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Nowadays many people are asking for acacia wood furniture without even knowing what exactly the material is. No doubt, acacia wood holds some good properties that made it so famous. So before beginning with the best acacia wood dining table reviews, let us focus on the benefits of acacia.

Originally from Australia, acacia tree is now found on many parts of the earth including Asia, Africa, and America. When this tree is cut it has a high polish and leaves behind a sweet smell. Plus, it naturally beautiful and does not require chemical coloring or staining. A simple polish on the acacia wood is enough to give it a bright new look.

The growth rate of acacia is a major factor why it has become a great option to make furniture. It grows rapidly and sometimes the growth is high than that of pine. Plus, the acacia wood is sturdy and can hold a good amount of weight. Therefore, which makes it best for making furniture such as dining tables, chairs, storage shelves, etc.

Top 5 Best Acacia Wood Dining Table

So keeping these benefits in mind for both human use and the environment we’ve picked some of the best dining tables made from acacia wood. Take a look below to find which shape and size suit the best.

Best Acacia Wood Table For Indoor/Outdoor Dining

Christopher Knight Home 29819269 x 32.25 x 29.5 inRectangular Check Price
Best Choice Acacia Table69x 32.25x29.5 inRectangular Check Price
Stanford Outdoor Table47.25 x 47.25 x 30 inRound Check Price
Walker Edison Furniture55 x 35 x 30 InRectangular Check Price
Daniel High Dinning Table47.2 x 18.2 x 36 inRectangular Check Price

Here are the top 5 picks for your Acacia dining tables.

1) Christopher Knight Home Acacia Wood Outdoor Dining Table with Teak Finish, Brown

Christopher Knight Home 298192 Spanish Bay Acacia Wood Outdoor Dining Table

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Simple and beautiful, the Christopher Knight natural acacia wood dining table is great for outdoor use. The natural color of wood compliments various deck and patio style. Whereas, the metal legs with a rustic finish simply add warmth to the area. If you’re planning to keep the unit outdoors the entire summer then make sure to apply teak oil to the surface. Applying oil will protect the acacia wood from cracking, rotting, and decay.

Christopher knight rectangular patio table comes folded in half with 3 hinges. Unfold it and simply remove the middle hinge for the straight rectangular shape. The size of the dining table is just perfect for the patio and deck use. It is not overly wide yet spacious enough to hold plates and bowls. Besides, you can arrange up to 6 chairs around the table for a comfortable dinner time outdoors.

Assembling the unit is extremely easy as all screws and holes are lined up. Anyone can understand and finish the assembly of the product in under 30 minutes. Plus, Christopher Knight Home 298192 provides extra hardware in case you misplace or break one while assembling.


  • Great quality at such an affordable price
  • Perfect for outdoor use like patio or deck
  • Sturdy constructions hold up items on it very well
  • Rustic coated metal legs complement the natural color of acacia wood
  • You can drill a hole in the middle of the table to insert patio umbrella
  • Ideal to use indoors also


  • Need to apply teak oil over the surface if you’re planning to keep it outdoors for the summer season
  • Any modification will void the warranty

Key Features:

  • 69 x 32.25 x 29.5 inches
  • Rectangular surface
  • 4 metal legs
  • Foldable
  • Weighs 76 pounds

2) Best Choice Products 6-Person Indoor Outdoor Rustic Acacia Wood Picnic Dining Table w/Metal Finish Legs

Best Choice Products 6-Person Indoor Outdoor Rustic Acacia Wood Picnic Dining Table w/Metal Finish Legs

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Exessive sun or rain can damage even the finest of wood. So it is important to check the weatherproof qualities of the outdoor furniture before you hit the ‘buy now’ button. And thanks to the natural water-resistant property of acacia wood that makes it ideal for making outdoor patio furniture. This dining table made from acacia wood also resists water as well as is thick and durable.

The natural finish of the surface blends well with your outdoor style. It will look beautiful on your wooden deck or concrete patio. And the best part about this rectangular patio table is its surface area. The unit is not too big nor too small and just perfect for a comfortable outdoor dinner. It offers space to keep dishes and bowl and still have some space left for extra items.

While the surface is of acacia wood, its legs are of metal. These slight slant metal legs hold the weight very well. Also, you’ll not feel the unit wobble or shake on an even surface. Plus, it is a foldable dining table if you take out the middle brackets and metal legs.


