-inch cord length
  • ETL/CETL listed
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • Shape and style of the product gives a rich and royal feel
  • Great to install on entryway, hallway or bedroom for a soft, warm glow
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • The unit is ETL listed and all safe to use
  • Available in three classic finishes, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and washed copper
  • Minimal assembly eases the installation of the unit
  • Backed by a good five-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship


  • No option to adjust the length

4. Effimero Medium Hanging Pendant Light – Best for Farmhouse Country Kitchen

Effimero Medium Hanging Pendant Light

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For many parents, island space is perfect to teach basic cooking to their kids. The absence of a gas stove and sink gives large room to carry out different activities on the kitchen island countertop. But one thing you need for sure is good lighting. And Effimero Medium hanging modern pendant lighting is simply perfect for your modern kitchen. Unlike extra metal or glasswork, this hanging light has a simple shape and design that looks well on many modern kitchen styles. Clean metal rod connections with clear glass cylinder shade make a statement wherever you install it.

A home with a modern interior might have different shapes of the ceiling rather than straight. And thanks to round swivel canopy that helps you install the modern pendant light fixture on sloped or vaulted ceilings. Most of its parts come pre-assembled and you only need to decide the location and height of hanging the light. Speaking of height, Linea di Liara Effimero LL-P313-BN includes three 12-inch, one 8-inch, and a 4-inch metal stems. You can use metal rods either of the same height or mix and style according to your wish.

Key Features:

  • Effimero Medium hanging fixture
  • 58-1/2-inch maximum height
  • 14-1/2-inch minimum height
  • 4-1/4-inch swivel canopy
  • Adjustable height
  • UL listed
  • 5-inch shade diameter


  • Great for modern kitchens, bathroom or bedroom
  • You can fix a dimmable bulb as the unit is compatible with dimmer switch
  • The fixture is smart bulb compatible, meaning you can use either LED, CFL, halogen or wifi enabled bulbs
  • No visible wiring gives a clean, stylish and modern touch
  • One of the best glass pendant light for kitchen island
  • Threaded ends of metal rods can be removed for easy wire threading
  • Clear cylindrical glass shade throws enough light to let you work freely on the kitchen island
  • Swivel on top helps to hang the unit properly on sloped ceilings


  • While it easy to hang the fixture, flush mounting can be quite difficult
  • Wires are not marked black or white which might confuse user while installation (Make sure to read the manual)

5. Primo LED Industrial Kitchen Pendant Light – Brushed Nickel Hanging Fixture

Primo LED Industrial Kitchen Pendant Light - Brushed Nickel Hanging Fixture - Linea di Liara LL-P429-LED-BN

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If you seek a kitchen island light that serves the purpose of both style and brightness, then this model is perfect for you. The Linea di Liara LL-P429-LED-BN Primo with 8-inch clear glass globe is for various kitchen styles. In fact, the shape of the product is such that you can hang it over your dining table or foyer where you need the maximum amount of light. And in addition to bright illumination, clean and classic design of LED pendant light will not interfere with the background of the room or kitchen.

Unlike the majority of models where you need to buy a compatible bulb separately, Primo led industrial kitchen pendant light comes with an LED bulb per unit. This 400 lumen led filament Edison-style bulb offers 2700 K color temperature. It throws light bright enough to let you see things clearly while the warm color makes the space comfortable. Or you can fix smart wifi enabled bulbs that easily change color through simple commands from your smartphone.

Key Features:

  • Industrial kitchen pendant light
  • 400 lumen led bulb
  • 100-inch maximum length
  • 14-inch minimum length
  • 8-inch round glass globe
  • UL listed
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty


  • Includes a led bulb that illuminates bright light to dine comfortably on your 2-tier kitchen island
  • An 8-foot field adjustable fabric wrapped cord provides up to 100 inches of length
  • The medium base E26 socket is compatible with incandescent, led, CFL and halogen bulbs(60 W max)
  • You get 3 classic color choices, antique brass, brushed nickel, and polished chrome
  • Can be installed on sloped ceilings
  • Compatible with most junction boxes
  • You can either hang the fixture or flush mount it depending on the height of the ceiling


  • The unit needs hardwiring which is best done by a qualified electric professional

6. Alice House 31.5″ Island Lighting – 5 Light Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Alice House 31.5" Island Lighting, 5 Light Kitchen Pendant Lighting, Dining Room Chandelier, Pool Table Light, Brown Finish AL8061-P5

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You can either buy individual units or get pool table lights to avoid drilling multiple holes in the ceiling. The benefit of hanging a pool table light over kitchen island is you get an abundance amount of light. And if you have a big kitchen island then pool table light is just perfect. And this Alice House 31.5-inch island lighting not only provides bright illumination but is very easy to install. It includes a full-detail instruction sheet that tells you how to assemble each part correctly.

