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Kitchen sinks were not given much importance a few years back. But time has changed and sink is now a centerpiece of the kitchen. And just like every proud homeowner, you want your kitchen sink to be beautiful and functional. And no wonder you can find thousands of different designs and materials when you search for the best kitchen sink. One out of them all is a farmhouse kitchen sink or apron front sink.

What is a farmhouse kitchen sink?

As soon as you the word farmhouse-style kitchen sink drops in your ear, all you start imagining is a farmhouse with all typical furniture. And yes, the apron front sink was initially built for farmhouses when there was no access to running water. So people would fetch water from a well or nearby lake and store in these deep sinks. And then use the water for daily kitchen activities like soaking and washing plates.

A farmhouse kitchen sink is large, deep and heavy as compared to other types of kitchen sinks. It is because of the large front apron that is the size of the bowl. This exposed part of the unit is what gives a classy touch(1, 2). Initially, the apron front was flat but now you can find a farmhouse kitchen sink with a rounded, hammered or reversible apron.

Not only the front apron but different sink materials also pile up the confusion. And to cut down the confusion we’ve picked the best farmhouse kitchen sinks of 2021. Go through the reviews below to find out which design and material of the sink suit your kitchen the best.

Best Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Review

Best Farmhouse Sink for Kitchen

Kraus KHF203 Farmhouse Sink33 InchStainless Steel Check Price
Kraus KHF200 Sink36 InchStainless Steel Check Price
Ruvati RVH9300 Farmhouse Sink36 InchStainless Steel Check Price
Kraus KFR1-33GWH33 InchWhite Fireclay Check Price
Ruvati RVL2100WH30 InchWhite Fireclay Check Price
KRAUS KWF410 Workstation36 InchStainless Steel Check Price
Sinkology SEK307 Lange Farmhouse32 InchAntique Copper Check Price
Mayfair SW1 Kitchen Sink30 InchWhite Fireclay Check Price
Fossil Blu FSW1104 Farmhouse Sink30 InchAntique Copper Check Price
Signature Hardware 21414630-1/8"Copper Finish Check Price

1) Kraus KHF203-33 Farmhouse Kitchen Sink, Round Apron & Double Bowl (60/40)

Kraus KHF203-33 Standart PRO Kitchen Stainless Steel Sink Double Dowl

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Bring home the perfect combination of style and practicality by installing Kraus Standart Pro stainless steel farmhouse sink. This 33-inch round apron double bowl design is perfect for busy homes with a lot of members. You can stack up dirty dishes in the small sink while using the large bowl for washing. Both the bowls have a steel apron front design that offers a striking look that looks beautiful in many decors, from traditional to modern.

Do not worry about denting or cracking of steel of the bowl as Kraus KHF203-33 is made from extra-tough T304 stainless steel. The TRU16 real 16-gauge construction is extremely sturdy and durable. But if you still worry that heavy cast iron cookware will damage the base then use the included in-sink racks. There are two steel dish racks with rubber feet for both the basins that hold cookware and plates a bit above the sink base to prevent scratches.

Instead of a drain in the center, Kraus stainless steel double bowl farmhouse kitchen sink features rear set drains. This leaves you more usable space for stacking plates, glasses, etc. Also, the surface is not steep towards the drain hole. The basin has a gentle slope with engineered grooves that directs water to the drain hole without forming little scattered pools.

Our Verdict


  • Heavy-duty dent-resistant steel with a wear-resistant finish
  • Double basins let you work flexibly while soaking up plates in one and washing in the other
  • Extra-thick sound dampening pads cover about 80% of the sink base
  • Protective stainless steel bottom grids for both the bowls
  • Oversized bowls are perfect for multitasking, soaking, washing your largest baking sheets and pots
  • Commercial-grade satin finish; beautiful and easy to maintain
  • Non-toxic undercoating for added insulation


  • None so far

Key Features:

  • 32.88″ L x 20.75″ W x 10″ D
  • 16-gauge steel construction
  • Rear-drain position
  • 60/40 split basin
  • NoiseDefend technology
  • Wear-resistant finish
  • Lifetime limited warranty

2) Kraus KHF200 Kitchen Farmshouse Sink, 36 Inch Round Apron Single Bowl

Kraus Kitchen Stainless Steel Sink Single Bowl KHF200

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Large baking sheets can be a bit difficult to fit in a double basin design. And if you love to bake then let Kraus single bowl stainless steel farmhouse sink handle all your large dirty baking trays. The oversized bowl measuring 10-inch deep can fit several dirty cookware. Besides, you can even bath your dog or baby comfortably. And not to worry about dents or scratches as Kraus KHF200-36 uses the thickest steel on the market, TRU16.

