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A good gas range makes cooking time more fun. You get nearly 3-4 burners that let you cook multiple items at once. No doubt, a good quality gas range will cost you a hefty amount of money but they will last for a lifetime. Again, as it is a gas range, it will comprise of both burners and an electric oven below. But choosing the best 36-inch gas range from the pool of options can be baffling. So we’ve picked the best gas range brands to ease your cooking job.

Most of the Americans kitchens use a 36-inch gas range. This is because they’re flexible with more burners as well as the size of the oven below is also large. You can cook a meal for the crowd in one go. While preparing meatballs with spaghetti on the range, you can also use the oven below to bake a pie for the dessert. Thanks to duel-fuel gas ranges that saves both time and energy.

Best 36-Inch Gas Ranges Review

Top Rated 36-Inch Gas Ranges Comparison

Cosmo COS-965AGFC5 Burners17400 BTU Check Price
NXR SC3611 36" Gas Range6 Burners22000 BTU Check Price
Thor Kitchen HRG3618U6 Burners22000 BTU Check Price
Verona Prestige Series5 Burners24000 BTU Check Price
Cosmo GRP366 Gas Range6 Burners18000 BTU Check Price

1) Cosmo COS-965AGFC 36 in. Single Oven Gas Range with 5 Burner Cooktop

Cosmo COS-965AGFC 36 in. 3.8 cu. ft. Single Oven Gas Range with 5 Burner

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Cook meals fast with Cosmo COS-965AGFC stainless steel gas range. It features 5 sealed burners with 2 on each side and one at the center. And over them are heavy-duty cast-iron grates that hold your pots and pans properly. Besides, the cast-iron grates have a great heat-retention capacity as well as distributes heat evenly for the best results. These 5 sealed burners include one 17400, one 8200, two 6900 and one 5000 BTU auxiliary burner. From slow cooking to high heating vegetable sauteing, you can prepare a variety of cuisines with the Cosmo single oven gas range.

The high-quality steel construction of COS-965AGFC makes it worth buying. While the cooktop and sidewalls are of steel, matching stainless steel knobs are cherry on the cake. These steel knobs offer a continuously refined look and modern aesthetic that is extremely durable. Also, stainless steel does not require much maintenance. Simply wipe clean the surface with a soft damp cloth for a shiny appearance.

Below the cooktop is 3.8 cubic ft. oven featuring rapid convection. The only electrical requirements are a standard 3 prong plug with 120 V, 60 HZ, 15 A to run the oven. Once the setup is complete you can use the oven to bake delicious desserts. You can do convection baking, baking, or broiling. The two big metal racks can be adjusted to 4 different positions depending upon the height of the food.

Our Verdict


  • It supports both LPG and natural gas
  • Electronic controls let you set the 12-hour clock and timer for precision cooking
  • High-intensity triple ring burner is sear steaks to tender flavorful perfection
  • Durable metal knobs and range body
  • 2 oven racks with 4 position
  • Optional liquid propane conversion kit sold separately to convert the freestanding gas range to run on propane
  • It is the best gas range under $2000
  • Easy to install; it includes bulbs, gas connector, hardware, and installation kit


  • No temperature indicator

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 17400 BTU triple ring burner
  • 3.8 cu ft. oven
  • Metal knobs
  • Cast-iron grates
  • Built-in display
  • Stand-alone unit
  • Weighs 165 pounds

2) NXR SC3611 36″ 5.5 cu.ft. Professional Style Gas Range with Convection Oven, Stainless Steel

NXR SC3611 36 5.5 cu.ft. Professional Style Gas Range with Convection Oven

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NXR professional style gas range is perfect for your modern kitchen. While its modern aesthetic blends well with contemporary kitchens, the sturdy steel construction offers excellent performance. It brings the feel and looks of a commercial range into your home. Not only does it look commercial but it also works like one. The credit goes to 6 world-class single-stack burners made in Germany. These NXR SC burners offer the ultimate versatility and each burner has a purpose.

There’s a high-power 18000 BTU burner for fast high-heat cooking. While the others are low-power 6000 BTU, 10000 BTU broiler burner, and a 22000 BTU oven burner. From boiling water quickly to simmering delicate sauce, this NXR 36-inch pro-style gas range lets you cook a wide variety of meals. Plus, there are no electric controls to go wrong. It is a good gas stove with a convection oven featuring a re-ignition system.

The electronic re-ignition system is a safety feature that protects against gas buildup. On the bottom of the beautiful German-style cooktop is a powerful convection oven. The oven features a convection fan on the back that encourages even cooking. Whereas, the oven’s butterfly broiler exposes the food directly to high heat. This direct exposure to heat is great for cooking thin cuts of meat. It helps to sear better with flavors locked in.