Solid metal construction in combination with wooden sticks gives an antique, rustic feel. And all its parts are checked before assembly to avoid quality issues later. So for the money, you get a good quality light fixture that will last for years without rusting or cracking. And just like the majority of products, this farmhouse pendant light can also be installed on a sloped ceiling. Plus, there won’t be any misbalance as it comprises of sleek metal rods instead of ropes.

Key Features:

  • 5-light pendant lighting
  • Metal+wood construction
  • E26 socket
  • Max 500 watt
  • 31.5-inch long
  • 9.8-inch wide
  • 42-inch(max) hanging rod length


  • There are 6 pieces 12-inch rods and 2 pieces of 6-inch rods to adjust the height of the island light
  • You can use threads to connect hanging parts directly
  • Loop design on the mounting plate makes it possible to mount the pendant light on a sloped ceiling
  • Sleek metal rods hold the unit steady
  • Five lights lit at once brightens up space below greatly for comfortable dining
  • Metal will not rust or crack even after years of use


  • Only Suitable for Indoor Kitchens
  • While it is easy to assemble the unit, installation might take time

7. Polished Bubble Glass Triple Hanging Pendant Light Fixture – Kitchen, Island, Table Hallway

Polished Bubble Glass Triple Hanging Pendant Light Fixture | Glass Surrounded LED Lighting Fixture

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Sometimes we seek a cozy atmosphere inside the home where we can relax and have a cup of coffee. And bright lights are really not helpful in creating that warm, relaxing atmosphere. But a clean modern design with mini bubble cylinders can create a relaxing atmosphere to let you have a peaceful time yet bright enough to let you see things clearly. The clear glass outer cover of this glass pendant lights illuminates clear light. Whereas, integrated LED lights illuminate and radiate down the bubbles glass columns. And this combination enhances kitchen island space like no other.

All three glass light fixtures install over a single mounting plate. This eliminates the need to drill multiple holes in the ceiling for each fixture. You can adjust the height of each cord from 12 to 72 inches. Therefore, you can create a modern look by setting all 3 lengths at a different height or give a classic look by setting the fixtures at the same length. No need to worry about brightness as the pendant offers even light distribution with exceptional color accuracy at 80+ CRI. Thus, you will not feel light falling too bright or dim.

Key Features:

  • Mini bubble design
  • 10-inch wide mounting plate
  • Adjustable cord length
  • Dimmable
  • ETL and CETL certified
  • 120 volts


  • Modern bubble glass design complements a variety of contemporary and modern styles
  • All three metal suspending cables are adjustable from 12-inch to up to 72 inches
  • Use of quality materials make the unit ideal for use in damp locations such as bathroom
  • The lights get instantly on without flickering or making any noise
  • Dimmable using conventional led dimmers
  • Price of the product is not too high to burn a hole in your pocket
  • Fixtures can be hanged from both flat ceilings or vaulted angled ceilings


  • It will take 2-3 people to mount the unit safely (due to glass)
  • Adjusting the length of the cord will take time

8. Westinghouse 6100800 Adjustable Mini Pendant – Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Westinghouse 6100800 Industrial One-Light Adjustable Mini Pendant with Handblown Clear Seeded Glass, Brushed Nickel Finish-2 Pack, Shade, Oil-Rubbed Bronze

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The classic style of Westinghouse 6100800 industrial pendant lighting for kitchen island enhances traditional as well as modern spaces. The seeded shade of circular glass is good to place above the dining table, bedroom and kitchen island. On turning on the lights, you see a beautiful circular shadow on the ceiling that just enhances the beauty of the entire space. And the adjustable cord length makes it possible to hang the unit on rooms with high or low ceilings.