TRu16 means nothing but 1.5mm thick steel construction that resists dents and offers lifelong durability. And over the thick stainless steel farmhouse kitchen sink is a layer of commercial-grade satin. This satin finish resists rust and corrosion for years of comfortable use. Plus, the satin finish match well with other stainless steel kitchen appliances like a toaster oven, coffee machine, etc.

It is common to have some noise while washing plates. But the problem with cheap farmhouse kitchen sink is they make a loud and annoying sound every time a tool or utensil hits the base. This happens because of the thin base. But thanks to the soundproofing technology of the Kraus farmhouse single bowl kitchen sink that features thick pads covering over 80% of the sink. These pads absorb noise to a great extent and let you work in a peaceful environment.

Our Verdict


  • The single 10-inch deep basin that can fit large bake sheets, cookpots, frypans, etc
  • The commercial-grade finish is resilient and easy to clean
  • Oversized bowl is large enough to give your grown-up dog a good bath
  • Engineered grooves allow for complete water drainage
  • Rear-set drain gives more workspace
  • Handcrafted by artisans; best-rated farmhouse kitchen sink
  • Includes protective stainless steel grid bottom grid to protect the shiny base from sharp objects


  • Smooth exterior can catch fingerprints easily (wipe after use)

Key Features:

  • 36″ L x 20-3/4″ W x 10″ D
  • Single bowl
  • Round apron
  • 1.5 mm steel construction
  • Sating finish
  • NoiseDefend technology
  • Lifetime limited warranty

3) Ruvati RVH9300 Apron Front Kitchen Single Bowl Sink, Stainless Steel

Ruvati RVH9300 Apron Front Kitchen Single Bowl Sink Stainless Steel

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Cooking food is an art itself. And Ruvati has the best farmhouse workstation sink for home cooks. This 36-inch single bowl stainless steel kitchen sink comes with many accessories to assist you while cooking and cleaning. These accessories include a solid wood cutting board, deep stainless steel colander, and a dish-drying roll-up rack. Both the colander and roll-up rack slide on the ledges, converting your sink to a workspace.

The sturdy steel construction of Ruvati RVH9300 has won the hearts of many users. It uses 16-gauge premium T-304 stainless steel with 18% chromium and 10% nickel composition. A perfect mixture of all three components will never make the steel rust or stain. Unlike satin finish, the apron front under-mount farmhouse sink has a brushed finish. Such a finish hides scratches, water, and fingerprint marks well.

Ruvati’s unique 10 mm radius inside corners offers a slightly curved corner for easy cleaning. It will not hold water or small food particles. Sharp yet gentle curves of square kitchen sink bring out the modern feel that complements many contemporary and modern kitchen interiors while stainless steel apron-front adds a stylish touch. In short, Ruvati RVH9300 is a perfect balance of design and practicality.

Our Verdict


  • Best functional farmhouse stainless steel workstation sink for home cooks
  • Thick rubber padding minimized noise as well as reduce condensation under the kitchen cabinet
  • Sloped bottom with grooves direct water to the drain hole
  • Includes cutting board, colander, roll-up rack, bottom rinse grid, and basket strainer
  • It is a farmhouse kitchen sink with a built-in ledge to slide certain accessories
  • Solid Sapele wood cutting board chops food smoothly over the surface as well as handles water well


  • The high-grade steel will never rust or stain but it does scratch

Key Features:

  • 36″ x 22″ 10″
  • Single bowl
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Brushed finish
  • Sound guard undercoating
  • Drain grooves
  • EdgeX 10mm tight radius corners
  • Limited lifetime warranty

4) Kraus KFR1-33GWH Turino Fireclay Kitchen White Farmhouse Sink

Kraus Fireclay Farmhouse Apron Reversible Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

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Here comes another beautiful unit from Kraus but this time it is a farmhouse fireclay kitchen sink. This 100% Italian made white bowl is perfect for your contemporary or modern decor. The high-end craftsmanship of Italian artisans will surely catch the eye of your guests. While the modern aesthetic of the white farmhouse sink makes a statement, the ultra-fine fireclay material prevents cracking and crazing.