  • The natural finish and sleek lines on the surface adds elegance to the area whether you place it indoors or outdoors
  • Durable natural acacia wood tabletop is naturally water-resistant
  • Thick black metal legs can hold up to 500 pounds of weight without wobbling
  • Seats up to 6 individuals
  • Large surface area is ideal for family dinners and birthday party
  • Includes instructions for proper assembly
  • Fold the table into half for easy storage during rainy and snowy days


  • No umbrella hole
  • There are little gaps between the wooden boards that can possibly collect food and dirt

Key Features:

  • 69(L) x 32.25(W) x 29.5(H) in
  • Rectangular wooden surface
  • Slant metal legs
  • 550 lbs weight capacity
  • Foldable
  • Item weighs 57 lbs

3) Stanford Outdoor Acacia Wood Dining Table – Round – with Teak Finish

Stanford | Outdoor Acacia Wood Dining Table | Round | with Teak Finish

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If you want a romantic kind of furniture to spend quality time with your loved one then Stanford outdoor acacia wood dining table is for you. Unlike a square or rectangular shape, this one is a round dining table. And te good thing is it does not contain any metal part. From the dining surface to legs, all things are made of acacia wood. Therefore, it will add elegance to your patio or deck, wherever you place.

Instead of a simple flat design, the dining surface of Stanford acacia wood round fining table features gaps between boards. These gaps are not too wide to let things fall and nor too narrow to accumulate dirt or food. Thus, you can hassle-free keep plates and cutlery over it. It is perfect outdoor furniture for a romantic dinner date.

The problem with cheap round furniture is they wobble a lot. And there are two reasons behind the wobbling, weak support system, and poor design. But wobbling is not an issue with this Stanford round outdoor dining table as it features strong x-base support. Therefore, this solid support eliminates the need to distribute weight evenly over the dining surface. Thus, enjoy your meal without any worries.


  • The entire unit is made of natural acacia wood
  • Strong x-base support prevent wobbling
  • The smooth teak finish makes it a wonderful addition to your patio
  • Rubber pads on each leg of the round table prevent your wooden deck from scratch marks
  • Easy to assemble
  • Gaps in between wooden board enhance the beauty  of the product
  • Treated to withstand elements
  • Legs of the dining table can be removed for storage


  • Bit expensive
  • Not suitable to seat more than 4 people

Key Features:

  • 47.25 x 47.25 x 30 inches
  • x-shaped base
  • Teak finish
  • Rubber pads on the bottom
  • Weighs 42 pounds

4) Walker Edison Furniture Company Solid Acacia Wood Patio Extendable Dining Table – Brown

Walker Edison Furniture Company Solid Acacia Wood Patio Extendable Dining Table - Brown

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Family get-together means a lot of fun, games, and delicious food. But a small dining table might not seat all people at once. And the fun only comes when you all eat together. So we’ve picked Walker Edison’s extendable dining table that is perfect for families who shows up guests frequently. Normally, it can seat up to 6 people but on extending you get space that is enough to seat up to 9 people.

Operating this butterfly leaf dining table is very easy. You need to unlock the buckle hinges carefully on both sides and then raise that part of the acacia board. Then place them down and push the side parts of the dining table together. Your 6 seater acacia dining table is ready for use. Similarly, pull the ends and open the butterfly leaf to extend the table.

The umbrella hole in the middle of the unit is an impressive feature. Any regular size patio umbrella will easily fit in this hole. Installing a patio umbrella will not only protect the acacia wood but it will also enhance the beauty of your patio. Plus, it will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun while you relax outdoors.


  • Solid acacia wood construction makes it stand as top rated outdoor dining table on Amazon
  • Application of teak oil after a few days will maintain its brand new look
  • The dining table expands very easily
  • Umbrella hole in the middle fits any standard size patio umbrella easily
  • Ships ready-to-assemble
  • When extended, it can seat up to 9 people
  • Natural grain finish looks great on backyard


  • You need to extend the table to use the umbrella hole
  • Does not have a foldable extension which makes storage a bit difficult

Key Features:

  • 55 x 35 x 30 inches
  • Hide-away butterfly leaf
  • Brown color
  • Umbrella hole
  • Natural grain finish
  • Weighs 73.7 pounds

5) Daniel Outdoor Industrial High Acacia Wood/Iron Bar Table – in Rustic Metal and Teak Finish

Daniel | Outdoor Industrial Acacia Wood/Iron Bar Table | in Rustic Metal and Teak Finish

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The industrial look of this Christopher Knight Home unit makes it a perfect high dining table for outdoor use. Made from sustainable acacia wood, the surface is thick, sturdy, and smooth. In fact, the sides are curved for user safety and comfort. And the natural color of acacia is simply gorgeous. All these features make the unit look expensive than it is actually.