For the price of one, you get two mini light pendants for kitchen island. But do not let the low price of the product confuse you with its quality. Westinghouse 6100800 features strong metal and glass construction that will last for years. However, you need to handle the glass section carefully. But it will not be a major issue after hanging it once. Similar to other Westinghouse kitchen island lights, this model also uses one medium-base light bulb. You can install a 60-watt incandescent bulb for a clear, ambient, retro look.

Key Features:

  • 1-light mini pendant
  • Oil-rubbed bronze finish
  • Clear seeded glass
  • 60-inch high
  • 7-inch diameter
  • 50-inch cord length(max)
  • Medium-base light bulb
  • ETL & CETL certified


  • Hand-blown clear seeded glass illuminates the beautiful shadow all over the ceiling that makes the room look glorious
  • Oil-rubbed bronze finish adds a charming glow wherever you hang them
  • Durable craftsmanship makes the product worth every single penny
  • You get 2 pack of glass pendant lights under $100
  • The transparency of the glass creates a lovely ambiance and does not irritate eyes
  • Adjusting the length of fixtures is very easy


  • Difficult to install on sloped ceilings
  • Single color choice only

9. Westinghouse Lighting 6307900 Cava Single LED Indoor Mini-Pendant with Bubble Glass

Westinghouse Lighting 6307900 Cava One-Light LED Indoor Mini-Pendant, Chrome Finish with Bubble Glass

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The joy of decorating kitchen island doubles when you get a quality product under budget. And here comes another Westinghouse product on the review list which is both budget-friendly and excellently crafted. When brilliant chrome finish combines with bubble glass then it simply glorifies the entire space. While clear glass illuminates bright light to let you work freely on the kitchen island countertop, mini bubble glass gives a modern touch.

Westinghouse 6307900 measures nearly 5x5x61 inches. Although it is a mini glass pendant light, it throws enough brightness to let you see things clearly. Unlike other models that require a change of bulb every few years, this Westinghouse island light is different. It comes integrated with 8-watt led that lasts for years. Thus, no need to change bulbs soon after installation.

Key Features:

  • 61-1/16 inches high
  • 5-inch depth
  • Integrated 8-watt led
  • UV safe
  • ETL/CETL listed
  • 450 lumen
  • 1.97 inches backplate height
  • 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty


  • Integrated 8-watt led is equivalent to a 1-40-watt incandescent bulb
  • The sparkling cava fixture is both energy-efficient and easy to install
  • Mini bubbles on the solid cylinder are ideal for modern and contemporary kitchen islands
  • No need to replace bulbs
  • The product comes in 5 brilliant finishes, namely, chrome, brushed nickel, brass, gunmetal, and matte black
  • The cylindrical shape of the unit reflects beautiful circular illumination on the kitchen island countertop


  • Metal housing gets hot if lights remain on for a long while (avoid touching themetal)
  • The fixture is great for decoration than bright illumination

10. CASAMOTION Single Pendant Light Handblown Glass Drop Ceiling Lights for Kitchen Island

CASAMOTION Pendant Light Handblown Glass Drop Ceiling Lights, Rustic Hanging Light Seeded Clear Glass with Black Sand Powder, Brushed Brass Finish

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Glass pendant lights are fragile and tend to break easily during transportation if not packed properly. But this is not the case with Casamotion glass drop ceiling light. The unit comes safely packed inside a box ensuring the glass won’t crack or break. You just need to attach the bulb fixture, adjust the length of the cord and mount the light over kitchen island. It will hardly take you half an hour to finish mounting the product properly even if you’re doing it for the first time.

Unlike crystal pendant lights that are mostly made by machine, the Casamotion ceiling fixture is handblown. Each lamp is individually mouthblown and handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. So there are going to be slight variations in every other model. But the best thing about this handblown glass is they are made from soda-lime that is lead-free. And this lead-free quality makes it ideal for indoor use be it residential or commercial.