Kraus uses advanced glazing technology that provides a high-gloss finish to the fireclay farmhouse sink. Plus, the fireclay is fired at high temperatures of 2300 degrees F. This makes the single sink bowl highly resistant to chipping and scratches. Also, the material shows heat-resistant up to 300 degrees F which lets you put hot baking sheets and cookpots directly on the basin surface. Besides, the fine fireclay is naturally sound-dampening. You will feel less noise and vibrations while cleaning dishes.

The smart reversible design of Kraus fireclay kitchen sink lets you install the in two ways. You can either install with the modern flat apron front or traditionally-inspired rounded apron for bringing out the perfect traditional look. Either way, the oversized deep sink will straight sidewalls creates an uninterrupted workspace while 10-inch depth lets accommodate large cookpots and baking sheets.

Our Verdict


  • Ultra-fine fireclay material is not susceptible to cracking or crazing
  • An extra-thick layer of luxuriously glassy enamel glaze is resistant to scratches and stains
  • Heavy and hot cookware is not a problem with this heat-resistant fireclay material
  • Straight sidewalls and tight radius corner for maximized bowl space
  • Includes a stainless steel dish grid for extra safety
  • Reversible design; can be installed with rounded or flat front


  • Price on upper side

Key Features:

  • 33″ L x 18-1/4″ W x 10″ D
  • High-grade fireclay construction
  • Reversible design
  • Center-drain
  • High-gloss
  • Straight sidewalls
  • Limited lifetime warranty

5) Ruvati RVL2100WH Fireclay Reversible Farmhouse Apron-Front Kitchen Sink – White

Ruvati Fireclay Reversible Farmhouse Apron-Front Kitchen Sink Single Bowl

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A tasty meal with the family ends with a lot of dirty dishes. But you’ll not have to stock up the plates on the countertop as a large single bowl of Ruvati farmhouse-style sink offers ample space. It measures 9-inch deep and 28-wide which is enough to fit a pile of dirty dishes along with cooking pots and pans. Besides, a standard 3.5-inch drain opening will fit any garbage disposal for the proper disposal of kitchen waste.

Handbuilt in Italy by skilled artisans, Ruvati’s 30-inch white farmhouse kitchen sink is one eye-catching masterpiece. The raw clay is first fired at an extremely high temperature of 2900 degrees F. This, in turn, gives exceptional strength to the bowl. Also, the enamel is coated to the surface during the firing process which results in a chip, crack, abrasion, and scratch-resistant kitchen sink. So yes, you can put the hot baking tray directly in the sink without worrying about the fireclay cracking.

The best part about Ruvati RVL2100WH fireclay farmhouse sink is its reversible design. While the apron is flat on one side, it has a beautiful fluted pattern on the other side. Not only the smart reversible design, but Ruvati also offers 2 installation choices. You can install the farmhouse kitchen sink either undermount, flush-mounted, raised. In short, you can decide the best apron front and installation type as per your wish.

Our Verdict


  • Solid white fireclay farmhouse-style sink is highly resistant to hot temperatures, hot water, acids, and common household chemicals
  • One side smooth and flat while the other side has a decorative fluted design
  • Special white clay is fired at 2900 degrees F for scratch resistant surface
  • Enamel coating adds shine
  • You can either undermount or flush mount the farmhouse sink
  • Best fireclay farmhouse sink for the price


  • Does not include a protective sink grid
  • Location of drain hole makes it a bit tricky to install in-sink garbage disposal unit

Key Features:

  • 30″ x 20″ x 10″
  • Reversible design
  • 1-inch Italian fireclay
  • 3.5-inch drain opening
  • Heat-resistant
  • Limited lifetime warranty

6) KRAUS KWF410-36 Kore Workstation – Kitchen Sink with Integrated Ledge and Accessories

KRAUS KWF410-36 Kore Workstation Farmhouse Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

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Modern aesthetics of Kraus Kore KWD410 makes it a perfect farmhouse-style workstation sink. Itis a true workhorse for people who love to cook various delicacies for their friends and family. Not only the unit is good in looks but the use of real 16 gauge thick 1.5 mm steel makes it highly durable. Plus, the rust-resistant finish prevents built up of rust or corrosion over a long time even on regular use.