Our Verdict


  • The single-stack burners are manufactured in Germany by Isphording
  • There’s a safety feature, re-ignition system, that protects against the gas buildup
  • The cooktop drip pan is made with black porcelain that is extremely easy to clean
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grates compliment the sealed gas burners
  • Slick silver accent knobs
  • Two halogen lights at 25 volts each for a better oven visibility
  • Heavy-duty oven hinges for a long-lasting use


  • For the price, the oven could have glide shelves

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 6 German burners
  • Oven 22000 BTU
  • 5.5 cu ft. convection oven
  • Re-ignition system
  • Extra-large 25.4″ x 11.8″ window
  • Butterfly broiler
  • Weighs 264 pounds

3) Thor Kitchen Free-Standing Professional Style 36 Inch Gas Range with Cast Iron Grates

Thor Kitchen Free Standing Freestanding Professional Style Gas Range with Burners

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The joy of cooking doubles when you get both, high-quality construction and splendid design. And Thor Kitchen freestanding professional style gas range features them both. Similar to the majority of the units, Thor also features a modern stainless steel surface that is easy to clean and compliments many kitchen decors. The clean look of stainless steel is easy to maintain as well as is extremely durable. With simple care, this stainless steel gas range with an oven can last for years.

Thor Kitchen 6-burner gas range feature black porcelain drip pan on cooktop. Such a smooth surface does not hold in oil or grease. Therefore, you do not have to hurry while cleaning as all the debris and spillage will come off easily even if they’re dried. Speaking of porcelain, even the 22000 BTU convection oven has a blue porcelain interior. The blue color of interior beautifully blends with stainless steel exterior of Thor Kitchen 36-inch range. Thus, giving it a rich professional look, the one you find in commercial kitchens.

Blue LED lights above each knob simply enhance the beauty of the unit. These lights only turn on when the burner is on. Now you know why there is blue porcelain on the interior of the oven. It just blends perfectly with the blue lights. Besides, 2 halogen lights give you a clear view of the oven. Whereas commercial convection fan distributes heat evenly so there are no cold spots while you bake your bread or pie.

Our Verdict


  • Cast iron grates hold and distribute heat evenly without flaking or chipping
  • The infrared broiler is ideal for grilling and browning food
  • One of the best 6-burner burner gas range with modern aesthetics
  • Backed by an impressive warranty on parts
  • Automatic re-ignition safety feature
  • Beautiful blue porcelain oven interior
  • Blue LED lights turn on as soon as you turn any burner on


  • No adjustable legs

Key Features:

  • Modern stainless steel surface
  • 16500 BTU infrared broiler
  • 22000 BTU convection oven
  • 4.2 cu ft. oven capacity
  • LP convertible
  • Blue porcelain oven interior
  • 2-year warranty on parts and labor
  • Weighs 250 pounds

4) Verona Prestige Series VPFSGG365DSS 36″ All Gas Range with 5 Sealed Burners

Verona Prestige Series VPFSGG365DSS 36 inch All Gas Range 5 Sealed Burners

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If you take your cooking job seriously then Verona Prestige 36-inch all gas range will be your perfect cooking partner. Made in Italy this gorgeous product complements a variety of kitchen decors. If you’re thinking to redo your kitchen or looking for a brand new unit, do consider Verona Prestige. It is made of 304-grade stainless steel material that is known for its excellent corrosion-resistant properties. So not to worry if you spilled some sauce on the cooktop as it takes a few wipes to clean it off.

The best part about Verona is, it is a double oven gas range. Yes, you get two ovens with different functions to bake two items at the same time without the flavor of one mixing into the other. While the capacity of the main oven is 2.4 cubic ft., the second oven measures 1.5 cu ft. Both of them are multi-functional with infrared broiler. The only difference is of BTUs. While there is no much difference in broiler power, oven power shows a good difference. But the bottom line is, you can prepare delicious casseroles in either of them.

Unlike the above units, where you need to ask for an LP kit separately, Verona 5 burner gas range includes one. You can either set the LP connection on your own or ask for professional help if never done before. Other than that, its 5 sealed burners feature different BTU levels for fast cooking. These include 2x 8000 BTU, 2x 12000 BTU and a 17000 BTU burner. From stir-frying vegetables on high flame to slow-cooking beef stew for dinner, there are a lot of different recipes you can easily make on this 5-burner double oven gas range.