Key Features:

  • Hand-blown glass
  • Adjustable hardwire cord
  • 40 watts
  • 9.2 x 9.2 x 6.1 inches
  • Lead-free
  • Seeded glass


  • Each product is mouthblown and handcrafted by a skilled expert
  • The handmade glass is produced from soda-lime that is lead-free and safe for indoor use
  • You can use either incandescent or led Edison bulb to create a rustic traditional atmosphere
  • Includes a 70.8-inch long hanging wire that is adjustable according to the height of the ceiling
  • Seeded glass makes a statement wherever you hang the unit
  • The glass is available in a clear and light blue shade


  • Expensive
  • Adjusting cord length is a bit difficult and time-consuming
  • You might feel one fixture being bright from another one as each unit is slightly different from each other

How do I choose kitchen island pendant lights?

Choosing the right kitchen island pendant lights is important as it affects the whole view of the kitchen. And no matter what the price tag is, you will love to decorate your kitchen the right way. And let us tell you that it is no brainy task to decorate your kitchen island. Below are some tips that will help you with the proper selection of light fixtures for kitchen island.

  • A thumb rule is to select larger pendant lights if you want the island area to look bigger. The larger lights will not only make the area look bigger but will also help to illuminate island space properly.
  • After size, it is important to focus on the shape of the light fixture. You might not want to install a retro-style pendant light on your modern kitchen island. For a charming retro look, go for retro-style fixtures that are easy to install and look clean.
  • If you’re planning to buy kitchen lights for a modern island look then crystal or glass pendant lights are the best. You can also go for chrome, silver, or gold parts along with glass for a more detailed look.
  • Then there’s a linear suspension that is best for large kitchen islands. Linear lightings come in both a simple and complex look so you can decide the best fixture according to the interior.
  • If lightning the entire island is not what you want then go for small pendant lights. These mini fixtures illuminate light in one area brightly. For example, a mini light over the kitchen sink is ideal for optimal brightness while using the sink.

How big should pendant lights be over an island?

So now that you know a large pendant light over the island makes space look bigger, the question is, how big pendant light should you install? Grab your measuring tape and begin by measuring the width or diameter of the island. Now subtract 12 from the measured width/diameter. And you’ve got the answer which is the maximum width/diameter of hanging lights(in inches).

If you’re installing a single piece or linear fixture then you only need to do the math before hanging them. But if there are multiple pendant lights to be installed over the kitchen island then there’s one another thing to take care of. Place the lightings 2 feet from each other for the best illumination over the surface. You can increase or decrease the inches according to the shape and size of the fixures.

How many pendant lights do I need for a 5 foot or a 6-foot island?

There’s no rule to install only one or multiple fixtures over your 5 or 6-foot kitchen island. 5 or 6-foot island size is ideal to experiment with the shape and number of fixtures. For example, an island measuring 6 foot 4 inches is suitable to install 3 smaller pendants. These hanging fixtures can be either 5-inch in diameter or 7-inch high. In both cases, the clearance space between the two fixtures must be at least 2 inches.

But if you wish to install multiple, more than 3 hanging fixtures then select sleek five 5-inches pendant lights to install over a 5-foot island. And add one more for a 6-foot island.

Another option is to keep it simple by installing 1 or 2 fixtures then drilling down the entire ceiling space. Get two large(14 or 15-inch) fixtures for a bright yet minimalist look over a 5-foot space. Or else, you can set 3 hanging lights with an 11 or 12-inch gap between them or get two big lights and place them either 14 or 15 inches apart.

How high should pendant lights be above the kitchen island?

Placement of pendant lights is very important as you want perfect brightness and at the same time, they must not distract the beautiful view of the room. So now that you have a list of best pendant lights for kitchen island, let us focus on proper installation.

Height plays an important role while hanging pendant lights. A proper distance between the pendant fixture and kitchen island illuminates light evenly and does not obstruct the view. 30 to 37 inches is a standard distance to maintain between the fixture and kitchen island. But you can vary the height according to the size and shape of the unit.

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Wrap Up

Pendant lights for kitchen islands are a great way to convert a simple space into a lively one. And there are a bunch of options available for all types of kitchen interior. From glass to metal, you get a variety of choices to hang above the island. Many of them even support the installation of the fixture over sloped or vaulted ceilings. But no matter what shape or style you choose, quality and durability are two key factors to focus on. A good quality pendant light will last for years without much trouble.

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