Kraus kitchen sink with integrated ledge provides a platform for accessories to slide across the sink. It does include some premium accessories like a roll-up dish drying rack, cutting board, stainless steel grid, strainer, and a smooth drain cover. Lay the silicone dish rack over the sink and you can dry plates easily or chop, slice, and dice ingredients right over the sink on the wooden cutting board while throwing the waste in the sink. Then let the garbage disposal deal with the waste.

Noise and vibrations while cleaning plates will no longer be annoying with Kraus’s workstation farmhouse-style kitchen sink. Fully insulated with proprietary NoiseDefend Soundproofing, you’ll not wake up kids while washing utensils. In addition to noise absorbing pads, the protective undercoating of undermount kitchen sink creates a moisture barrier to protect the base cabinet.

Our Verdict


  • Includes a solid bamboo cutting board that is highly resistant to bacteria, cracking and warping
  • A flat stainless steel drain cover conceals drain assembly and garbage disposal for a seamless look
  • 100% food-safe silicone roll-up dish drying rack can be used for multiple purposes
  • Best Kraus farmhouse kitchen sink for serious home chefs
  • Flat apron front with tight-radius corners provides more workspace
  • Sound barrier technology absorbs noise and vibration
  • Gently sloped bottom with off-set drain do not let your delicate wine glasses tip while washing


  • Sharp cookware can cause scratches on the steel surface

Key Features:

  • 36″ x 20.25″ x 10″
  • Stainless steel
  • Off-set drain
  • Built-in ledge
  • Rust-resistant finish
  • Fully insulated
  • Limited lifetime warranty

7) Sinkology Lange Farmhouse Single Bowl Strainer Kitchen Sink with Drain, Antique Copper

Sinkology Copper Farmhouse Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

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Complete the traditional look of your kitchen with the Sinkology antique copper farmhouse sink. The unit is made from the highest quality pure copper available to offer you the best performance for years. Unlike factory-made products, this farmhouse copper kitchen sink is beautifully handcrafted by highly skilled professionals. Instead of a flat surface, the exterior of the pure copper sink bowl is hand-hammered. It is a real centerpiece for your farmhouse-style kitchen.

Similar to any stainless steel apron front sink, this copper unit also comprises of sound dampening pads. However, you will not need as many pads as a steel basin as this unit uses 17-gauge pure solid copper. And such type of copper is less prone to discoloration with regular use. But we must also not forget the nature of metal, copper can discolor. This happens when the metal comes in contact with acidic foods, harsh chemicals, etc.

Let not the discoloration of copper let you think of its poor quality because it is not the quality but the living finish. This living finish of the copper surface is called patina. It is a natural protective coating that ensures copper does not corrode. While the patina prevents copper from corrosion, it does change its color. On the bright side, copper sink’s natural patina is what helps to repair water stains, spotting, and stripped areas.

Our Verdict


  • A true statement maker in traditional and farmhouse-style kitchens
  • The Lange single bowl is designed to be affordable without sacrificing quality
  • Hand-hammered front apron brings out the true beauty of the copper bowl
  • Sound dampening pads reduce noise from garbage disposals and clanging utensils
  • Patina, the natural protective coating of copper prevets the metal from corrosion
  • Antique copper basket strainer drain


  • Includes no accessories other than strainer drain
  • The discoloration of copper is natural over time(you can restore the bright new look with some care)

Key Features:

  • 32 x 21.5 x 8 inches
  • Handcrafted
  • Pure copper
  • Hand-hammered
  • 17-gauge
  • Strainer drain
  • Lifetime warranty

8) Mayfair SW1 30 Inch White Kitchen Farmhouse Sink – Fireclay

Mayfair SW1 30 Inch White Fireclay Kitchen Farmhouse Sink

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If not stainless steel, then the fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink is the second popular choice of people for their modern kitchen. And why not, after all, they are durable than porcelain kitchen sink due to their nature. Also, fireclay does not rust or corrode even after years of daily heavy use. In addition to being scratch resistant, fireclay material is lightweight which makes it easy for the user to install.

