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Coconut milk is now becoming a common ingredient in the kitchen. And credit goes to its sweet taste and versatility. Generally, Thai food uses a lot of coconut milk to make its famous Thai curry. But nowadays, you’ll find the use of coconut milk in ice cream, yogurt, and one-pot dinner. If you do not have time to prepare one at home you can easily get the best-canned coconut milk.

Canned coconut milk is now a pantry staple in many kitchens. And why not, after all, it is a great substitute for dairy milk. People having trouble digesting milk or dairy product can try organic canned coconut milk. Along with being casein-free, it holds many healthy properties. It is naturally sweet and sometimes nutty in taste, which means you can drink it directly without adding sugar.

Also, there are two types of canned coconut milk, light and full-fat, both of which contain coconut cream. While light cream is thinner because of the water content, full-fat coconut milk is thick which is ideal for making desserts.

Best Canned Coconut Milk

So keeping in mind the versatility and health benefits, we’ve picked some of the best-canned coconut milk for you. While some are fortified with vitamins and minerals, others are unsweetened and organic. Thus, you get the good options below to choose the right product for you.

Best Coconut Milk in Sealed Can

ProductsCan SizePrice
Thai Kitchen (Organic)13.66 fl oz Check Price
Native Forest Unsweetened13.5 Fl Oz Check Price
365 Everyday Value13.5 fl oz Check Price
Nature's Greatest Foods13.5 Ounce Check Price
Native Forest Organic Light13.5 Ounce Check Price
AROY-D Coconut Milk14 Oz Check Price
Natural Value Coconut Milk13.5 oz Check Price

Here are our top 7 picks for canned coconut milk that you can use to cook your delicious recipes, drink, or freeze it for future use.

1) Thai Kitchen Organic Unsweetened Coconut Milk, 13.66 fl oz, Pack of 6

Thai Kitchen Organic Unsweetened Coconut Milk -13.66 fl oz

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Added sugar means no for people on diet. But thanks to Thai Kitchen canned unsweetened coconut milk that contains no artificial sweeteners. It is made from only three ingredients which are, organic coconut, water, and guar gum. These ingredients give a thick texture that makes it the best full-fat substitute for dairy. You can add it to your soup, use it for making curries, or simply freeze it to eat it is as natural unsweetened yogurt.

It is a full-fat product with very little amount of water. However, this might make the coconut content separate in the can after a while. And if you see any water or cream separating out then not to worry as it is very common. This happens because of the absence of artificial binders. Simply blend the content into your blender for few seconds and your thick creamy coconut milk is ready for consumption or addition.

Our Verdict


  • 13.66 fl oz comes in a pack of 6
  • Full-fat
  • Dairy-free, gluten-free, preservative-free
  • No artificial colors
  • Non-GMO
  • A delicious recipe at the back of the can
  • Creamy and smooth texture


  • The cans are not BPA-free, however, efforts are underway to eliminate BPA
  • Contains guar gum

2) Native Forest Simple Organic Unsweetened Coconut Milk, 13.5 Fl Oz (Pack of 12)

Native Forest Simple Organic Unsweetened Coconut Milk, 13.5 Fl Oz

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Coconuts are native to Asia especially, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and the southern periphery of India. These are a few of the places where the finest quality of coconut grows. And Native Forest promises you to bring that authentic and sweet flavor in your kitchen in the form of the can without the addition of any artificial or natural binding compound. Yes, this organic canned coconut milk is sourced from certified organic Srilankan palms.

The contents of the can are all organic and USDA certified. Even the making process of this canned milk is very simple. Farmers pick the mature and organic fruit and pass it to the manufacturing unit. Then the meat of these organic coconuts is pressed to yield an oil-rich extract. Finally, they add purified water to adjust the consistency. Now, this canned food is perfect to make soups, curries, sauces, and beverages.

In case you’re not able to finish the content fully then it is okay to deep freeze the remaining coconut milk. It is better to freeze it in an ice cube tray. This way you can easily add them while making coconut strawberry smoothie. It is important to note that, the consistency will be grainy once defrosted. These granules are nothing but solidified fat/oil.

Our Verdict


  • 13.5 fl oz comes in a pack of 12
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic and sustainable farming uses no artificial plant enhancers
  • Suitable for vegan, paleo, keto, and low-sodium diet
  • The best rated canned coconut milk
  • Full-fat content extracted by pressing the nutmeat of mature fruits
  • No artificial thickeners, not even organic guar gum
  • The native forest comes in three varieties, classic, light, simple, and premium


  • It feels a bit watery even though it is simple
  • Packing can be improved as some buyers were delivered dented cans

3) 365 Everyday Value, Organic Coconut Milk, 13.5 fl oz

365 Everyday Value Organic Coconut Milk

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Refrigeration of the remaining content might separate out cream and liquid after certain hours. And you need to blend it properly before using it. And if you’re a person always on the run and lack time for blending then fill your fridge with 365 Everyday Value organic coconut milk. It does not separate cream and water even if you refrigerate an open can for up to 24 hours. Therefore, the content holds on to the right texture.

