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People who love bbq surely have a grill in their backyard. But not many of us have the advantage of outdoor space, especially in apartments and condos. Also, landlords ask not to grill in their small apartment or condo due to a lack of proper ventilation. But limited space or improper vent does not let you stop grilling if you’ve got the right product. And Gotham smokeless grill will let you have the fun of grilling without smoke.

So out of so many famous smokeless grill brands, why did we choose to review Gothman? Well, there are several reasons for it. First of all, Gotham is popular for its electric smokeless grill that is highly portable. You can easily set it anywhere on an even surface with a power supply nearby. And what makes it even more special is its temperature control.

Best Gotham Smokeless Grill Review

While many brands offer a fixed temperature of 446 degrees F, Gotham electric steel smokeless grill offers a temperature control knob. Therefore, you can set the temperature according to the food you’re grilling. And better temperature control means better grilling and beautiful sear marks. So go ahead and find out your best Gotham indoor grill from the list below and experience smokeless grilling.

Best Gotham Smokeless Indoor/Outdoor Grill

ProductsUsabilityCooking SurfacePrice
Gotham Steel OriginalIndoor / Outdoor16 x 14 Inch Check Price
Gotham Steel DeluxeIndoor16 x 11 Inch Check Price
Gotham Steel LargeIndoor / Outdoor14 x 9 Inch Check Price

Here the best outdoor or indoor Gotham smokeless grill reviews to improve your barbeque experience.

1) GOTHAM STEEL Smokeless Electric Grill Review – Portable and Nonstick As Seen On TV (Original)

GOTHAM STEEL Smokeless Electric Grill As Seen On TV (Original)

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That beautiful sear marks over meat are really appetizing. And if you love that deep brown or black grill marks on your steak then this Gotham smokeless grill as seen on tv is for you. The credit behind beautiful sear marks on your food goes to Gotham’s nonstick ceramic surface. The heat passes uniformly through the surface in order to cook and brown the food evenly.

The only smoke that will emerge will be of meat or veggie that has moisture content. Otherwise, a drip tray catches all the grease and dripping for a smoke-free grilling experience. Whereas, high-grade ceramic coating of the cooking surface prevents burning. Both these parts of steel smokeless grill come off for proper cleaning. You can either wash them manually or place them inside the dishwasher.

Instead of a fixed temperature, Gotham offers a detachable cooking dial with 4 settings. You set the knob from the warm, low, mid, and high to suit your cooking needs. And when the unit is not in use, simply detach the metal rod connector of the temperature plug. This will help with easy care and storage of the electric grill.

Our Verdict


  • Both ceramic-coated pan and grill resist sticking of food particles as well as are easy to wash
  • Includes a recipe booklet with a lot of delicious smokeless grill recipes
  • Speed up the cleaning process by placing the ceramic dishes in the dishwasher
  • Heat-proof frame for user safety
  • Handles stay cool for you to touch
  • User-friendly detachable heater with 4 heat settings – warm, low, medium, and high
  • Cooks the food evenly and leaves appetizing sear marks


  • It takes some time to heat up

Key Features:

  • Cooking surface: 16.2 x 14.0 inches
  • Ceramic-coated surface
  • Burn-proof base
  • Heat-proof frame
  • Detachable cooking dial
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Weighs 5 pounds

2) Gotham Steel Smokeless Electric Grill Review

Gotham Steel Smokeless Electric Grill, Portable and Nonstick

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Many people now are aware of the long-term side effects of cooking food on PTFE and PFOA surface. And obviously, you should buy cookware free from these compounds especially if you’re going to cook at high temperatures. So Gotham steel smokeless indoor grill features nonstick titanium and ceramic surface that is PTFE, PFOA, and PFOS free. Thus, the food that grills over the surface will be safe from harmful chemicals that affect both human health and the environment.

What we love the most about this indoor electric grill is its large cooking surface. The surface measures 18 x 13 inches that provide ample space to cook meat for up to 6 people. And similar to the above unit, this power grill as seen on tv also offers an adjustable temperature dial with 4 settings. Insert the metal rod in the main unit and set the dial according to the food. The right temperature will cook the food evenly as well as leave grill marks behind.

A smokeless electric grill tends to heat up a lot especially when you set it on the highest temperature. And there are high chances of tabletop damage if there is no enough space between base and heating element. But thanks to Gotham portable grill with a burn-proof base that holds heating element at an adequate distance from the countertop. This lets the warm air pass away without damaging the surface.

Our Verdict


  • Nonstick and cool drip pan ensures no formation of smoke for better indoor grilling
  • Heat transfers evenly in all directions for perfectly tender meat
  • High-quality Ti-cerama surface with super-strong titanium resists scratch
  • Choose the best temperature among 4 different cooking settings
  • You can get this steel electric smokeless grill under $60 during the sale
  • The cooking surface is free from harmful compounds
  • Large surface fits in multiple burger patties, veggies, and chicken breast


  • Certain food sticks on the surface. And you need to scrub the grill with nylon scrubber to remove the stuck food

Key Features:

  • Dimension: 18 x 13 inches
  • Ceramic-coated grill
  • PFOA/PTFE free surface
  • Removable grease catcher
  • User-friendly temperature dial
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Weighs 5.7 lbs

3) GOTHAM STEEL Smokeless Electric Grill with Griddle and Pitchfork – Review

GOTHAM STEEL Smokeless Electric Grill, Griddle and Pitchfork, Indoor BBQ

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Enjoy a smoke-free bbq party with your friends in the comfort of your home with Gotham indoor bbq grill. It features a cool grease catcher tray that collects fat and grease coming off the food. The drippings do not overheat and produce smoke, thus, creates a smokeless atmosphere. The only smoke coming off will be of the moisture content of meat, veggie or fruit on the grill surface.