And this imported farmhouse style kitchen sink by Mayfair is perfect for modern decors. The fine particles of fireclay are molded at extreme temperatures and fired at 1600 degrees. This makes the single basin highly heat and scratch-resistant. And over the durable surface of fireclay is a triple glazed porcelain layer that adds shine and beauty to the unit. Affordable, durable, and handcrafted, this white farmhouse sink will undermount beautifully in the countertop.

Our Verdict


  • The flat apron kitchen sink that blends perfectly with modern decors
  • Affordable price tag
  • A large bowl provides a good workspace that can be used to wash dishes or bath your dog
  • Manufactured from genuine UK fireclay using authentic slip casting techniques
  • Triple glazed for a more attractive look
  • Made from selected fine fireclay for a long-lasting scratch-free performance


  • No accessories included

Key Features:

  • 30″ x 20″ x 10″
  • Fireclay
  • Triple glazed
  • Center drain
  • Slip casting techniques
  • Lifetime warranty

9) Fossil Blu Heavy Guage Modern Copper Farmhouse Sink with Flange Included

Antique Copper Finish Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

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The perfect combination of antique and modern design makes Fossil Blu modern farmhouse sink include in the review list. While rounded edges and corners are common with typical design, the tight edges of heavy-gauge copper kitchen sink create an attractive contemporary look. In addition to that, the straight sidewalls and 1/2″ radius corners give you more workspace so that you can work comfortably. Such design provides a large interior as compared to same-size sinks in the category.

The great thing about this 30-inch modern farmhouse style kitchen sink is the accessories. It comes with a custom-fitted copper sink grid that protects the sink bottom from hot and acidic substances. And the other accessories include a disposal flange with a stopper. All the included accessories are of copper that match the farmhouse style sink perfectly. With Fossil Blue you’ll not have to look for matching accessories.

An apron is the signature part of any kitchen sink. So Fossil Blu paid special attention while designing it. The reinforced front apron not only looks great but is also highly durable. It is welded across the entire seam and angled back towards the basin which helps to copper to hold its form as well as resists dents. And the cherry on the cake is the hand-hammered finished which makes the copper sink bowl look amazing.

Our Verdict


  • Thick, heavy-gauge copper material will surely be an attractive kitchen centerpiece
  • It uses 12-gauge copper which is not easy to bend by hands
  • 1/2″ radius corners provide more workspace
  • The copper front apron of farmhouse kitchen sink is angled back towards the basin and welded across the entire seam for flawless performance
  • Includes matching copper accessories
  • It is the best modern farmhouse kitchen sink


  • Expensive

Key Features:

  • 27″ L x 19″ W x 10″ D
  • 99% pure copper
  • 12-gauge copper
  • Hand-hammered
  • Reinforced front apron
  • Modern edges
  • Weighs 48.2 pounds

10) Signature Hardware 214146 30-1/8″ Vine Design Farmhouse Single Basin Copper Kitchen Sink

Signature Hardware Farmhouse Single Basin Copper Kitchen Sink

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For some people, the kitchen sink is beyond washing plates and utensils. And if you feel the same way then Signature farmhouse single basin copper kitchen sink is exactly what you need. The eye-catching wine design of Signature Hardware 214146 will surely gather a lot of compliments from your friends and family. While the simple details of the design front apron will give your kitchen a unique look.

Both the bowl and front apron are made from copper. Here, they use 16-gauge copper which is quite thin than 12-gauge. But on the brighter side, this farmhouse-style copper sink does not contain any of the Prop 65 chemicals. Also, they apply a coat of wax all over the kitchen sink to protect the living finish of copper. Plus, they also recommend applying wax every 2-3 weeks to prevent temporary discoloration.

The sink measures 30-1/8-inch long from left to right and 20-inch wide from front to back. This means the unit will require special cabinets with an exposed front basin design for maximum workspace. Once installed, you’ll see how beautiful your entire kitchen looks just because of one designed apron front undermount kitchen sink.

