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A large kitchen is incomplete without a good island in the center. And if you’re redoing your kitchen or remodeling the entire floor, then consider adding a good kitchen island to the space.

A kitchen island is the focal point of any kitchen. It is the first thing people notice when they enter the kitchen.

But besides adding aesthetic to space, a well-built kitchen island has many benefits. And today we’ll be discussing several pros of a kitchen island.

Benefits of Kitchen Island

Benefits of Using Kitchen Island

1. Extra Storage Space

Lack of proper storage space is a forever issue. This is because we keep on buying new appliances and cookware which ultimately leads to storage issues. However, you can make some room for storage with a kitchen island. Add cabinets and utilize the space below the countertop for storing new electrical appliances and cookware.

2. Adds Character to Your Kitchen

If you want to change the entire look of your kitchen without putting much effort then redo your kitchen island. Small changes like adding a new countertop stone or wood and fresh paint will be enough to make your kitchen look new and tidy. You can do dual color kitchen island for a modern look. Or go for woodwork for traditional aesthetics.

3. A Perfect Second Workstation

Cooking on the kitchen island is a wholesome experience. If you’ve never done it before then try installing a new kitchen island and cooking on it. Add a sink and some electric spots and you can use it as your main workstation. Plus, clean utensils and add a microwave or retro-style toaster oven to ease up the morning breakfast schedule.

4. Extra Seating

Adding 2-3 counter chairs or bar stools on one side of the kitchen island will provide extra seating. Now, this type of arrangement is best for kids and guests. While it allows you to keep an eye on what your child eats, you can chat and cook when friends sit comfortably on chairs. Go for wooden counter chairs for a rich, traditional look, whereas, steel bar stools will bring a more electric style to the space.

5. Room for Appliances

Tired to walk all the way to the countertop corner to operate your coffee machine or toaster oven? Then it is time to transfer them to the kitchen island. Simply ask your electrician to add a few sockets on the side of a kitchen island and you can place a microwave, toaster oven, coffee machine, or any daily-use appliance on the counter. It provides a lot of conveniences.

6. Right Entertainment Spot

Cooking something new for family or friends is always exciting. And what can be cooler than you cooking and chatting with your friends at the same time? Yes, a kitchen island makes it possible for you to do so by placing bar stools on one side and a cooking range on the other side of the counter. You can serve hot meals right on your guest’s plate while having a hearty conversation. Thus, a perfect way to spend an entertaining evening.

7. Add Sink for Extra Benefits

Nowadays apartments provide dishwashers which makes cleaning dirty plates and utensils a breeze. However, a few delicate and large pieces of cookware needs to be hand washed. So installing a sink on the kitchen island could be a perfect idea for cleaning purposes. In addition to cleaning large utensils, you can also wash vegetables and fruits before storing or chopping them.

8. Good for Kids

Keep an eye on your little one while you prepare a meal by placing a kid-friendly counter stool. You can also help your kids study while cooking. Thus, a good quality kitchen island is safe for kids. You can have breakfast or snacks together. And best of all, you can bake dessert with your kid on a kitchen island.

9. You Caan Easily Change/Redo the Kitchen Island

Change the entire look of your kitchen by redoing the island. This is both economical and ideal as a kitchen island is the focal point of the space. And the best part is, you can easily redo a kitchen island. The space is small which allows you to finish the project in a few days. In fact, with proper remodeling knowledge and the right tools, you can redo the island on your own.

10. Additional Benefits

In addition to extra space and seating, there are many benefits of a kitchen island. And convenience is the key point when it comes to installing a kitchen island. If your apartment or home does not have one island, you can buy them online. There are many good-quality, portable kitchen islands available online that blend into your kitchen space perfectly. Many of them have towel hangers and a spice rack on the side which helps in everyday cooking.

How much does it cost to put in a kitchen island?

Cost of Kitchen Island

The cost of installing a kitchen island depends on the space and type. A small kitchen island with only seating or storage will cost around 2.5k to 3k for basic construction. Adding a sink and plumbing will add another 1000$.

On the other hand, a large kitchen island will cost around $4000-$5000. This includes a sink and prep station. Again, the cost rises with the type of material you choose for construction. For example, a high-quality wooden countertop kitchen island will add a few dollars as compared to stainless steel top.

Sometimes, the cost of putting a kitchen island together goes up from $10,000 to $18,000. But then such construction is large, high-quality, and loaded with features.

The Bottom Line

The confusion of whether or not to install an island in the kitchen will hover in your mind until you get to know its benefits. And let me clear you, there are more pros to having a kitchen island than to not having one at all. You can clearly see above it holds a lot of benefits as well as brings character to the space. And if you’re having confusion about finding a perfect unit online then do check our detailed kitchen island reviews.