Speaking of texture, it is a full-fat, thick, and creamy product. The thickness comes from organic guar gum that binds the components well. It has a thick spread like consistency which is a bit difficult to scoop out. However, such thickness is perfect to use for frosting cake if you’re allergic to dairy and do not want a large number of artificial sweeteners.

Our Verdict


  • 13.5 fl oz
  • Certified organic and vegan product
  • Thick consistency
  • Contains tree nut that gives it a nutty flavor
  • Perfect full-fat canned coconut milk for making ice creams, yogurt, and other such desserts at home
  • Refrigeration for 24 hours would not change its appearance
  • Simply whip it for a few times before use for the best flavor in your recipe
  • No sugar added
  • Low sodium


  • Some people might be allergic to tree nut even if it is a natural ingredient
  • Guar gum used as a thickener

4) Nature’s Greatest Foods, Organic Coconut Milk, No Guar Gum, Unsweetened, 13.5 Ounce (Pack of 12)

Nature's Greatest Foods, Organic Coconut Milk - No Guar Gum -Unsweetened

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The use of guar gum helps to thicken the coconut milk. And many people are afraid of its long-term side effects like indigestion. However, none of the brands add guar gum is a quantity that will affect your system now or later. But if you’re extremely sensitive and do not want to taste any risk then go for Nature’s Greatest Foods. This guar gum-free coconut milk in canned form is best for individuals with a dairy allergies.

Again like guar gum, many cans contain only a trace amount of BPA that will not harm you or degrade the content inside. But even if such a little of BPA bothers you then you can totally rely on Nature’s Greatest Foods BPA-free canned coconut milk. Not only are they free from BPA but the cans are also star-K kosher certified. So both the content inside and packing are safe, natural, organic, and vegan.

Our Verdict


  • 13.5-ounce(pack of 12)
  • USDA-certified organic product
  • Velvety texture and sweet taste; perfect to add in curries, shakes, soups, etc
  • One of the best organic canned coconut milk with only ingredients as coconut and purified water
  • BPA-free cans
  • No added sugar, carrageenan, guar gum, or sulfites
  • GMO and gluten-free


  • Small oily chunks might not make smooth coffee
  • A bit costlier

5) Native Forest Organic Light Coconut Milk Reduced Fat, 13.5 Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

Native Forest Organic Light Coconut Milk Reduced Fat 13.5 Ounce Can

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Coconut milk is high in fat but the number of healthy fats is more than negative ones. But if you’re on a diet then you might wish to avoid intaking fat. And Native Forest’s canned light coconut milk will help you keep check on your weight. Imported from Thailand, this green can contain 60% less fat as compared to native Forest’s classic can. But less fat does not defy its texture or taste.

Instead of single-press, the organic meat of the coconut is pressed twice. This removes extra fats as well as yields a rich extract that is mixed only with filtered water. And to bind this light mixture properly, it uses a trace amount of guar gum from the seeds of the guar plant. Therefore, consistency is not very thick to scoop out and nor too runny. It is smooth, silky without any big chunks, perfect for Thai curries, soups, and puddings.

Our Verdict


  • 13.5-ounce cans(pack of 12)
  • up to 64% less fat
  • Smooth consistency makes it one of the best-canned coconut milk for coffee
  • Sourced from certified traditional Thai coconut crops
  • Ideal for people on gluten-free, organic, vegan, low-sodium, and the keto diet
  • Twice-pressed


  • Contains a teeny tiny amount of guar gum(less than 1%)
  • Refrigerate and consume the product within 4 four days after opening

6) AROY-D Coconut Milk 14 Oz Can (Pack of 6)

AROY-D Coconut Milk 14 Oz Can

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A product of Thailand loved by Thai people and many around the world, Aroy-D canned coconut milk is perfect for daily use. With 60% coconut extract and pure water, Aroy-D is high in fat. If you love to work out and need to fulfill your daily intake of calories then this canned natural coconut milk would help. It is creamy, flavorful, and naturally sweet which will enhance the taste your protein shake.

Thick texture and nutty flavor add taste to a number of Thai and Indian curries. The ingredients blend well and uniformly so that you do not have to use a blender before adding or layering them on food. Besides, you can refrigerate the remaining content but only to be used within 2days. Even refrigeration will not spoil its texture. Simply whisk it if you see oil or chunks floating.