Our Verdict


  • Beautiful wine details on apron front farmhouse style kitchen sink is truly mesmerizing
  • It can be a statement maker centerpiece
  • This beautiful flat interior sink is perfect for people who do not like the hand-hammered look
  • Center drain design for hassle-free garbage disposal installation under
  • Does not contain any of the Prop 65 chemicals


  • No accessories included
  • Copper will naturally discolor after a certain time. But you can apply a coat of wax every 2-3 weeks to maintain its natural color

Key Features:

  • 27″ L x 17″ W x 10″ D
  • Antique copper finish
  • 16-gauge copper construction
  • Single basin
  • Vine design apron front
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Types of Farmhouse Sink

Fireclay Sink: Fireclay material is durable than porcelain as it is fired at extreme temperatures. This makes the material solid as well as increases its resistance against scratches. A fireclay kitchen sink is great for contemporary and modern interiors. Mostly, they are white and lightweight which eases installation.

Drop-in Sink: The edge or lip of the drop-in sink remains on the kitchen countertop. They are easy to install as compared to undermount kitchen sinks. However, the only drawback of drop-in sinks is, the food and water can get stuck between the countertop and lip. And this is the best place for bacterial growth.

Number or Bowl: There are 2 types of farmhouse kitchen sink, a single bowl, and a double bowl design. If you wish for a large workspace then a single bowl kitchen sink is best for you. This provides enough space to keep in all the dirty plates and pots. Or you can also bathe your baby or dog safely. And the other one is a double kitchen sink that lets you soak dishes in one section while washing is done in the other one. Such double bowl designs are ideal for busy kitchens that end up with a pile of dirty plates after a meal.

Features That Make a Farmhouse Sink Best For Your Kitchen

Once you have made your mind about how many sink bowls you need in your farmhouse sink then here are some other features that are worth looking at.


If you are buying a metal sink made from stainless steel or copper then the gauge is a parameter that helps you measure the thickness of the sink metal. Typically a high-quality sink will be made from 16 gauge stainless steel or copper. The behavior of this measurement is counter-clockwise. It means 15 gauge steel is thicker than 16 gauge steel.


If you are wondering how to choose a faucet for a farmhouse sink then don’t worry. Lack of those faucet holes in this type of sink is intentional because faucets are designed to be installed on the top of the sink. So pick your favorite faucet with one, two, or three holes with the desired flow rate for the best result.

Sink Material

Most farmhouse sinks are made from stainless steel, fireclay, porcelain, cast iron, and copper.

If you are not a big fan of metal then a fireclay sink will be an excellent choice as they are treated under high heat for extra strength.

However, stainless steel is the most popular choice when it comes to buying an affordable and long-lasting kitchen sink.

Drain Size

Irrespective of the brand, most farmhouse sink brand provides a 3.5-inch drain at the bottom of your sink. Because 3.5 inches is a common drainage size in most plumbing objects. It ensures a smooth installation and you can easily find a sink drainer for your sink.

With a standard drain size, you will be able to fit garbage disposals and an automatic drain cleaner system. The location of the drain will be placed slightly off and not in the center. Such little improvement allows the user to keep dirty dishes inside the sink so that you can clean them later.

Ease of Installation

Underlying cabinetry decides the process of the farmhouse sink installation process. It is a common practice in plumbing to keep the base cabinet 3 inch wider with respect to the farmhouse sink you are going to install.

For the best results measure the weight of your sink because apart from copper or stainless steel if your farmhouse sink is made from clay or fireclay then it will be heavier than the metal unit. So, if you are not a professional plumber then try asking someone’s advice on a proper weight ratio. It differs according to the cabinet built material.

To be on the safer side, it is always a good idea to build extra support under the cabinet if you are going to install a heavy farmhouse sink.


Best farmhouse sinks are backed by a lifetime warranty however, some brands do provide a limited warranty. Don’t worry most people don’t ever exercise their right to a warranty. just make sure to take care of your sink and avoid through utensils inside it.

How to install a farmhouse kitchen sink?

Farmhouse sinks are heavy due to their design and deep bowls. But once installed properly, you’ll never have to look for a new unit for years. Below are some simple tips that will help you with proper farmhouse kitchen sink installation(3, 4).