Our Verdict


  • Electronic Ignition Flame failure safety system
  • Bell timer notifies you when the pre-set cooking temperature is over
  • LP kit included
  • EZ clean porcelain oven surface
  • Stainless steel rounded oven handles for easy opening and closing of the beveled door
  • Durable steel construction; high corrosion resistant
  • Auto-burner ignition feature for user safety


  • Expensive
  • Cleaning will take some time as the gas range features two ovens

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 5 sealed burners
  • 2 turbo-electric convection fan
  • Chrome knobs
  • Main oven capacity: 2.4 cu ft
  • Second oven capacity: 1.5 cu ft
  • Beveled doors
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Weighs 250 pounds

5) Cosmo GRP366 36″ Freestanding Gas Range – 6 Sealed Burner Rangetop, Stainless Steel

Cosmo GRP366 36 in Freestanding Gas Range

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Cook in style with Cosmo GRP366 36-inch freestanding 6-burner gas range. This heavy-duty unit from Cosmo is perfect for home chefs that want to elevate their cooking experience. Thanks to its modern European design that blends seamlessly with a variety of other steel appliances in your kitchen. Not only the unit has great looks but it is also highly durable. Made of 304 stainless steel, the 36-inch Cosmo gas range is fingerprint, smudge, and corrosion-resistant.

Cosmo GRP366 features a single 4.5 cubic feet oven with rapid convection technology. This technology uses a dual fan assisted circular heating element designed to heat evenly around the food. In short, your cake will get baked evenly from all sides without any cold spots. Also, even air circulation takes less time at a lower temperature as compared to a standard oven. Thus, saves time and energy.

Electronic ignition burners ensure user safety as well as prevents gas leaks. All 6 Italian burners allow you to cook from a high heat boiling, frying, or searing to a low simmer for the most delicate sauces. These include an 18000 BTU triple ring burner, two 12500 BTU rapid burner, two 10000 semi-rapid burners, and one auxiliary burner. Like most of the products, this Cosmo stainless steel gas range stove with oven comes standard for natural gas. But you can ask for an optional liquid propane conversion kit if your home does not have a gas pipeline.

Our Verdict


  • A removable backsplash allows this range stove to be used as both for freestanding or slide-in installation
  • Powerful dual fans circulate hot air evenly around food
  • 4 oven functions ensure you have the juiciest roasts to sweetest desserts
  • Industrial-grade corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel material that is both durable and fingerprint-resistant
  • Rapid convection technology bakes food faster at low temperatures
  • Large oven window with 2 lights for easy monitoring of food and better oven visibility
  • Oven safety features involve overheating protection and a cool-to-touch handle


  • A bit costly
  • The range does not have a self-cleaning mode

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 6 Italian-made burners
  • Single convection oven
  • Cast iron grates
  • Heavy-duty metal knobs
  • 4.5 cu ft. oven capacity
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts & labor
  • Weighs 2.6 pounds

How long do gas ranges last?

Gas ranges are expensive. And one cannot afford to buy a new model after a few years. But have you ever wondered how long does gas ranges last? This kitchen appliance has the longest life expectancy of all. A good quality gas range lasts nearly 15 years without any issues. Many well-maintained ranges last more than 20 years. Besides gas, electric ranges also have an impressive lifespan. They last for nearly 12-13 years.

Features To Look at When Buying a Gas Range

Obviously, you are not just gonna hit the buy now button when the price tag is so high. You need to check whether the model fulfills your needs or not. Check out the below main features while looking for a new gas range.

Number Burners: The main thing to look at is the number of burners a gas range offers. More the number of burners, a lot easier it becomes to cook food. Here, an important thing to note is, not all burners operate on the same BTU. Each burner has a defined BTU level that is perfect for cooking various meals. For example, frying ingredients require a high BTU burner than slow-roasting meat.

Capacity: Capacity of a gas range indicated how effectively it can burn to make meals. For example, a 4 cubic feet capacity is perfect for a family of four while a 5 cu. ft. range is good for a family of 5. People generally buy one size large range as it creates no problem when you host a party or if there’s a family gathering.

Heat Generating Ability (BTU): BTU or British Thermal Unit measures thermal energy. And BTUs are an important part of any gas range as they help you determine how quickly and effectively can you cook food. Each burner operates on a specific BTU that helps with various cooking. It is best to compare BTUs of the models you like. The comparison will help you find the best gas range.

Built Material: Cast iron and stainless steel gas ranges are best to use. It is because, both the materials can withstand high temperatures. Plus, they are durable and easy to clean. Nowadays people prefer stainless steel over cast iron as it blends easily with various kitchen decors.

Safety Features: Gas leaks are dangerous for home. But with an advancement in technology, many manufacturers now integrate gas leak detection. However, it is important that you look safety features of different ranges before buying.

Price: Good quality gas ranges are obviously expensive. But with price comes many benefits like good BTU burners, safety features, beautiful exterior, and proper interconnection. It is better to invest in a good quality product rather than settling for a cheap unit that cannot withstand test of time.

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Every kitchen, be it residential or commercial should have a good quality gas range. Not only does it eases your work but it lets you cook different varieties of food at the same time. As you know by now, a gas range comprises of the oven. It might be single convection or a double oven range. Also, there are multiple burners on the cooktop with different BTUs to let you prepare meals like a pro. You can choose the best 36-inch gas range that suits you the best in terms of materials, price, quality, and of course, the size of the family.


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