Our Verdict


  • 14 oz can(pack of 6)
  • 60% coconut extract
  • Made in Thailand with best quality coconuts
  • Creamy texture and sweet, nutty flavor
  • Ideal to make curries, soups, and Thai delicacies
  • Artificial additive-free


  • Added sugar
  • Low shelf life(2 days) after opening
  • The cans may arrive dented

7) Natural Value Coconut Milk, 13.5 oz. Cans (Count of 12)

Natural Value Coconut Milk, 13.5 oz. Cans

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Going vegan is not simple at all. You need to spend an hour looking at all the ingredients before you can actually consume it. But be assured with Natural Value unsweetened coconut milk as it is naturally gluten, soy, and dairy-free. Plus, it contains no artificial preservatives, thickener, emulsifiers, or stabilizers that can affect your health. You can hassle-free add this 100% pure coconut milk in your coffee, protein shake, dessert, etc.

A little amount of BPA is common in cans. This will literally not harm you but if you want to go all safe then Natural Valve is a perfect product. Their cans are BPA-free which means the natural content inside does not get in contact with any kind of artificial stuff. Thus, you can drink coconut milk without any hassle. Besides, with 17-19% of milk fat, the consistency is thick but flowy. Therefore, perfect for soups, dressing, milkshakes, and smoothie.

Our Verdict


  • 13.5-ounce comes in a pack of 12
  • No artificial or natural thickening agents
  • BPA-free lining
  • No whiteners, emulsifiers or stabilizers
  • Contains only pure coconut and water
  • Vegan product free from soy and gluten


  • Grainy texture after refrigeration
  • Both the components do not blend well

Canned Coconut Milk Nutrition

When the flesh of a matured coconut is squeezed through a cold-press technique then it makes drinkable coconut milk. Being a tropical fruit it is believed and proven that this natural superfood holds health benefits. But what about canned foods? So here is the baseline nutritional value of coconut milk sold in sealed cans(1).

One Cup Raw Canned Coconut Milk Nutrition:

  • water: 164.71 grams (g)
  • calories: 445
  • fat: 48.21 g
  • protein: 4.57 g
  • carbohydrates: 6.35 g
  • potassium: 497 milligrams (mg)
  • magnesium: 104 mg
  • calcium: 41 (mg)
  • iron: 7.46 mg
  • vitamin C: 2.30 mg

Per Cup of Sweetened Coconut Milk Nutrition:

  • water: 226.97 g
  • calories: 74
  • fat: 4.99 g
  • carbohydrates: 7.01 g
  • protein: 0.50 g
  • calcium: 451 mg
  • potassium: 46 mg

It is often observed that many brands try to increase this nutritional profile by adding vitamins A, B-12, and D2.

Benefits of drinking coconut milk

  • A single cup of canned coconut milk provides you with more than 10% of your daily iron.
  • Apart from being rich in iron, it has a sufficient amount of magnesium, potassium, and zinc.
  • Drinking a healthy amount of coconut milk helps with bad cholesterol as well as improves heart health.
  • It is rich in fats, but the number of healthy fats is far more than unhealthy ones.
  • Great for people who work out and need to fulfill their daily calorie requirements.
  • Out of many fats, there’s a saturated MCT(medium-chain triglycerides) fat that promotes weight loss
  • The same MCT fats are known to help with memory. Thus, great for mental health.
  • There are few fortified canned coconut milk that boosts the immune system.

Is coconut milk thick in the can?

The process of making coconut milk is not as easy as it seems. It requires skill, plus, the method is quite time-consuming. And in this busy world who has got time to make only 1 item in hours. So people prefer to buy canned coconut milk. But does the quality of canned products as good as homemade ones? Does it have a thick consistency?

Well, the consistency of canned coconut milk depends upon the brand you select. Ideally, it should be thick but then there are a lot of varieties. If you look in the supermarket, they keep all varieties of canned coconut milk from full fat to light. I recommend buying thick coconut milk because then you can change its consistency by adding water. The light or low-fat coconut milk will have more water content.

Can I drink canned coconut milk?

Coconut milk in tin cans is ideal for cooking rather than direct drinking. You can get cartons of coconut milk which are best for drinking. They contain sweeteners which makes them ideal to pour directly into the glass. But if you wish to drink canned coconut milk then either blend it in a bowl or pulse a few times in a food processor. This will mix water content with the milk perfectly for you to have raw or mix it in the coffee or smoothie.

Too much of Coconut Milk can…

  • Having anything in excess will surely do show side effects, if not immediately then in the long run. And if you drank too much coconut milk then it can result in stomach discomfort. You’ll either feel constipated or have diarrhea. Or you can even throw up white milk out.
  • Coconut milk allergy is rare but you should discontinue use if there are any side effects such as indigestion, rashes, eye irritation, etc.


Start your day with healthy, all-natural, dairy-free canned coconut milk. You can add it in your coffee or make curry for lunch or eat it as frozen yogurt, the choice is all yours. Although many brands offer an organic products we suggest you go through the ingredients once to make sure you’re not allergic to any of them. Otherwise, you’ll love the sweet nutty flavor and creamy texture of coconut milk in a variety of dishes. Staple your favorite coconut milk brands and say hello to a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.


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