Step 1: As we already said, farmhouse-style sinks are heavy so first, you’ll need to install supports inside the cabinet. The alignment of supports should be even with the level lines. This will cause no interruption while connecting water lines.

Step 2: Apron is the main part of any farmhouse kitchen sink. And to display the beautiful apron you will need to cut the cabinet front. For that, you’ll need to measure the height of the basin front and mark the points 1/8 inches down. 1/8-inch space is good clearance for faucets, waterlines, or garbage disposal.

Step 3: Now the time is right to install your beautiful farmhouse kitchen sink on the side supports. Just check for the leveling. Make sure the bowl sits even on the supports and is not tilted to any side. You can add tapered wood shims to level the bowl if necessary. Finally, fill in the gaps below, above and on sides with silicone caulk. Let the solution dry for a while before you begin pipeline or waste disposer installation.

Experts recommend undermount sink installation for farmhouse style kitchen sinks. Undermount installation is pretty difficult to do all by yourself so it is better to ask for help.

Here is a video tutorial on how to install a farmhouse kitchen sink from Lowes.

Farmhouse Sink Vs Apron Sink

People often interchangeably use the farmhouse sink and apron sink. And there is no problem with it as they both are the same things with minor differences. And below mentioned differences will help you understand both types of sink a better way.

  • Style – Drying area of apron-front units is large than farmhouse ones. This makes apron-style sinks ideal for busy kitchens as you can wash and dry dishes in the same place. While in the case of the farmhouse unit, there is no specific drainboard, instead, a large sink that is ideal for washing large pots and pans comfortably.
  • Faucet Installation – Apron sinks go well with the wall-mounted faucet while you can experiment with faucet on a farmhouse unit. A high-arc/pull-down faucets suit them the best but you can also opt for a wall-mounted faucet.
  • Design – An apron-front unit is more on the urban side. This is due to its large exposed front. On the other hand, a farmhouse sink also has a large front but the corners are adjacent and covered by the kitchen cabinet. This makes them ideal for use in traditional and modern kitchens as well.

What is the best material for a farmhouse kitchen sink?

Farmhouse kitchen sinks are a new trend and many leading brands are participating in the manufacturing process. And with so many options available today, it becomes difficult to decide the best material for the kitchen sink. But not to worry, as I’ve done a thorough study on the best farmhouse sink material. And after going through the pros and cons of various materials, I find fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink the best.

Fireclay is both shiny and solid which makes it ideal for daily kitchen use. It is a type of ceramic that is known for its affordability and durability. Plus, they require very little maintenance care than metal or ceramic bowls. Simply wash the fireclay sink surface with regular dishwashing liquid and rinse well with water after doing dishes or bathing your pet. This simple care at the end of the day will maintain the shiny surface of the sink bowl for a long.

If not fireclay, then go for 16-gauge stainless steel farmhouse kitchen sinks. They are affordable, durable, and blends well with the modern interior. Plus, people know how to maintain a stainless steel sink due to its wide use in many kitchens. They are the second-most top choice of buyers after fireclay.

Why are farmhouse sinks so popular?

Farmhouse sinks were not very popular 10 years ago. But now they’re back in the sink industry due to their impressive strength and unique design. Unlike modern sinks, whose corners are well-hidden, farmhouse sinks have a beautiful exposed front. This is the reason why people often refer to them as apron-front sinks. And this exposed front made them popular as they make a statement in your kitchen.

In addition to the beautiful front, farm-style sinks are usually installed under the counter. Such an installation leaves you with more countertop space and makes cleaning the counter easy as you can wipe crumbs and water straight into the sink. Besides, they are heavier than a same-size overmount sink which accounts for their strength and durability. You will not have to worry about the replacement of a farmhouse sink in the near future after proper installation.

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Farmhouse style kitchen sinks are no longer for farmhouse kitchens now. Their exceptional strength and beautiful look made them a trend again. From traditional to modern decors, the timeless design of farmhouse sinks will simply enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Plus, they are known for their deep bowl design that holds more water. A perfect balance of length and depth lets you wash large baking sheets, skillets, frypans, cookpots, etc easily. Or you can give your beloved pet a good bath in your large apron front sink.


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