The best part about the Daniel outdoor acacia table is the assembly. It does not take much time to fix a rectangular wooden board over wrought iron legs. You can easily finish assembling the product under 10 minutes using basic household tools.

Hairpin wrought iron legs under rectangular acacia wood table look beautiful. Not only do they enhance the beauty of the unit but they are weather-resistant. The metal is treated to withstand weather conditions. It will not rust or corrode easily. Therefore, you can keep it outdoors for a comfortable, wobble-free high dining experience.


  • You can use the unit as a high dining table or an attractive acacia iron bar table
  • Sturdy hairpin shaped wrought iron legs are durable and weather-resistant
  • It hardly takes 10 minutes to assemble
  • Perfect for people who love to entertain outdoors
  • Ideal to keep 2 bar chairs
  • Affordable
  • Easy to carry and store


  • Hairpin legs are quite flimsy
  • Store it inside during rainy and snow season

Key Features:

  • 47.2 x 18.2 x 36 inches
  • Rectangular surface
  • Wrought iron legs
  • Teak finish
  • Weighs 25 pounds

Is acacia wood good for a dining table?

If you’re thinking to buy a wooden dining table for your home then do consider acacia wood. Acacia is a hardwood with a natural shine that looks great. Not only does its shiny surface attract buyers but when the tree is cut, it leaves behind a sweet smell. And somewhat trace of smell is found in the furniture. Also, the impressive growth of the acacia tree does not scare us of its shortage. People also buy acacia wood articles because of their rapid growth that balances the forest.

In addition to being naturally beautiful, acacia wood is highly scratch resistant. This is a great quality when you’re buying a wooden dining table as plates and cutleries tend to scratch the table surface. And you would not like to see ugly scratches on your new dining table. Besides, the hardwood is naturally water-resistant which eases the cleaning of the surface after use.

High durability of acacia makes it favorable to make heavy furniture. In fact, some parts of Asia use acacia wood for building boats, cabinets, railroad ties, etc. While you can find acacia bowls, canoes, etc in Hawaii. American market features acacia dolls, furniture, jewelry, and other souvenirs.

How do I care for my acacia wood dining table?

Just like other wood, acacia also needs a little care for long-lasting performance. You will not have to elbow grease to care for acacia as it is naturally shiny and scratch-resistant. Plus, it is water-resistant too which means you will not have to rush to grab towels to clean water or soda spills on the dining table immediately.

Get a clean cotton cloth, damp it and clean the spills and food particles off the dining table. You can also clean the wooden chairs the same way if you see dust accumulated over them. If the cloth is too wet then clean the same surface with a dry cloth to prevent water spots on the table and chair surface. You can turn the dining room fan on to airdry the furniture quickly.

After some time, you should apply a non-toxic furniture wax to maintain the shine of the acacia dining table intact. A good quality wax will spread evenly and will take less time to absorb completely. Read the instructions manual before applying any kind of wax or oil as finished surfaces do not need any coat of wax.

Can you leave acacia wood outside?

Hardwood like acacia makes the best outdoor furniture. But however, you might not like to place it in direct sunlight as it damages the wooden surface. The harmful UV rays of the sun take away the natural moisture of wood and create hairline size cracks. With time these cracks start to spread more and widen. Also, do not keep any unfinished acacia furniture outdoors as it will not only dry out in shot span but also start cracking.

But if you somehow only like acacia outdoor furniture then buy products that are properly treated with a weather-proof finish. A good quality finish will protect the wooden surface from the direct sun and rain. Speaking of rain, you must cover the acacia wooden chairs and other furniture with waterproof covers to ensure its durability. Although it is naturally water-resistant, keeping it out in rain for too long will surely degrade its quality.

So it is advisable to keep acacia wood outdoor furniture under shade. You can use them under a gazebo and shift them indoors when snow season arrives. Or cover them with good quality weatherproof covers when not in use. Reapply weather-resistant paint if you notice the wooden surface dulling.

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Be it indoor or outdoor, a good dining table increases comfort while you dine. And wood-like acacia is both beautiful to look at and sturdy. While acacia wood is naturally shiny, you can polish the table layer with some teak oil to make it look brand new. Such wood is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Also, it is the perfect choice for outdoor use as acacia is water-resistant. Convert your patio or deck into a cozy outdoor dining area by setting the best acacia outdoor dining table.


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