The best part about Gotham steel smokeless grill and griddle is the kebab fork. It includes four large skewers to hold the meat or veggies firmly in place for proper grilling. Besides, there’s a nonstick griddle perfect for cooking eggs. Attach the griddle, set the temp on medium, wait for 30 seconds before you crack the eggs. The nonstick surface ensures the eggs slide off easily to your plate.

Both the square-shaped grill and griddle are very well made and distribute heat evenly. Further, they have their own heating element for a better grilling and cooking experience. And just like the above models, the grill and griddle of this Gotham bbq portable smokeless grill are also dishwasher safe. Thus, saves time and effort of brushing.

Our Verdict


  • The versatility of the product makes it stand as the best rated indoor smokeless grill under $100
  • Easy to use temperature control knob with 4 settings –  warm, low, medium, and high
  • Includes a kebab fork with 4 large built-in skewers for excellent bbq
  • The nonstick griddle attachment is perfect for cooking eggs, pancakes, bacon, etc
  • High-quality product for such a less price
  • A tray on the bottom collects grease, oil, and burnt food particles


  • Although grill and griddle are dishwasher safe prefer them washing manually with a soft nylon scrub for a long-lasting nonstick performance
  • You need to buy a lid for the griddle separately

Key Features:

  • 14 x 9 cooking surface
  • Nonstick grill and griddle
  • Kebab fork
  • Removable grease tray
  • Temperature dial
  • Weighs 10.3 pounds

Video Tutorial – Cooking Review & Testing

Features in Gotham Smokeless Grills

Smokeless Cooking

Do not let indoor walls stop you from grilling your favorite food. With Gotham’s smokeless grill you can do not have to worry about the smoke alarm going on. The moisture, oil, and grease fall into the cool tray on the bottom. Instead of heat evaporating the liquids, they stay on the tray until you empty them out. And this results in smokeless indoor grilling.

Non-Stick Ceramic Surface

Many of us skip the idea of grilling just because the thought of scrubbing the grill plate comes to mind. But thanks to Gotham’s T-Cerama surface that is study as titanium with a sleek layer of ceramic. And with this layer, you will not have to worry about sticking or burning food. And no sticking of food means ease of cleaning. You can easily clean the grilling surface without elbow grease in minutes.

Easy To Use Temperature Dial

I’ve tried many different indoor smoking grills before and must say that Gotham’s temperature control is fabulous. The temperature dial plugs on the back of most of the Gotham grills. You can find 3 different heat settings, low, medium, and high to let you grill a variety of foods. Some models even offer a keep warm mode to keep the food hot till serving.

Easy To Clean

The special coating over the Gotham grills is the reason behind them being extremely easy to clean. You can literally roast or grill anything on its surface and none of your food is likely to stick. From grilled chicken breast to fish, even the hardest of food is easy to grill with Gotham indoor electric grill. And the best part is, you can pop the grill plate into the dishwasher as soon as it cools down to room temperature. Although they are dishwasher safe, it is recommended to handwash them for the coating to last long.

Portable Electric Grill

Weighing less than 6-7 pounds, Gotham grills are highly portable. You can easily carry them while camping, tailgating, or outdoor activities. All you’ll need is a good reliable electric source and you’re ready to grill anywhere. People living in apartments use an electric portable grill in their balconies or living room. But you can also use them in your backyard if you hate smoky odors coming off a charcoal grill.

How Gotham Electric Grill Works without Generating any Smoke?

People really love the concept of smokeless cooking but do not exactly know how does an electric grill work? But its working is not as complicated as you imagined. The main components of any electric indoor grill are the heating source(s), tray, and grill rack. When you keep the food on the hot tray, all its moisture, grease, and fat fall down on a metal tray below. This tray is cool to touch and keeps collecting the juices till you’re cooking.

Besides, advanced infrared technology focuses on heating only the grill surface rather than the entire unit. This also results in smokeless cooking. Some models also have mini fans at the bottom that help to throw away little smoke. None of the indoor grills on the market is completely smokeless but you can say they’re virtually smokeless. People suffering from asthma or other respiratory diseases can easily cook on a smokeless grill rather than coughing by standing near a charcoal grill.

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Smokeless grills give you the freedom to bbq in a place where there’s no good ventilation. These products are blissful for people who live in small apartments or condos with no space to keep bulky outdoor grills. Besides, Gotham grills only need an electric supply for smooth bbq indoors. And thanks to the presence of a nonstick drip tray at the base that prevents the formation of smoke. Portable, versatile, and easy to wash, get your best Gotham steel grill today for a hassle-free, smokeless grilling indoors.



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